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The Weight Is Over.
—Official tagline 1

Grab Destiny By The Dumplings.
—Official tagline 2

From trailers

Po: “Who are you?
Li: “I'm Li Shan. I'm looking for my son.
Mr. Ping and a crowd of customers gasp.]
Po: “You lost your son?
Li: “Yes. Many years ago.
Po: “I lost my father.
Li: “I'm very sorry.
Po: “Thank you.
[There's a long silence as the crowd looks from one to the other in anticipation.]
Li: “Well... good luck to you.
Po: “You too. I hope you find your son.
Li: “And I hope you find your father.
[The two quietly depart while the crowd sighs in disbelief.]
First teaser trailer

Disembodied voice: “I... am your father.
Po: “Uh, what?
[The disembodied voice is revealed to be Li's; he is crawling up the Jade Palace stairs, gasping for breath.]
Li: “I... am your father! [He turns over tiredly.] What's with all the stairs?
First TV spot

From clips

You look just like me, but a baby. [He turns to an elderly panda.] You're like me, but old. [Turns to another panda]. You're like me, but fatter. [Turns to another] You're like me, but —[The panda makes a goofy, bucktoothed chortle] — wooooh... with a hat.
—Po meeting some of the villagers of the panda village
Kai: “You must be the Dragon Warrior!
Po: “And you must be Kai! Beast of Vengeance, Maker of Widows.
Kai: “YES! Thank you! Almost makes me want to spare your life.
Po: “Oh you want to spare me, huh? How about you spare me the chit-chat, a'ight? Let's do this.
Kai: “I'm going to take your chi, then the chi of every panda in the...
Po: “Ugh! Chit-chat!
Kai: “In the...
Po: “Chitty-Chitty-chat-chat-chat-chat-chat—!
Kai: “In...
Po: “—Chat-chat-chat!
Kai: “In the-
Po: “Chit-chat!
—Po meeting Kai, from this clip