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April 2015

  • April 23 - 20th Century Fox revealed the film's official synopsis at the 2015 CinemaCon in Las Vegas.[1]

June 2015

  • June 11 - DreamWorks Animation announced via social media that the first film teaser trailer will be released in one week, on June 18.[3]

July 2015

August 2015

  • August 23 - DreamWorks released the film's first television spot, which features a short clip of Li talking to Po in the style of Star Wars character Darth Vader. He also uses the character's most famous quote: "I am your father."

September 2015

  • September 4 - It was reported that Rebel Wilson dropped out of the film due to an extended production schedule. Kate Hudson took her place to voice Mei Mei.[7]

October 2015

  • October 23 - Carloni presented a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the film at the VIEW Conference in Italy. The keynote address included character storyboards, commentary on the film's new characters, three clips featuring different scenes from the film, and a short Q&A.[8]

November 2015

  • November 4–6 - Po's voice actor Jack Black was flown to China to promote the film. He was brought to various promotional events in Beijing and Shanghai, of which included the following: visiting the Forbidden City, meeting members of the film's Chinese voice cast (his character's voice counterpart Huang Lei, the Chopstick Brothers who voice Crane and Mantis, and Jay Chou who voices Monkey), doing interviews and large press events, eating and making authentic Chinese cuisine, and attending public meet-and-greets. DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and film director Jennifer Yuh Nelson also attended some of these events.
  • November 22 - CTN Animation Expo featured the film's directors (Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Alessandro Carloni), head-of-story Phil Craven, and art book author Tracey Miller-Zarneke. A panel for the film featured sneak peek looks at the film and commentary from the filmmakers, and later a book signing was held for the film's art book.
  • November 24 - DreamWorks released the film's first official clip, which features Po and Mr. Ping arriving at the Panda Village with Li and meeting the residents.
  • November 26 - Delta Vacations partnered with DreamWorks to launch promotional sweepstakes "The Journey Home". Participants enter by receiving a fortune cookie in select theaters during the sweepstakes dates, or by entering online. Winners receive a trip to the premiere of Kung Fu Panda 3 in Hollywood, California.

December 2015

  • December 2 - Chinese singer Luhan released promotional single "Deep".
  • December 7 - DreamWorks launched Minecraft server based on the film's locations.
  • December 17 -
    • DreamWorksTV launches vlog series "Pandiva" featuring Mei Mei.
    • The Ad Council partnered with DreamWorks to launch a series of PSAs about fatherhood.
  • December 18 -
    • partnered with DreamWorks to provide a free digital copy of the first Kung Fu Panda film with an eligible purchase on their site.
    • Chase partnered with DreamWorks to launch a series of spotlight ads for film director Jennifer Yuh Nelson, who discusses elements of the film.
  • December 23 -
    • Sky Broadband partnered with DreamWorks to launch a campaign for Sky's broadband service, featuring characters from the film.
    • DreamWorks released the film's second official clip, which features Mei Mei meeting Po for the first time and performing for him.

January 2016

  • January 2 - Home Depot partnered with DreamWorks to launch and feature a film-themed spinning box at their stores' workshop for kids.
  • January 6 -
    • Film's promotional theme song "Try" is released, performed by Jay Chou and Patrick Brasca.
    • Film directors Alessandro Carloni and Jennifer Yuh Nelson chat with the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) about the film and take questions via Twitter.

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