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Kung Fu Panda: Arena Spectacular (also called Kung Fu Panda Live) was a developing live arena show that featured characters from Kung Fu Panda. The show was being produced and developed by DreamWorks Theatricals in collaboration with Franco Dragone Entertainment Group.

The show was originally expected to be ready for international touring in 2011 in order to time around the theatrical release of Kung Fu Panda 2,[2] but there were multiple changes in its auditions dates. Eventually, it halted in its production and postponed all audition dates indefinitely.[1]



DreamWorks Animation announced in May 2009 their plans for the show, collaborating with Franco Dragone Entertainment Group to help make it happen. According to DreamWorks Animation COO Ann Daly, they expected the show to result in a "totally new and inventive live entertainment experience for family audiences."[2]


Previous auditions for finding the roles of Po and the Furious Five were held in various locations in the United States in December 2010. It is unknown what resulted from the auditions.

In late 2011, after going behind closed doors since the 2010 casting, Franco Dragone Entertainment Group announced the production halt on the show and the indefinite postponing of all audition dates. A new casting auditions poster had previously confirmed audition dates for January 2012, but were eventually cancelled following this announcement:

Given the immense innovation in development for 'Kung Fu Panda Arena Spectacular,' DreamWorks Theatricals and the Franco Dragone Entertainment Group have made the difficult decision to delay the production's launch date. It is the ambition of both companies to give the show the appropriate amount of time it needs to recognize its fullest creative potential. All auditions have been postponed indefinitely.[1]





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