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Written here is the full transcript of DreamWorks Animation and Oriental DreamWorks' full-length feature film Kung Fu Panda 3.

Character dialogue lines were originally written by the film's writers, Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger. Descriptions shown between italicized brackets were written by contributors of this article.

Kung Fu Panda 3

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[Following the Twentieth Century Fox opening logo, the movie begins with Po running up some stairs. He gets tired, but continues walking up the stairs. He finally makes it to the top until he lands on the moon, thus starting the Dreamworks Animation logo and starting the movie.]

Po: Stairs. [catches his breath] I don’t think I can… You guys… just start without me. I’ll catch up. [catches more breath and laughs] Sweet.
[The Dreamworks Animation logo starts splitting apart into many peach blossom petals. The petals swirl across a magical place, where ruins are seen floating in the air. As the petals continue to drift, a yin-yang symbol is shown for a moment. An illusion created by a coincidental placement of the rocks. Deeper into the place, a yellow light is seen shining brightly, revealing itself to be a meditating Oogway.]
Oogway: Inner peace… Inner peace… [A pearl lands on his nose.] Itchy nose. [He gently blows away the petal, but breathes the petal back in; he sneezes, causing it to fly off.] Finally, inner peace. [All of a sudden, a green sworded blade starts charging at Oogway. Music starts playing that is similar to Imagine Dragon’s “I’m So Sorry” in the background.] Now what? [Luckily, Oogway catches the blade with his eyes still closed. He then opens his eyes and sees another green sworded blade coming at him. Oogway uses the first blade to hit the second one.] Kai, old friend.

[The camera zooms in far away to see a bull named, Kai, who was the one throwing the blades at Oogway.]

Kai: [brings back his weapons] Master Oogway.

Oogway: Our battle ended five hundred years ago!

Kai: Well, now I’m ready for a rematch.

Oogway: Took you long enough. [Oogway starts laughing until Kai growls in anger. He charges to Oogway on the other side and pulls out his blades. A stony obstacle comes along his path. Kai uses his blades to cut it in half. He throws his weapons at Oogway, but Oogway doges.] You’ve grown stronger.

[Oogway draws a Chinese character symbol with his chi energy and directs it at Kai, who remains unscathed.]

Kai: Five hundred years in the Spirt Realm. You pick up a thing or two. I have taken the chi of every master here.

Oogway: [gasps] No.

Kai: Yes, and soon, I will have your power too.

[Kai starts swinging his blades.]

Oogway: When will you realize the more you take the less you have?

[Kai anchors his blades to two rocks and flings the rocks towards Oogway. Oogway directs a chi-filled yin-yang symbol at Kai. The collision creates a shockwave of chi, breaking all the nearby rocks into pieces. Kai traps Oogway with his chains and pulls him in.]

Kai: With your chi, I will finally be able to return to the mortal world. And this time, [slowly petrifies him into jade] you won't be there to stop me.

Oogway: [calmly sighs] It was never my destiny to stop you. I have set another on that path.

[Kai compresses Oogway into a jade pendant.]

Kai: Then I will find him and take his chi too.

[Kai teleports himself out of the Spirit Realm to enter the Mortal Realm. Meanwhile, the scene transitions to Po running inside the Jade Palace, waking up Tigress, Crane, and Viper in the process. He stands outside of the door.]

Po: Justice... is about to be served! [Po jumps into the air, leaping downstairs. The “Kung Fu Panda 3” title card appears, thus starting the movie. The Furious Five begins to follow Po. Po hops over a few rocks and swings by a statue of Oogway. The scene changes to Crane, flying to Po. Tigress is catching up. Po jumps in the air and chops a cloud head of Master Rhino. Po and the Furious Five land, but apparently, they land right in front of Mr. Ping’s noodle shop. As they take their orders, Mr. Ping writes them down on his note pad.] We’ll have two Justice Platters please. Um…

Monkey: Three.

Crane: And a few tofu buns.

Po: Oh, the spicy noodle soup for Tigress. [looks at Tigress] Did you want extra sauce with that?

Monkey: She wants it on the side.

Tigress: On the side.

Po: On the side.

Crowd Member #1: Dragon, you can do it!

Crowd Member #2: Go, Dragon Warrior!

Crowd Member #3: Defend the valley!

Crowd: [in unison] Dragon Warrior!

[A bystander blows his hand as it catches on fire from Po’s high-five.]

Crowd Member #4: Go, Dragon Warrior!

Crowd Member #5: Yeah, defend the valley!

[Eventually, Po and the Five land outside of the Training Hall. Po strikes a pose, but the Five casually stand by.]

Po: You guys aren't doing the dramatic pose, are you?

Mantis: Do we have to strike the pose every time we land?

Po: You guys, never underestimate the power of a dramatic entrance. I've heard about some masters who could win a fight just by throwing open a door.

[Po walks up to the entrance of the Training Hall, striking a pose at every step of the way. Before he could kick open the door, he stops his leg infront of a stoic Shifu’s face, almost hitting him.]

Shifu: Dramatic entrance?

Po: [meekly] Master Shifu.

Shifu: The Dragon Warrior is correct.

Po: Really? I was just making... Yeah! I mean, yeah, I am.

Shifu: Before the battle of the fist, comes the battle of the mind. Hence, the dramatic entrance.

[Shifu kicks the door open, leaps forward, and thrusts his staff at the air. From above, Jade Palace archers receive Shifu’s signal and proceed to shoot flaming arrows at large pots. The room lights up immediately.]

Po: Whoa, nice dramatic entrance! What’s the occasion?

Shifu: Today, will be my final class.

[Po and the Five become worried.]

Po: Your final?… Wait, I didn’t know you were sick. [looks at Shifu’s eyes] Although, you have been looking a little-

Shifu: [pushes Po away] I'm not sick.

Po: Healthy. A little healthy. A lot actually.

Shifu: [facepalms] My final class because from now on, your training will be in the hands of the Dragon Warrior.

[The Five look at each other in confusion. Po nods and smiles as he looks behind to the Five. Eventually, his face turns frightful in realization.]

Po: WHAT?! [Po knocks Shifu back with his voice and steps close to Shifu’s ear.] Me? Teach? I mean, why not Tigress? She's always telling everyone what to do.

Tigress: [upset] Be quiet, Po.

Po: See what I mean?

Shifu: Tigress is not the Dragon Warrior. You are.

Po: Come on, they’re the Five! What can I teach them?

Shifu: There is always something more to learn. Even for a master. For instance, let me show you another move. [twirls staff] The dramatic exit. [points staff at the roof] What's that? [quickly leaves the room and closes the door]

Po: Whoa! Are you kidding me? That... What? Where'd he go?

[The Five appear stunned from Po’s stupidity.]

The Five: [bows down in unison] Master.

Po: [chuckles] He's gone guys. It's cool.

Monkey: We are await your instruction, master.

Tigress: All you have to lose… is our respect.

Mantis: [walks up to Po’s shoulder] Seriously, how bad could it be?

[Po smiles nervously. The scene cuts to chaos in the Training Hall. The Five panic as Po watches from a safe area with a staff in hand.]

Mantis: Very bad! Very, very bad! [gets squished by two wooden clubs]

Po: Okay, okay, let's switch it up. Monkey, immovable mountain stance!

Monkey: Yes, master! [postures himself and then falls through the Dragon Planks]

Po: [cringes] I mean... Tigress, tornado back flip!

Tigress: Yes, master! [flips back and gets knocked down by a wooden club]

Po: [points at Tigress’ tail] Oh no, fire!

Jade Palace Archer #1: Fire!

[The archers fire randomly across the Training Hall’s interior. One of the arrows get stuck on Tigress.]

Po: Sorry! My fault. [points at Crane] Crane, go high. I mean, low!

[Crane crashes into Viper and falls on Mantis, who is laughing at all the chaos.]

Mantis: Ow, my claw thingy!

Po: Uh, Viper and Tigress, to... uh, like a totem pole! [Tigress balances herself on a wooden warrior as Viper sits on Tigress’ head.] Poison… Technique! Uh, you two… do... a swarming insect bite with a yellow tail, yellow jacket, uh, spicy... tuna…

[The Five proceed to fall altogether. Shortly after, they slowly walk up – tired and beaten - to Po Just the same thing of what happened to Po from the first film.]

Viper: [weakly] Good job, Po.

[Po tries to touch Tigress’ flaming ear, but Tigress knocks his hand away.]

Po: [meekly] Did you at least learn a little something?

Tigress: [upset] Yes. That you can't teach.

Crane: And Tigress is flammable. Turns out.

[One of the training equipment falls from the roof. The scene cuts to Po outside of the Training Hall, wandering across the Jade Palace. As he hears a distant voice behind him, he hides behind some rocks.]

Jade Palace Archer #2: That was a complete disaster.

Jade Palace Archer #3: [groans] I'm glad we're not Po right now.

Jade Palace Archer #2: What a loser.

Jade Palace Archer #3: What was Shifu thinking?

Jade Palace Archer #2: What was Oogway thinking? [laughs until they see Po staring infront of them, thinking that he heard them] I think he heard us.

