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Kung Fu Panda Digest: Noodle Cart Capers (also shortened Noodle Cart Capers) is a comic book collection published by Ape Entertainment based on DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda franchise. The book was published on November 6, 2012.[2]


Collecting issues #1 & #2 of the hit Kung-Fu Panda: Tales of the Dragon Warrior series from DreamWorks Animation and Ape Entertainment! Even as a small child, Po showed signs of kung fu greatness. When his father's noodle shop is overrun with mountain bandits, young Po, crawls...forward to meet the challenge, in a story we could only call 'Baby Beatdown'! Then in 'A Tale Of Two Noodle Carts', Mr. Ping may have met his culinary come-uppance when Mr. Ting moves in on his business... and his son, the self-styled 'Dragon Wizard', is set to keep Po from saving the day!"[2]


Baby Beatdown

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A Tale of Two Noodle Carts

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