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Kung Fu Panda Issue 1 (or Kung Fu Panda #1) is a comic book released by Ape Entertainment that is based on DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda franchise. It is the first of six[3] in the comic book series, each separated into two different stories that presumably take place sometime after the events of the first film. The book was published on May 4, 2011.[2]



Based on DreamWorks' CGI-animated blockbuster! While testing a new prison's security system, Po and the Furious Five accidentally become the prison's first inmates! Stuck deep within the towering building, they have to find a way to [get] out. Can Po and the Five succeed in this daring jailbreak?[4]


Po the Inmate

In the wake of Tai Lung's incredible escape, a new prison has high tech security features. To test them out, Po and the Five volunteer to be locked inside and attempt to escape. This innocent exercise turns dangerous when a careless prison guard accidentally activates the prison's additional booby-traps – turning the entire place into a weapon with its sights honed firmly on Po and the Five![1]

173 Assassins

With 173 assassins enclosing around the island of Chen Wei, it is up to Master Croc to prevent them from reaching shore! But how is even the most skilled kung fu master supposed to single-handedly defeat 173 foes? Taking to the water and proving that a crocodile’s natural skills in water are better than any constructed vessel – Master Croc stealthily picks off the assassins one by one, ensuring that when the ships arrived on shore they were... completely empty![1]


This book is separated into two different stories:

Po the Inmate

Po and the Furious Five were led on a tour to evaluate the newly-designed Chorh-Gom Prison. The new warden, like Vachir, was adamant about the prison's security, and about the added installments. Elsewhere, a rhino guard carelessly swung another onto a lever by accident, which resulted in the prison's mechanisms being triggered and Po, the Five, and the warden were trapped. After the warden tried kicking the door open and passed out, Po and the Five used their Kung Fu to fight off the Slaying Slicers (swinging, spiked rings) and the Bashing Beam (a gigantic falling mass of wood). In an effort to help, a guard from another room triggered the Logs of Lamentation to work as stairs for Po and the others to climb, and they did so, each taking turns in carrying and tossing the warden to one another before reaching a platform. However, stepping onto the platform only activated yet another trap as arrows were set off, targeted at them. Having an idea, Po reacted by jumping off, snapping one of the chains that helped hold the logs in the air, and kicking it up to serve as a shield for the arrows. Seeing this was effective, the Five followed his example with success. Po thanked the Five for their help, and a ladder was offered to them from the guards, who were alarmed when they heard a rumbling noise, thinking it was another trap, only to find was Po's stomach growling.

173 Assassins


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In the story "173 Assassins," it was told by Po how the island of Chen Wei was nearly invaded by hundreds of assassins, who came traveling by boat in an attempt to kidnap the leader Guru Llama. Seeing them approach, the small guru proclaimed that the assassins wouldn't cross the borders, and that there was no need to flee to safety. He was proven right as Master Croc then arose from the waters and attacked the boats, using his Kung Fu skills, his mace tail, and delivering quips to his opponents as the llama folk watched in amazement. Guru Llama was impressed by the crocodile warrior's "awe-inspiring, aquatic arsenal of excellence", and declared that Master Croc had defeated a number of one-hundred and seventy-three of the assassins. Later, two young llama children were seen burying another, unwilling child on the beach. They discover a boat on the shore and they run away in fright after seeing it was empty, while Master Croc was seen swimming away. And so another legend was born from Croc's adventure, and lived on through the children of the island, the legend that one of the "ghost ships" of Chen Wei would visit them if they misbehaved.




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