Po: I didn't hear anything.

Jade Palace Archer #3: Uh, he said you're a loser.

[The three archers nervously walk away and leave Po alone at the rocks. He then becomes sad and goes to Oogway’s statue.]

Po: Sorry, Oogway. [Po turns around, only to be scared when Shifu appears infront of him.] Would you stop doing that?!

Shifu: [smiles] How was your first day teaching?

Po: Humiliating.

Shifu: I heard.

Po: Who told you? Did Tigress tell you?

Shifu: I heard from Monkey, and Crane, and Mantis, and your dad, and Mrs. Chow from the gift shop, and those ducks who just passed, and… Tigress told me.

Po: Yeah, well, did she also tell you that it'll never happen again? 'Cause I'm done.

Shifu: Teaching? Or being humiliated?

Po: Both! I don't know why you ever thought I could teach that class.

Shifu: Oh, I knew you couldn't.

Po: [shocked] What?! You set me up to fail? Why?

Shifu: If you only do what you can do, you'll never be more than you are now.

Po: I don't wanna be more! I like who I am.

Shifu: You don't even know who you are.

Po: What do you?… Of course I do. I'm the Dragon Warrior.

Shifu: And what exactly does that mean, Dragon Warrior?

Po: [pauses] It means... you know... just going around and punching and kicking. Defending the valley and stuff.

Shifu: Punching and kicking? You think that is what the great Master Oogway saw for you? A five hundred year prophecy fulfilled, so you can spend your days kicking butt and running through town high-fiving bunnies?

Po: Yes?…

Shifu: No! [facepalms and sighs] Oogway saw greatness in you, Po. Against my better judgement… More than you can see in yourself. Incredible power awaits you. Power beyond anything you can imagine.

[Shifu places his hands close to each other and forms a stance. As his hands glow a dim yellow, he directs them towards a dying plant. The plant slowly rises back into life.]

Po: [closely studies the plant] Whoa! What was that?

Shifu: That… was chi.

Po: Whoa!… What's chi?

Shifu: The energy that flows through all living things.

Po: [crawls to Shifu] So you're saying if I, [gasps] so you're saying if I teach, I'll be able to do cool stuff like that?

Shifu: [pushes Po back] No, I’m saying if you teach, I'll be able to do cool stuff like that.

Po: [disappointed] Oh.

[In the background, Po directs his hand on a nearby plant in an attempt to bring it to life. He fails.]

Shifu: Mastery of chi requires mastery of self. Oogway sat alone in a cave for thirty years asking one question: Who am I? Who am I? I'm lucky if I get five minutes before you interrupt.

Po: [groans] So now I have to sit alone in a cave for thirty years?

Shifu: Eventually. After you master teaching.

Po: Teaching? There's no way I'm ever gonna be like you.

Shifu: I'm not trying to turn you into me. I'm trying to turn you… into you. [gives Po the revived plant before he departs]

Po: Turn me… into me? Wait a second, that makes no... [smugly grins] Almost there, Shifu, just a little more confusing and you'll be the next Oogway. [turns around to Oogway’s statue] Oh, ah, sorry. No offense, Master Oogway. I just... I'll let you get back to your eternal peace.

[As Po leaves, a green aurora is seen in the sky behind Oogway’s statue. The scene cuts to a farm of two people. a rabbit and a duck. Nearby, a green explosion appears. The two farmers walk closer to the dissipated explosion and see Kai. The scared farmers try to run away, but Kai cuts off their escape with a toss of his blade. As Kai approaches the farmers, one of them lets out an egg out of extreme fear.]

Kai: What is this place?

Farmer #1: Aaah... my… brother's… farm?…

Kai: Ah. If I stepped on you, would you die?

[Farmer #2 lets out more eggs.]

Farmer #1: Y-Yes.

[Farmer #2 let’s out another egg.]

Kai: The Mortal Realm. [looks at Oogway’s jade pendant] You hear that, Oogway? I'm back. Kai has returned!

Farmer #1 and #2: [in unison] Who?

Kai: Kai. General Kai. Supreme warlord of all China.

Farmer #2: [shrugs] I don't know.

Kai: The jade slayer. Master of pain. You may know me as the Beast of Vengeance. Uh, Maker of Widows?

Farmer #2: Eh.

Kai: Okay, I used to work with Oogway.

Farmer #2: Oh, Master Oogway! He was a great warrior.

Farmer #1: We've heard of Master Oogway...

Kai: Okay, okay, enough!

Farmer #1: Wise and…

Kai: SILENCE! [The farmers cower. Kai tosses the jade pendants on the ground. They materialize into masters covered in jade.] Find Oogway's students and bring them to me. [The enslaved masters split into multiple directions.] By the time I am done with them, Oogway, there will be no one left who will even remember your name. [laughs maniacally] KAI IS COMING! [A green aurora reappears in the sky. The farmers run away.]

[The scene cuts to Po playing with his action figures while taking a bath.]

Po: I am ready... [holds up mini Po] to teach you a lesson! [holds up mini Tai Lung] Teach me? Oh no, he's the Dragon Teacher! [holds up mini Tigress] Yeah, he's so handsome. [holds up mini Po] Thank you for the compliment. [holds up mini Tai Lung] Ah, no! Please don't teach me to death! [smashes mini Po and mini Tai Lung together repeatedly]

[Mr. Ping appears.]

Mr. Ping: Po?

Po: [hides action figures] Oh, hey, Dad, what's up? I was just stopping by for a little soak.'

[Mr. Ping looks at Po in a concerned look. Po pops a bubble.]

Mr. Ping: [pauses] Okay, what's wrong?

Po: Nothing.

Mr. Ping: Nothing? I come home and find you taking a bath with your dolls.

Po: Action figures.

Mr. Ping: And instead of adding bath-salt to the water, you just added Szechuan peppercorns.

Po: Szechuan what? [A container with a label of a red pepper is zoomed in.] My tenders. [rinses body] Okay, yes, something's wrong.

Mr. Ping: There, there, son, you tell your daddy all about it. Lift your arm.

Po: Shifu says I don't know what it means to be the Dragon Warrior, and now I have to be a teacher? I thought I finally knew who I was. If I'm not the Dragon Warrior, then who am I?

Mr. Ping: A teacher? Teaching kung fu? That's a promotion! Take the job, son, and someday, when you're in charge of the whole Jade Palace, I can sell noodles in the lobby! [chuckles, then pauses] Why are you still here taking a bath like a baby? Get out. Get out. Go, go, go! Franchise expansion awaits us.

Po: But what about the Dragon Warrior look-alike contest?

Mr. Ping: Oh, Mrs. Chow always wins that.

[The scene cuts to a pig in makeup and clothes of black and white in Mr. Ping’s noodle shop.]

Mrs. Chow: [deadpan] Skadoosh.

[The scene cuts back to Po and Mr. Ping.]

Po: And the Dragon Warrior dumpling eating contest? I have to defend my title.

Mr. Ping: No one's gonna beat your dumpling eating record.

Villager #1: [opens backdoor] Someone's about to beat your dumpling eating record!

[Po and Mr. Ping look at each other. The scene cuts to the eating space of Mr. Ping’s noodle shop. A crowd of villagers are seen cheering to an unknown person.]

Crowd: [in unison] Go! Go! Go!

Po: [opens front door] Who's eating my dumplings?

Mr. Ping: And who's paying for them?

[The back of a large figure with a green vest is seen eating with a stack of emptied plates nearby.]

Crowd: [in unison] 100! 101! 102!

[The figure launches another plate into the stack by slamming his fist on the table. He stands up and turns around to the crowd, revealing a panda.]

Li: [with dumplings in mouth] 103! Is that a new record?

Po: [shocked] Who… are you?

Li: I'm Li Shan.

Po: What?

Li: [swallows] I'm Li Shan. I'm looking for my son.

[The crowd and Mr. Ping gasps, thinking that Po and Li are related.]

Po: You lost your son?

Li: Yes, many years ago.

Po: I lost my father.

Li: Very sorry.

Po: Thank you.

Li: [pauses] Well, good luck to you.

Po: You too. I hope you find your son.

Li: And I hope you find your father. [Po and Li begin to depart from each other. The crowd switch between looking at Po and Li and then facepalms. Po and Li look up and pause in realization.] Son? Oh my gosh, it is you! [Po wheezes in joy] Well, don't just stand there. Give your old man a hug!

[Po wheezes again.]

Po: [hugs] I can't believe you're alive!

[The crowd cheers while Mr. Ping is paralyzed with bewilderment.]

Li: I thought I'd lost you forever, Little Lotus.

Po: [steps back] Uh, okay, this is very embarrassing, but I think you've got me confused with a panda named Lotus. My name is Po.

Li: Oh, right, you wouldn't... Okay, see, the Little Lotus was the name you were given at birth.

Po: Really?

Li: Really! [laughs]

Po: I can't believe it. After all these years and you're really here? This is amazing! Oh, Dad! Come say hi to... [chuckles] I don't know what I'm supposed to call you.

Mr. Ping: [upset] I'm pretty sure he said his name is Li.

Li: You... come here. [hugs Mr. Ping tightly] Thank you, thank you for taking such good care of my son.

Mr. Ping: Your son? Now hold on just a minute. How do we know this... stranger is even related to you?

Li: Look at that. Our bellies could be brothers! Hey, son, let me teach you how to belly gong. [knocks belly against Po’s – and vice versa] Belly gong! It's like looking in a fat mirror.

[A villager in a crowd begins to draw a picture. Everyone else takes notice.]

Po: I can't believe we're taking a picture together.

[When the picture is complete, Po and Li look confused at Mr. Ping’s inclusion to the picture.]

Mr. Ping: But I still don't understand. I thought Po was the only panda left.

Li: No, there's a whole bunch of us.

Po: [happy] Where?!

Li: [whispers] Here. A secret panda village in the mountains.

Po: [yells] A secret panda... [Li shushes him.] But how did you know where I was?

Li: I received a message that led me here.

Mr. Ping: How could you receive a message if no one could find you? Sounds suspicious to me.

[Mr. Ping and the crowd scowl and cross their arms in suspicion.]

Li: No, it, it, it was a message from the universe!

[The crowd and Po gasps in amazement.]

Mr. Ping: Rats.

Li: Now what's all this about a Dragon Warrior?

Po: How'd you know I was the Dragon Warrior? [gasps] Did the universe tell you that too?

Li: No, the poster did. [points above the counter] And the gift shop. I bought a tiny cup. [A cup with a drawing of Po kicking the air is shown.]

Po: Oh, right, of course! The— [wheezes] You gotta... you have no idea there's so much to show you. You're gonna be so awesomely proud. Come on, come on!

[Po, Li, and the crowd leave Mr. Ping alone in his shop.]

Mr. Ping: [sad] I'm already awesomely proud.

[The scene cuts to Po and Li crawling up the stairs of the Jade Palace.]

Po: [pants] Couple more steps.

Li: [pants] Oh.

Po: Feeling the burn. Do you have panda asthma too? Does that run in the family? [Po and Li reach the top and continue to pant.] Dad, you're gonna love this. It's like the coolest thing ever. [drags Li and pushes open the door] This is the Hall of Heroes. Home of the most priceless kung fu artifacts in all of China!

Li: Whoa! This place is…

Po: Awesome? Were you gonna say— You were gonna say awesome, right? ‘Cause it totally is!

Li: Totally!

[Po and Li walk across the hallway.]

Po: But be super careful. Everything is very fragile here. Like the Urn of Whispering Warriors. Someone broke that… once.

Li: Who?

Po: [pauses] Some idiot.

Li: Wow!

Po: This is Master Flying Rhino's battle armor.

Li: I wonder if I could fit in that.

Po: Get out of my head, Dad! I've wondered the same thing!

Li: If I could fit in it?

Po: If you could? No, if I could fit in it.

Li: Oh.

Po: Dad, check it out! Master Ram's crossbow. The Infinite Gate Smasher. Dad, look at this! The battle helmets of Master Rat's army. They're so tiny! Master Dolphin's waterproof armor. This is my favorite. Check it out. It's the legendary battle rickshaw of Emperor Hawk!

[A fully armored Li appears behind Po.]

Li: [muffled] Sweet ride.

Po: [gasps] Dad, what are you doing? We're not supposed to touch anything.

Li: [lifts helmet] Oh, sorry. Sorry. Should I put it back?

Po: Yeah, you probably should. You look so cool, though. [gasps] How does it feel? Do the hinges hinge? Does it smell like rhino? Does it feel like you're impenetrable? Does it feel like you can take on a thousand warriors? And—and emerge unscathed?

Li: Heh. Yes, it's pretty cool. [looks down at a leather string] Oh, wonder what this does. I should pull it.

[After pulling the string, the armor activates with a spiked neckbrace, metal wings, and a red flag on top of the helmet.]

Po: [wheezes excitedly] I think I just peed a little.

Li: [lifts helmet] Anything else we should try in here, son? Hm?

[Po and Li look at all the artifacts behind them. The scene cuts to Po waving two swords around while riding Master Hawk’s rickshaw. Li is seen pushing the rickshaw.]

Po: Charge! Faster, faster, faster! [The scene cuts to Po and Li using the helmets of Master Rat’s army as thimbles.] Thumb war!

Li: Reinforcements! [pulls out more tiny helmets]

[The scene cuts to Po and Li using shields as sleds. Po crashes into a pillar.]

Li: This is so much fun! [Li crashes into a pillar shortly after. The scene cuts to Li spinning Po around on a shield.] Here we go!

Po: Awesome!

[The scene cuts to Li comforting Po as he vomits.]

Li: There, there.

Po: I'm fine, I'm fine. [vomits]

Li: There you go.

[The scene cuts to Po in Master Dolphin’s armor - running towards Li.]

Po: Dolphin style attack! [shoots out a tiny arrow from the fin]

Li: [deflects arrow with armor] You got me!

Po: Dolphin style retreat! [steps back while clapping hands]

[The scene cuts to Li lifting a metal ball launcher.]

Li: Go long, son! [shoots]

Po: Whoa! [absorbs impact] I wasn't ready! [laughs and tosses ball] Coming back at ya.

Li: I got it. Going high! [tosses ball back]

Po: Let's go! Yeah, come on. [knocked down by impact]

[The scene cuts to Li chasing Po.]

Li: I'm coming for ya!

Po: Bring it on, Master Rhino! [waves red cloth]

Li: Here I come!

[Po pulls the cloth away and turns his head. He stops in fright when he sees a shocked Five and Shifu staring at him.]

Po: Oh. [drops every artifact he wore]

[Li continues charging – unaware of the others’ presence.]

Li: I got you. I'm gonna get you. [bumps Po repeatedly] Who's got you? Who's gonna get you? Yeah, who's gonna get you?

Po: [shushes Li] Master Rhino.

Li: Why, what's wrong? [Li pauses and turns to see the others. In a panic, he tosses the metal ball behind his shoulder. The ball breaks the Urn of Whispering Warriors.] Hello.

Po: Guys guys, you're never gonna guess who just showed up. Not in a million years. You can't... you just try—

Shifu and the Five: [in unison] Your father!

Po: Whoa, how did you just guess that? Oh, wait a second. Yeah, of course. We look exactly the same. Say hi to my friends. Mantis, Tigress, Monkey, Crane, and Viper.

Li: [shakes Monkey’s hand] Oh. Viper, was it?

Monkey: [smiles] Monkey, sir.

Po: They're kind of my best friends. And this... this is Master Shifu. Legend.

Shifu: Uh, it is an honor to meet you, Master Panda. Perhaps your father would care to join us in the training hall? Your son will be teaching the class.

[Monkey, Viper, Mantis, and Crane cringe.]

Li: Oh hoh!

Po: I'm sure he's tired. I'm sure you're tired. He's tired. I'm gonna show him the Chrysanthemum Suite.

Li: What? Tired? No, I'm fine. I would love to watch you teach.

Po: Trust me. It would be more fun to watch me— [The bell tower suddenly rings from a distance.] Fight!

Li: What is that?

Tigress: The valley is under attack!

[Shifu and the Five head out.]

Li: [grabs Po] Son? Un—under attack?

Po: This is perfect! Now you can see what being the Dragon Warrior is all about. Follow me! [The scene cuts to Shifu and the Five fighting against the enslaved masters on a roof. Po leaps into the fray.] Enemies of justice! Prepare for— [sees one of the Badger Twins – covered in jade] Wha… Are you kidding me? Whoa. [Po crashes into the roof. Shifu, the Five, and the enslaved masters stop fighting for a moment to look at him.] Ow! [The fight continues. Shortly after, Po climbs back up the roof.] What's the deal with the green guys?

Tigress: [flinches from punching one of the Badgers] Some kind of jade zombies.

Po: Jade zombies?

[Monkey lands near Po.]

Monkey and Po: [in unison] Jombies! Jinx!

Monkey: [gets hit on the head] Ow!

Li: Lotus, be careful!

Po: It's okay, Dad, I do this everyday. [gets struck by Master Porcupine] Whoa. I recognize these guys! The master Badger Twins… with their crushing double gong technique! [The Badgers hit him simultaneously.] Yeah! That's the one. [watches Shifu fight a jade master] And that guy is... [gasps] No! Master Porcupine! [Porcupine shoots an arrow at Po. Monkey deflects it.]

Monkey: I thought he died a hundred years ago.

Po: These guys are legends! [brings a painter on the roof] Get a quick sketch of us. [Po fights Porcupine for a moment and does a peace sign. Porcupine kicks him on the head and jumps away.] Did you get it? Did you get it? [sees picture] Aw, I blinked. Can we get another one? [Porcupine pushes Po off the roof. They land on Po’s bedroom.] I'm being choked by Master Porcupine! This is so cool. [pulls Porcupine action figure from shelf] Oh oh, look. It's you!

Shifu: [pushes back Porcupine] Po. Focus!

[The scene cuts to downstairs, where Mr. Ping is seen cutting a radish.]

Mr. Ping: [angry] Message from the universe? I'll give you a message from the universe... Stay away from my son!

[Po and Porcupine fall from above to continue fighting.]

Po: Sorry, Dad, I'll clean it up later. [picks up a pan]

Mr. Ping: Whoa, whoa, not my good pan! Take this one. [hands Po a ladle]

Li: Lotus, watch out!

[Po fights against one of the Badgers. The ladle breaks. He dodges a strike, causing a drawing of Po to be cut in half. Li gasps in fear.]

Po: Dad, check out my Dumplings of Doom! [Po kicks a table and launches bowls of dumplings into the air. When he catches all of them with his mouth, Viper wraps herself around Po’s stomach and Tigress pulls Viper’s tail back to release the dumplings on the enslaved masters. Shortly after, the trio pins down Porcupine and the Badgers.] Gotcha.

[Porcupine and the Badgers’ eyes suddenly glow. Kai laughs, to everyone’s surprise.]

Kai: I see you. Your chi will soon be mine.

Po: Is he talking to me?

Tigress: Which one? They're all talking.

Po: Whoa, you're right. That's so scary. We should try that, too. Maybe it'd be scary back at them.

Mantis: Okay, but we gotta plan what we're gonna say first. Otherwise, it won't be scary, it'll be just stupid.

Kai: It's not them talking, you idiots! It's me talking through them, Kai.

Po, Shifu, and the Five: [in unison] Who?

Kai: Okay, okay, okay, enough.

[Kai converts the enslaved masters back into jade pendants, which flies all the way back to him. Po, Shifu, and the Five look up in confusion.]

Po: Did you see that? Did you see—?

Mantis: Whoa, what just happened?

Po: The green smoke just poof... and then poof! Sh—Shifu, what was that?

Shifu: Kai. Kai. Kai… Nope. Never heard of him. [The scene cuts to Po and the Five watching Shifu look through all the scrolls in the Jade Palace library.] Kai. Kai. Where is it? There's so much wisdom in here, I can't find anything. [picks up a jade scroll] Yes. Behold. All the answers will be found within. [opens scroll] What? It's blank? Are you kidding me? Not again. [Monkey, Tigress, and Crane facepalms] Wait, wait. Hold on. Sorry. Oh ok, here we go. [The others move next to Shifu.] It is written in Oogway's hand. [As he reads the scroll, Li and Mr. Ping are seen standing nearby.] Long ago, I had a brother.

Monkey: Oogway had a brother?

Shifu: In arms. In arms. Sorry. He says brother in arms.

Mantis: Can you just unroll it all at once?

[Shifu refuses to unroll it.]

Shifu and Oogway: [in unison] I was an ambitious young warrior…

[The scene cuts to 2D animation. The ink on the scroll becomes fluid, creating images as Oogway’s words continue.]

Oogway: …leading a great army. And fighting by my side was Kai. My closest friend. One day, we were ambushed. I was badly wounded. My friend carried me for days… looking for help. Until we came to a secret village, high in the mountains. An ancient place of healing. A village of pandas.

[The scene cuts back to 3D animation. Everyone gasps.]

Po: Pandas?

Oogway: [off-screen] Yes, pandas. [The scene cuts back to 2D animation.] Pandas who used the power of chi to heal me. They taught me how to give chi. But Kai wanted the power all to himself. He saw that what could be given could also be taken. I had to stop him. Our battle shook the Earth. Until, finally, I banished Kai to the spirit realm. Should he ever return to the mortal realm, he can only be stopped…

[The scene cuts back to 3D animation.]

Shifu: …by a true master of chi.

Po: True master of chi?... [points at Shifu] Like you!

Shifu: Me? I can barely make a flower bloom. I'd need at least thirty more years, and a cave.

Viper: We need a chi master.

Shifu: He will continue stealing the chi of masters until he has consumed it all.

[Po sneaks off from Shifu and the Five. He looks at the early parts of the scroll, taking notice of the ancient pandas that could teach chi.]

Viper: We have to make a way to stop him.

Crane: Or he’ll get more and more powerful with every master he defeats!

Tigress: There is no choice. We fight.

Li: I can teach you, son.

[Mr. Ping gasps.]

Po: You can do this?

Li: Well, of course. I'm a panda.

Po: That must be why the universe sent you here! Ok, so what do I have to do?

Li: You have to come home with me.

Mr. Ping: What?

Po: To the secret village?

Li: Yes, son. You must rediscover what it is to be a panda. You have to learn how to live like a panda. Sleep like a panda. Eat like a panda. Those 103 dumplings? Hmph... I was just warming up.

Po: I've always felt like I wasn't eating up to my full potential.

Mr. Ping: You can't take Po away from me. No, no, I want a second opinion. Shifu, open another scroll or something.

Shifu: I think he should go.

Mr. Ping: Fine, a third opinion. Monkey? Viper? Tigress?

Po: Dad, you heard what Shifu said Oogway said. This guy can only be stopped by a master of chi, and I can only master chi by knowing who I really am. Well… I'm a panda.

Mr. Ping: [sad] I'll pack your lunch for the road.

[The scene cuts to Po and Li hiking their way to the secret panda village. Shifu and the Five look from above on the Jade Palace.]

Viper: Do you really think Po can master chi in time?

Shifu: Doesn't matter what I think. It only matters what the universe thinks.

Mantis: So… that's a no?

[Shifu frowns.]

Crane: Master, what are we going to do?

Shifu: You are going to find out where Kai is. Follow the trail of those jade creatures, but do not engage. For with every foe he faces, Kai becomes stronger.

Crane: Why me? Is it because I asked?

Shifu: No, it is because you can fly. Go!

Mantis: Should’ve kept your beak shut. [laughs]

Shifu: And take Mantis.

Mantis: What? Oh man, is it because I--?

Shifu: Yes.

[Mantis groans. Crane flies off with Mantis on his hat. The scene cuts to Po and Li progressing in their journey. Li hears Po’s stomach rumble.]

Li: Oh, lunch break?

Po: [pants] You don’t need to ask me twice. [slams food bag on the ground]

Mr. Ping: [muffled] Ow.

Po: Dad?

Li: Yes?

Po: [upset] Dad…

[Po opens the food bag and sees Mr. Ping inside.]

Mr. Ping: [nervously smiles] Yes?

Po: What are you doing here?

Mr. Ping: What am I doing? [gets out] Getting a backache. Did you have to step on every rock?

Po: No, I mean why are you here?

Mr. Ping: What was I supposed to do, huh? What if the pandas don't have food you like? You're never gonna be able to save the world on an empty stomach. [to Li] I consider my presence mission critical.

Li: Oh yes, about that. We can't share the location of the village with others, so...

Mr. Ping: Well, you think I can't keep a secret, huh? I raised Po for twenty years before I finally told him he was adopted.

Li: Seriously?

Po: [smiles] Yeah.

Li: Okay, I guess it would be cruel to make you fly back.

Po: [gasps] You can fly?

Mr. Ping: I'm a bird, Po.

[The scene cuts to Po, Li, and Mr. Ping traversing through dangerous parts of many mountains. Finally, they stop at an ice wall.]

Li: We're here.

Mr. Ping: Sure looks like a long ways up there. [chuckles] And my son hates stairs. So let's go home.

Li: We're pandas. We don't do stairs.

Po: I've waited my whole life to hear those words.

[Li pulls on a rope. A raft lifts them up the ice wall.]

Mr. Ping: Rats.

Po: Whoa— huh?

[When the three reach the top, only a snowy fog awaits them. They continue to walk up the mountain.]

Mr. Ping: This is the secret panda village? [chuckles] No wonder you keep it a secret. If I lived here, I wouldn't tell anyone either.

Li: [stops and chuckles] Now you can whoa.

Po: Whoa.

[The snowy fog disappears. A sunlit village full of trees, people, and elaborate houses is seen instead.]

Panda Villagers: Li? Everyone, Li is back. They're both back. He found his son. He made it. They're back. Li? He found his son. Everyone, Li is back. Hang on, we're coming. He made it. Why are we running? He made it. Li Shan is back.

[The entire village stops halfway from meeting the three – tired from running. Eventually, the villagers reach them.]

Li: Everyone, everyone gather around! This is my son.

[Three kids climb on Po’s shoulders.]

Po: Triplets!

Ku Ku: Hi, I'm Ku Ku.

Meng Meng: I'm Meng Meng.

Shuai Shuai: I'm Shuai Shuai.

Meng Meng: Your fur is soft.

Shuai Shuai: He smells like cookies.

Panda Villager #1: He's so handsome. Just like his father.

Mr. Ping: Thank you.

Li: Son, these are your cousins. Dim and Sum.

Po: I have cousins!

Sum: Welcome!

Dim: Welcome!

[Sum puts a necklace of buns on Po.]

Po: Whoa, buns on a string.

Sum: We call it a snacklace.

Dim: That's right.

[Dim, Sum, and other villagers eat off the snacklace.]

Sum: Dah… we'll make you another one.

Panda Villager #2: It's you. [bearhugs Po]

Po: [in pain] Oh, that's nice. Hi.

Panda Villager #2: I don't know who you are.

Lei Lei: [holds up Tigress action figure] Oh, stripy baby. So beautiful.

Po: Ok, careful with that.

Lei Lei: That's my action figure. Can I keep her?

Po: No... [Lei Lei prepares to cry.] Problem. Of course. Yeah. That's why I brought her. Take good care of her.

Lei Lei: [hugs Tigress action figure] Yes, stripy baby.

[Po looks at the villagers surrounding him, studying a characteristic from each of them.]

Po: You look just like me, but a baby. You're like me, but old. You're like me, but fatter. You're like me but... with a hat.

Panda Villager #4: You don't wear a hat.

Po: You all look like me.

Li: Let's feast in my son's honor.

[The villagers depart by rolling down a hill.]

Po: What the?...

Li: Pandas don't walk. We roll! [rolls down]

Mr. Ping: Have you ever seen anyone look so ridiculous? [sees Po sliding against the ground] Po, what are you doing? Po?

[Po rolls, but fails to do it without getting hurt. He stops near the eating table.]

Po: You're right. That is better than walking.

Panda Villager #5: What kind of panda doesn't know how to roll?

Po: Well, I'm kinda new at this whole being a panda thing.

Panda Villager #5: [looks at Mr. Ping] And what kind of panda are you? You have a funny neck.

Mr. Ping: I'm not a panda at all.

Panda Villager #5: What's that?

Mr. Ping: My hat.

Panda Villager #5: What's that?

Mr. Ping: My beak.

Panda Villager #5: What's that?

Mr. Ping: My wing.

Panda Villager #5: What's that?

Mr. Ping: My dumplings. No more questions. Go away, kid. Here, son, I packed your chopsticks.

[The villagers gasp in surprise at the chopsticks.]

Po: Thanks, Dad. [notices villagers] What?

Panda Villager #5: What are those for?

Po: These? These are chopsticks. They're for picking up dumplings.

Panda Villager #5: You mean you only eat one at a time?

Po: [gasps in realization] I knew I wasn't eating up to my potential!

[Infront of Po, a dance performance is playing. The villagers are cheering. Two actresses are holding up parasols. Shortly after, they move to the side and reveal the main actress at the center.]

Mei Mei: [stares at Po] I… am Mei Mei. [whispers to herself behind her fan] Wow, she's amazing. She's so beautiful. [puts down fan] That's sweet, Po, but please try to save all other compliments until after the performance.

Po: Me? No, I didn't say...

Mei Mei: [shushes] Shut it. [whips ribbon] After the performance.

Mr. Ping: Has it started yet?

[Mei Mei wakes up two musicians with a slap from her ribbon.]

Li: Best ribbon dancer in the world. At least, that's what she says.

Mei Mei: [twirls ribbon] Look away, look away. No, you can't. Can you?

Po: [whispers] Dad, why does she keep staring at me like… [Mei Mei appears infront of him.] That?

Mei Mei: Try to keep up.

[Mei Mei wraps around Po with her ribbon and pulls him to the stage.]

Po: I don't really know how to dance.

Mei Mei: Of course you do. All pandas dance. [pulls Po closer] I know what you're thinking.

Po: [nervously] You do?

Mei Mei: How can one panda be so beautiful? [Mei Mei forces Po to grab some flowers from the table and pulls him back.] For me? [With a flick of her wrist, she forces Po to kiss her hand multiple times.] Po… [pushes Po to the eating table]

Po: Help me, Dads.

Li: Yeah, no, you're on your own.

Mr. Ping: You're doing great, son.

Mei Mei: Your turn. [Po plays with the ribbon. He accidentally grabs a cymbal from one of the musicians and hits himself with it. He then trips himself with the ribbon. Mei Mei takes back the ribbon and uses it to lift Po above her head. The villagers applaud.]

Mr. Ping: Yay, Po!

[Mei Mei tosses Po to the top of the table.]

Li: Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it.

Po: [smiles] I have so much to learn.

[The scene cuts to Crane flying across the desert. Mantis sits above his hat.]

Crane: Wings of Surveillance!

Mantis: Why do you do that?

Crane: Do what?

Mantis: Just because you say Wings of - before something it doesn't mean that you're doing a special move. It's like me saying Antenna of Power or... Thorax of Making Sandwiches.

Crane: Wings of Disagreement.

Mantis: Whoa, there. [points down]

[An abandoned ship with a broken hull rests in the distance. Approaching it are three moving objects – creating a large dust trail behind them as they go. Crane descends.]

Crane: Master Bear, Master Chicken, Master Croc! What are you doing out here?

Chicken: Jade creatures attacked our villages. We've tracked them here.

Bear: Stop! [Everyone stops.] They must be in there.

Crane: Master Shifu strongly advised us— [Bear and Croc suddenly charge into the ship.] Not to engage.

Mantis: Gotta get in there.

Crane: But Master Shifu said—

Mantis: You're seriously afraid? Even Master Chicken's going in there, and he's a chicken.

[Chicken charges in also. Shortly after, three bursts of green light appear from the ship. Chicken’s battlecry is heard.]

Mantis: [gasps] That's it, I'm going in.

Crane: Mantis, we have orders not to—

Mantis: They need our help. Come on. I'll go high, you go low. [Mantis charges in.]

Crane: [whispers] No, wait!

Mantis: Fear the bug! Alright, you little... uh oh.

[A burst of green light appears from the ship.]

Crane: Hold on, buddy, I'm coming!

Mantis: Antenna of Power! Ah, it didn't work!

[A burst of green light appears from the ship again.]

Crane: [enters ship] Mantis! Mantis? [whispers] Mantis?

[Kai appears from the shadows. Crane sees him and attempts to escape, but Kai pins him down. Crane fights back. Both of them separate from each other.]

Kai: Your chi is strong. Just like your friend. [shows Mantis’ jade pendant] The bug.

Crane: [gasps] Mantis.

[Crane charges forward, but Kai sends him back with a chi blast.]

Kai: Don't worry, little birdie. I'll put your chi to good use. Destroying the Jade Palace and everyone in it.

Crane: No! [Crane kicks a keg to Kai’s head to distract him. He attempts to fly away, but Kai drags him down with his blades.] Wings of... regret!

[Kai laughs as he’s about to turn Crane into a jade pendant. The scene cuts to Po waking up, already energized.]

Po: Aw, yeah. First day of panda training! [stares at flower] Alright, flower, I'm gonna make you bloom. [The scene cuts to Po running to Li’s room. He pokes a sleeping Li.] Dad, Dad.

Li: What? What? What is it?

Po: I'm ready for my first day of panda training.

Li: What?

Po: You know. Learn to be a panda, master chi, save the world.

Li: Pandas sleep till past noon. So lesson number one is go back to bed.

Po: Of course! Nobody said this was gonna be easy. [Po goes back to sleep. An unknown amount of time has passed. Li opens Po’s door and wakes him up.] Did I oversleep?

Li: You sure did.

Po: Yes!

[The scene cuts to Po, Li, and some kids playing Hacky Sack.]

Li: Yeah. Show him, kids.

Panda Villager #5: [repeatedly kicks bag to Po] Can you do this? Can you do that?

Po: [catches bag and maintains its airtime] How about this? How about that? Am I doing it? Is this good?

Panda Villager #5: Whoa…

Po: I got it! [kicks bag into the air] Uh, grandma panda. Heads up!

[The bag knocks her unconscious.]

Li: We better roll.

[Po, Li, and the kids sneak away.]

Mr. Ping: Po, lunchtime!

[Mr. Ping sees pandas rolling towards him. He tosses out his dumplings in a panic and dodges. Po rolls, but hits obstacles repeatedly, until he lands on Li.]

Li: [chuckles] You gotta let the hill tell you where to roll.

Po: Ugh, rookie mistake.

Li: Dim. Sum. Let's show him how we go uphill. [Li pulls back a bamboo tree and flings the two into the air.]

Po: That's beautiful.

Mr. Ping: Snack time. [Mr. Ping gasps and drops his dumplings as he watches Po fly.] Po, you can fly?

Po: I'm coming in hot! [lands on Dim and Sum]

Mr. Ping: [upset] Get them while they're cold. [Mr. Ping goes in his room, only to see many panda babies eating up all his food.] What are you doing there? That food is for Po.

Panda Baby #1: Throw it in.

[The scene cuts to Po getting a chiropractic treatment from Panda Villager #2.]

Panda Villager #2: There, there. That's it. [rolls down a hill]

Li: Feeling relaxed?

Po: Totally.

Li: Just let yourself fall into it.

Po: Got it. [Po rolls down, but fails again. The scene cuts to Li comforting Po as he throws up.] I'm fine. I just... [vomits]

Li: There we go. Just let it all out. That's my boy.

[The scene cuts to Mr. Ping dealing with all the chaos in his room.]

Mr. Ping: Get out of there! My noodles! Leave my noodles alone!

[The scene cuts to Mei Mei practicing with her ribbon. Po rolls down the hill and gets himself and Mei Mei wrapped together by the ribbon.]

Mei Mei: Subtle, Po. Very subtle.

Panda Villager #2: Let me get some of that. [bearhugs Po and Mei Mei]

[The scene cuts back to Mr. Ping.]

Mr. Ping: Leave my hat alone! [crashes into vegetables]

Panda Babies: We love noodles!

Mr. Ping: Oh, just like my Po.

[The scene cuts back to Po rolling down a snowy hill.]

Panda Villager #6: [looking at Li and others] What are you guys looking at?

[Po bumps into a rock and lands on a lake. He floats back up, sitting on a chair with a drink in his hand.]

Li: That's how we roll! Cannonball! [Li and others jump into the lake.]

Po: [laughs] Yeah! [jumps into lake]

[The scene fades into Po and Li looking from above at a mother playing with her kids.]

Mom: Here, bring it up now.

Kid #1: [plays with kite] Mom, look it!

Kid #2: Whoa!

Po: [relaxed sigh] How was that? [Li does a much more relaxed sigh.] Whoa…

Li: Now you try again but don't try so hard.

Po: Ok ok. [sighs heavier]

Li: Much better.

Po: Thanks, dad.

Li: For what?

Po: You know. Just for… you know. Showing me what it feels like... to be a panda. So, when do you think I'll be ready?

Li: Ready?

Po: You know. Learn how to master chi.

Li: Soon, real soon. [taps Po] Come on. I wanna show you something else. Come on. [opens his door] Sorry about the mess. I don't usually get visitors. [Li shows Po a picture of his mother and him as a baby.]

Po: Is this… my mom?

Li: I had this done on your one hundredth day. Your mama couldn't hold you still. You nearly ate the paper. [chuckles] It's true.

Po: What was she like?

Li: [sighs] She was the total package. Smart. Beautiful. Tremendous appetite. [Po laughs.] She was the love of my life. And then… just when I thought I couldn't get any luckier… along you came, my little Lotus. [chuckles] I really had it all. Until that… one moment... when I... lost everything.

[The scene cuts to a flashback from Kung Fu Panda 2 - of the sacrifice of Po’s mother. Lord Shen and his wolves kill her.]

Po: Dad, you don't have to worry about losing me ever again, ok? [Po and Li hug each other.]

Panda Villager #2: Let me get some of that. [bearhugs Po and Li]

[The scene cuts to a scroll-wrapped arrow arriving at the Jade Palace. Monkey intercepts it. When he lands, the floor is seen to be full of other arrows.]

Monkey: [hands arrow to Shifu] It's from the eastern province.

Shifu: [reads scroll] Master Lizard. Master Ox. Master Eagle. All of them. [breaks arrow in half] In every village from the sea to here… every master in China... has vanished.

Monkey: Maybe they are all at a party?

Viper: Monkey...

Monkey: I didn't get invited either.

Shifu: Kai has taken their chi. We are all that stand between him and the knowledge Oogway left in our care. [Shifu, Monkey, Viper, and Tigress walk down the stairs.] The villagers. Evacuated?

Tigress: Done, master.

Shifu: Crane? Mantis?

Tigress: Still nothing.

Viper: [gasps] Wait, it's them!

[A jade-covered Crane and Mantis zooms by and circles around the Jade Palace, eventually flying towards Shifu and the others.]

Shifu: No! [Crane and Mantis stand by, letting Kai make his dramatic entrance.] Kai!

Kai: [looks at Oogway’s statue] Nice. Very tacky.

Shifu: How dare you set foot on these grounds!

Kai: Look at your pathetic fools. Groveling at the feet of Oogway the Magnificent.

Tigress: You are not fit to speak his name.

Kai: I am not fit, little kitten? I fought by his side. I loved him like a brother. And he... betrayed me. Well... now I will destroy everything he has created! [tosses blades at Shifu and the others]

Shifu: Go!

[Shifu and the others dodge Kai’s attack and then counterattacks. No one is able to hit Kai, until Tigress sends a powerful kick to one of Kai’s blades. A yellow shockwave of chi is released from his blade.]

Tigress: How's that for a little kitten?

[Kai commands Crane and Mantis to fight Tigress, Viper, and Monkey. Shifu fights Kai.]

Shifu: I will not let you destroy Oogway's memory.

Kai: Why not? He destroyed mine!

[The scene cuts to the others fighting.]

Monkey: [clutches Mantis] Mantis, it is me! Your bestie! [Mantis flings Monkey at Tigress and Viper.] Sorry, Tigress. Sorry. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry.

[Shifu dodges Kai’s attacks and closes the distance. However, he gets distracted by Oogway’s jade pendant and gets hit by a blade.]

Tigress: Shifu!

Kai: [raises hand] Bring them to me.

[Mantis drags Monkey to Kai while Crane does the same to Viper. Monkey and Viper transform into jade pendants. Tigress is about to go after Kai, but Shifu pulls her in closely.]

Shifu: No! You must warn Po.

Tigress: Master, please!

[Kai flings a blade between Shifu and Tigress, knocking both of them back to different directions. He then wraps Oogway’s statue with his blades.]

Kai: I will show you the true power of chi, brother. [With the power of chi, he lifts the statue from the ground, swipes off a chunk of the Jade Palace, and tosses the statue down the stairs.]

Shifu: No! Oogway, forgive me.

Kai: [chuckles and lifts Oogway’s jade pendant] Hmm? What do you say, Oogway? Do you forgive him?

Shifu: You may have destroyed the Jade Palace, but you will never succeed. There will always be someone to stop you.

Kai: Who? The panda? His chi is strong, but... it won't be enough. He will meet the same fate as you.

Shifu: No…

Kai: And so will every panda in that village. [transforms Shifu into a jade pendant] Yes…

[Tigress is seen hiding behind a rock. She grabs a jade scroll and runs off.]

Tigress: Po, I hope you're ready.

[The scene cuts to Po in a festival, dancing with a child.]

Panda Villager #7: Dance, Lotus, dance.

Panda Villager #1: [shakes Po’s cheeks] He's so handsome.

Po: [bearhugs Panda Villager #2] Hi!

Panda Villager #2: [bearhugs back] That's a panda hug.

Po: [to Li] Hey!

[Li waves back. Po circles around Mei Mei, chasing kids who are playing with fireworks.]

Mei Mei: Po…

[Po wanders around the village, smiling until he sees a dying flower. He pauses and attempts to perform chi on the flower. As the flower is about to rise, he stops when he sees Tigress climbing up the village with a jade scroll.]

Po: [gasps] Tigress?

Mei Mei: Who's she?

Lei Lei: [gasps and hugs Tigress] Big stripy baby!

Po: What are you doing here?

Tigress: Kai attacked the valley. He's taken every master in China, including Shifu and the others. It's... it's all gone, Po. Everything, everyone.

Po: Everyone?

Tigress: Everyone.

Mr. Ping: [concerned] How's my restaurant? [Nearby pandas look at him, confused about his priorities.] We'll talk later.

Tigress: And now he's on his way here. He's after you, Po. He's after all pandas.

Po: How long do we have?

Tigress: Not long. Please, tell me you've mastered chi.

Li: [to villagers] Here, take the baby.

Po: Dad. Dad?

Li: [holds up a baby] Ok, who belongs to this one?

Po: You need to teach me the secret chi technique now.

Li: I'm afraid you need more time. Everyone, go get your things. Let me hand you that.

Po: I don't have more time! I need to learn it now.

Li: Sorry, you're not ready. Ok, pack everything!

Po: I am ready.

Li: Not quite.

Po: What are you talking about? I've done everything you've asked. I mastered napping, sleeping in, hammocks, hot tubs. I am totally involved with my panda parts. Now why won't you show me?

Li: Because I don't know it!

Po: You what?

Li: I don't… know it, ok? No one does. Maybe we used to but... but not anymore.

Po: You lied?

Li: No, I... Yes.

Po: W-why?

Li: To save your life! I find out some blade-swinging maniac is coming for you. What am I supposed to do? Just—just let that happen?

Po: Yes! I'm the Dragon Warrior. Facing maniacs, that's my job. But because of you, I left the valley unprotected. I left my friends unprotected. And now they're all... they're all...

Li: And you would have been, too. I lost you once. I am not going to lose you again. I can't.

Po: [angry] You just did. [runs off to see the villagers panicking]

Panda Villager #8: Mom, pick me!

Mr. Ping: Po! I'm so worried for you that I can't even enjoy being right about everything. Now run, run, run as fast as those chubby legs can go.

Po: Run? There's nowhere to run.

Mr. Ping: B-b-but what are you going to do?

Po: I'm gonna stay and fight that monster.

Mr. Ping: Po, He may be a monster, but he's still your father.

Po: Not him! Kai!

Mr. Ping: [gasps] No…

[Po runs off to kick down a few bamboo trees. With the wood, he creates a wooden training dummy that looks like Kai. The scenes alternate between Kai’s increasing progress to reaching the secret panda village and Po’s training against the dummy. As Po continues to train, Mr. Ping walks up to Li’s room. Carrying a large bowl of dumplings, he sees Li come out of his hiding place.]

Mr. Ping: Hungry?

Li: No, I... not really. Well, maybe just one.

Mr. Ping: You know, you weren't the only one who was lying.

Li: [eats dumpling] Huh?

Mr. Ping: I—I didn't really come along because I was worried Po would go hungry. I was worried about you.

Li: Worried that I'd go hungry?

Po: No. I was worried you'd steal Po from me.

Li: I'd what?

Mr. Ping: I know. That was crazy. But I realized having you in Po's life doesn't mean less for me. It means more for Po.

Li: Well… I'm not in his life. Not any more.

Mr. Ping: Your son got mad at you. Welcome to parenthood.

Li: Y-you don't understand. I lied to him. He'll never forgive me.

Mr. Ping: I lied to him for twenty years. He still thinks he came from an egg. Sometimes we do the wrong things for the right reasons. [Both look at the photo of Po and his mother.] Look, he's hurt. He's confused. And he still has to save the world. [Mr. Ping places the drawing of Po, Li, and Mr. Ping near the photo.] He needs both his dads.

[The scene cuts to Po training against the dummy. As he is about to resume his training after taking a break, Tigress suddenly appears and blocks his fist.]

Tigress: This isn't going to work.

Po: It has to.

[Po and Tigress spar as they talk.]

Tigress: You're not thinking straight.

Po: I am.

Tigress: You're not.

Po: I am.

Tigress: No.

Po: Yes, I am.

Tigress: I've seen Kai. I've seen what he can do.

Po: But he hasn't seen what I can do.

Tigress: The Wuxi Finger Hold?

Po: That's my best move. I just have to get to Kai, grab his finger, and then Skadoosh. Back to the Spirit Realm.

Tigress: He has an army of jade warriors. Everything they see, he sees. So there's no sneaking up on him. You will never get close enough.

Po: It's gonna work.

Tigress: He can only be stopped by a master of chi.

[Po and Tigress stop sparring.]

Po: Oh, you sound just like Shifu with the chi. Chi this. Chi that. Chi chi. I'm not a master of chi. OK? I don't know if I'm the Dragon Warrior. I don't even know if I'm a panda. I don't know who I am! [sighs] You're right. There's no way I can stop him and his army.

Li: Unless you had an army of your own.

[Li appears from the fog behind Po.]

Po: You?

Li: Not just me.

Mr. Ping: Us.

Li: All of us. [reveals everyone behind him] I finally found my son after all these years. It's gonna take a lot more than the end of the world to keep us apart.

Po: But you don't even know kung fu.

Li: Then you will teach us.

Po: What? I can't teach you kung fu! I couldn't even teach Tigress, and she already knows kung fu!

Li: Po, I—I know I'm the last guy you wanna trust right now. But you gotta believe me. We can do this. We can learn kung fu. We can be just like you.

Po: [pauses] What did you just say?

Li: We can do this?

Po: No.

Li: We can learn kung fu?

Po: After that.

Li: Uhh, we can be just like you?

Po: Yes.

Li: We can?

Po: No! You can't. But you don't have to be. That's what Shifu meant. I don't have to turn you into me. I have to turn you into you.

Mr. Ping: That doesn't make any sense.

Po: I know! [hugs both Li and Mr. Ping] Thanks, dads.

Mr. Ping: You're welcome?

Po: I'm gonna do something I never thought I'd be able to do. I'm gonna teach kung fu. [The scene cuts to Po watching different groups of villagers train for different battle skills.] You guys. Your real strength comes from being the best you - you can be. So who are you? What are you good at? What do you love? What makes you - you? [to hacky sack kids] Yes, good. Good, again. [to rolling kids] Good, again. [to Panda Villager #2] Good, good, good. Again!

[Tigress becomes increasingly confused as she watches the villagers train in nontraditional ways.]

Tigress: Wha?...

Lei Lei: [walks up to Tigress] Stripy baby, stripy baby.

Po: [to Mei Mei] Faster. Faster! Roll those ribbons! [to Panda Villager #2] Hug that log you, hug that log like it's the last time you're ever gonna hug it goodbye forever. [to hammock launchers] Higher, and a little more to the left this time. You can do it! [to hacky sack kids] I don't wanna see any of these hit the ground! [tosses up dumplings]

Lei Lei: [hugs Tigress in the background] Wait, wait, stripy baby.

Po: [to Panda Villager #2] Good, try it with this. [Po brings a rock. He then talks to the hacky sack kids.] Now try it with these. [Po brings firecrackers. He then talks to Mei Mei.] Good, now try it with these! [brings nunchucks]

[Mei Mei twirls around the nunchucks, accidentally flinging it into the air and hitting Panda Villager #1 unconscious. Po continues to train the villagers. Tigress continues to look confused. Finally, the villagers stop their training and gather infront of Po.]

Po: They are ready.

Tigress: What?

[The scene cuts to Po and the villagers with a giant map at the center. With a bamboo stick, he moves food to different points of the map as he talks.]

Po: Ok, pay attention ‘cause I’m only gonna go over this ten more times. The only entrance to the village is here. The dumpling squadron will take position here, while the cookie squadron will take position here. Now, on my signal, the two squadrons will... Right, ok. [The kids eat the dumplings and cookies. Villagers laugh.] The noodle squadron will... [A kid slurps down a noodle. Villagers laugh.] Alright, ok. Anyway, the important thing to remember is that this is the spot where... [Po appears frightened as a kid eats through his stick. Villagers laugh.] Ok, saw that coming. If you only remember one thing, it's distract the jombies until I get close enough to put the Wuxi Finger Hold on Kai. You got it? [Villagers cheer and head to their battle positions.] Pandas on three. One, two, three— Panda… You guys... Never mind. I'll teach you that later.

[As the villagers run off, Po unrolls the jade scroll and sees a drawing of the battle between Oogway and Kai. He then sees Li touching the drawing of the ancient panda chi masters.]

Li: I… I wish I could have taught you this, son.

Po: It's okay, Dad. I'm...

[Po, Li, and everyone else in the village stops to listen to the sound of Kai’s blades.]

Tigress: He's here.

[With his blades, Kai launches himself to the top of the ice wall. From afar, Po cheers in amazement.]

Po: That's what I call a dramatic entrance.

Kai: Haha! You must be the Dragon Warrior.

Po: And you… must be Kai! Beast of Vengeance. Maker of Widows.

Kai: Yes! Finally! Thank you. Almost makes me wanna spare your life.

Po: Oh, you wanna spare me? How about you spare me the chitchat, alright? Let's do this.

Kai: I'm going to take your chi, then the chi of every panda in the—

Po: Ugh, chitchat.

Kai: In the—

Po: Chitty chitty chat chat…

Kai: In—

Po: Chat chat chat.

Kai: In the—

Po: Chitchat.

Kai: [pulls off many jade pendants] Oh, you pudgy little... [whispers into pendants] Round them all up.

[Kai swings his blades to launch the pendants into the air. Shifu, the Four, and the other enslaved masters materialize infront of Po.]

Po: Oh no! It's true… You guys have all been turned green. Except for you, Mantis, you were already green.

[The scene cuts to the villagers already hidden in their homes.]

Sum: Now?

Panda Villager #5: Wait for the signal.

[The scene cuts to Kai commanding his jade army to attack.]

Po: Here we go! [holds off Crane and Croc] Dumpling squad!

[The scene cuts to Dim and Sum pulling themselves back on their hammocks.]

Dim: Ready?

Sum: Go time.

[Dim and Sum launch themselves.]

Dim: Belly!

Sum: Gong!

[Dim and Sum knock out Crane from the air. Kai continues to watch from afar.]

Kai: [chuckles] Seriously?

Dim: We did it!

Po: [running] Sorry, Crane. [Po pushes back Chicken and Croc as he meets with his reinforcements.] Spring roll squad! Time for some takeout. [Four of the masters gets knocked off the roof by the rolling kids.] Over here, Mr. Jombie! [Po continues to lead the enslaved masters into traps.]

Panda Villager #2: [bearhugs Monkey] I don't know who you are either.

Po: Noodle squad!

[Mei Mei fights against the Badgers.]

Mei Mei: Get ready to dance… [twirls nunchucks] With danger!

Po: [looks at Mei Mei] Oh hoh… sweet.

[Kai appears to be physically affected by the attacks done to his army. Tigress fights against Croc.]

Lei Lei: [hugs Tigress’ leg] Stripy baby!

[Tigress fights while keeping Lei Lei unharmed.]

Tigress: [holds Croc] Do it.

Lei Lei: You're mean! [slaps Croc with action figure]

[As Bear chases Po, the hacky sack kids throw firecrackers at his face.]

Panda Villager #5: [throws firecrackers at Bear] Fire! Fire in the hole! [Kai coughs as a firecracker explodes in Bear’s mouth.] Yes!

Po: [cheers] All right, kids! You got it, guys! [sees Shifu chasing him] Oh no, Master Shifu. [runs] I can't hit Shifu!

Mr. Ping: I can.

Li: And so can I.

Mr. Ping and Li: [in unison] Double Dad Defense! [fights Shifu]

Li: Left, Dad!

Mr. Ping: Right, Dad.

Li: Thanks, Dad.

Mr. Ping: Back at you then.

Li: We've got this, son.

Po: Go, Dads! Yeah. Yeah! We got 'em now. [Po watches from the roof and sees Kai below him fidgeting as his army continues to get hit by the villagers.]

Kai: Stop. Stop. Enough!

Po: Let's finish this.

[Po successfully rolls down a snowy hill and heads towards Kai.]

Mr. Ping and Li: [in unison] That's our boy!

[After colliding with Kai, Po uses the snow cover to sneak in a Wuxi Finger Hold on him.]

Po: Sorry, buddy. Gotta send you back to the spirit realm. Skadoosh. [lowers pinky amidst awkward silence.] Ok, that didn't work. Let me try one more time. Skadoosh. Skadoosh, skadoosh, skadoo— What the?

Kai: [pretends to choke] Hold on, wait. It's working. No. no! [chuckles] No, it's not. Did Oogway teach you that little trick? Too bad. It only works on mortals. And I am a spirit warrior. [grabs Po] Come! [The enslaved masters return to Kai. Kai then sends Po flying into the village.]

Li: Son!

Tigress: Po!

Po: [wheezing] I was wrong. I'm sorry. Run. Run!

[Kai lifts Oogway’s pendant.]

Kai: [chuckles] So, Oogway, this was the one destined to stop me? I will have his chi. And then all of theirs! [to Po] And you... You really thought you can send me back to the Spirit Realm? You are just a stupid mortal.

Po: [pauses] It only works on mortals. You're right. I can't send you there. But I can take you there. What’s that? [Po points at the air, distracting Kai and everyone else. Po then jumps on Kai.]

Kai: What?

Tigress: Po!

Li: Son!

Po: Skadoosh. [lowers pinky]

[A yellow shockwave of chi is released from Po.]

Mr. Ping and Li: [in unison] Son!

Kai: No!

[After the shockwave, a yin-yang symbol made of flower petals is left on where Po last stood. Mr. Ping and Li approach the flower petals.]

Li: Wha… what happened? Where’s Po?

Tigress: He took Kai away. He saved us.

Li: No…

Mr. Ping: He saved us. But who's saving him?

[The scene cuts to Po and Kai materializing in the Spirit Realm.]

Po: Whoa, the spirit realm. It worked!

Kai: [pushes Po off his back] Get off me, you... [pauses] You brought me back?

Po: [meekly] Don't blame me. I tried to finish this in the regular realm.

Kai: Then we'll finish it here! [Kai wraps around Po with his blades, pulls him in, and begins to turn Po into jade.]

[The scene cuts back to the physical realm. The flower petals begin to break from their yin-yang formation.]

Li: Come on, son. Fight! [pauses] We have to help him. Everyone gather around. That's it. Come in close. Come on. We can do this. Po, you taught us who we were meant to be. [extends palm] A father.

Tigress: [extends palm] A friend.

Panda Villager #5: [extends palm] A dumpling kicker.

Panda Villager #1: [extends palm] A lethal fighting machine.

Panda Villager #2: [extends palm] A hugger.

Mei Mei: [extends palm] A nunchuck chick.

Lei Lei: [extends palm] Stripy baby.

Mr. Ping: [extends palm] A family.

[Everyone’s palms glow yellow. The jade on Po begins to breaks as bright palm marks appear all over his body.]

Po: Sweet.

[A yellow shockwave of chi is released from Po. Po reappears with a white dragon vest, golden cape, and a large straw hat.]

Kai: Who are you?

Po: I've been asking the same question. [performs multiple stances] Am I the son of a panda? The son of a goose? A student? A teacher? Turns out, I'm all of them. [Behind Po, a chi-infused image of a dragon lingers.] I am the Dragon Warrior. [chuckles] Get it? See the giant dragon? Get ready to feel the thunder. [flies] This is awesome! [Kai flings his blades at him.] Uh oh. [Po grabs one of his blades and swings him around.] Belly gong. Butt slap. [throws Kai] Perhaps a bit of lunch, cause I'm starvin’. [dissolves one of Kai’s blades] Let's do this. [grabs Kai’s other blade] Heads up. [crashes Kai into multiple rocks]

Kai: It took me five hundred years to take Oogway's chi. I will have yours if it takes me five hundred more!

Po: Chitty chitty chat chat, chitchat. [The dragon curls into a yin-yang symbol.] You want my chi so bad? Then take it. [redirects chi dragon to Kai]

Kai: [absorbs] Yes… the power is mine. [The jade pendants loosen from Kai.] Wait, no. It's too much. That's too much! No. No! No…!

[A yellow shockwave of chi is released from Kai. The scene cuts to the physical realm, where the enslaved masters are released from the pendants and transformed back into their original selves.]

Bear: [looks around] Where'd he go?

Viper: We're back!

Monkey: [holds Mantis] Bestie!

Mantis: I'm still green. It didn't work. Oh, wait, that's my normal green.

Lei Lei: [grabs Mantis] Greeny baby.

Mantis: Not a baby! Not a baby. Antenna of Fear!

Li: What about Po?

Tigress: Have you seen Po?

Viper: No. He's not here?

Mr. Ping: Po... Po? Why isn't he back?

[The scene cuts to Po floating adrift in the Spirit Realm. Near Po, Oogway’s jade pendant transforms back into Oogway.]

Oogway: Dragon Warrior.

Po: Oogway? I can't believe it. Whoa, you're extra shiny.

Oogway: As are you.

Po: I know, right? It's like the best cape ever. When I run with it, then it looks really cool.

Oogway: It suits you. You've grown.

Po: Yeah. Gotta lay off the panda buffet.

[Po and Oogway land on a wooden boat.]

Oogway: Grown up. As I hoped you would when I sent the message to your father.

Po: [gasps] You sent the universe mail? Whoa!…

Oogway: Yes. Because the universe needed you.

Po: Me?

Oogway: [chuckles] You finally became the panda you were always meant to be.

Po: But how'd you know I could?

Oogway: On the first day we met, I saw the future of kung fu. [flashes back to Oogway choosing Po as the Dragon Warrior] And the past. [flashes back to ancient panda chi masters] I saw the panda who could unite them both. That is why I chose you, Po. Both sides of the Yin and Yang. And my true successor. [hands Po a yin-yang staff]

Po: Me? I—I can't take that.

Oogway: Yes, take it. [whispers] I have a bigger one.

Po: I mean, you're enlightened and everything. I'm just... [gasps] Oh… Really?

Oogway: Yes.

Po: [plays with staff] Now what do we do?

Oogway: Hmm, you tell me.

Po: No! Oogway, don't go!

Oogway: I'm not going anywhere. I live here.

Po: Oh. Right.

Oogway: It's you who must decide whether to stay or go.

Po: Wait. I can go back?

Oogway: Who knows? I've never tried.

[Po draws a yin-yang symbol on the water. A yellow shockwave of chi is released from the water.]

Po: Wow.

[The scene flips over, transitioning from the Spirit Realm to the physical realm. Flower petals twirl around the air and a flash of light appears – revealing itself to be Po in his Spirit Realm clothes. Everyone cheers.]

Li: Po!

Mr. Ping: You can fly!

[The flower petals suddenly drop. Po loses his Spirit Realm clothes and falls on the ground.]

Po: [to Mr. Ping and Li] Dad. Dad. Dads!

Mr. Ping and Li: [in unison] Son! [hugs Po]

Mr. Ping: Don't you go disappearing in petals ever again!

Li: We thought we lost you.

Po: No, you saved me. You all did. Now come on over here!

[Everyone runs to hug Po.]

Panda Villager #2: Hugs!

Po: Master Shifu!

Shifu: The student has truly become the tea... [looks at Po’s staff] Wait, where did you get that?

Po: Oh, this. Oogway gave it to me in the spirit realm.

Shifu: [sighs] Of course he did.

Po: [meekly] I think I mastered chi.

Shifu: [facepalms] Of course you did. Can you… teach me?

[The scene transitions to everyone training at the Jade Palace arena. Po and the Five train from the top of the stairs, while the panda villagers train from below.]

Po: Ready!

[The Jade Palace servants play music and shoot fireworks. Other villagers from the valley come to watch. Panda Villager #5 kicks a ball into the air and accidentally knocks Panda Villager #1 unconscious. Po orders more fireworks to be shot as a distraction.]

Mantis: Monkey, help me!

Lei Lei: [holds Mantis] Greeny baby.

Mantis: Get off me!

[Mei Mei twirls her nunchucks and accidentally hits Panda Villager #2. Unintentionally, she fixes his teeth.]

Mei Mei: [to Panda Villager #2] Mmm… hello.

[Po, Bear, Croc, and Chicken does a kick high into the air. Mr. Ping serves a spicy noodle soup to a panda baby, who breathes fire at Mrs. Chow’s hair shortly after.]

Mrs. Chow: [deadpan] Skadoosh.

[Li looks at Po, tries to impress him by training fast, and then stops shortly after.]

Li: [wheezes] Panda asthma.

[Po looks all around the arena. He sees Shifu bowing before him. Po bows back. He then does a chi stance. Everyone else then does the same. A yellow shockwave of chi is released from the valley. Flowers bloom in the distance.]

[End of transcript]

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