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Our ongoing objective is to maintain an accurate and detailed online database about all various aspects of the Kung Fu Panda universe and a friendly community environment for all users.
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The Kung Fu Panda Wiki is an online community website that is dedicated to the forwarding of knowledge of all things Kung Fu Panda related to the general public for easy viewing and understanding. This encompasses all Kung Fu Panda related media including films, series, music, books, and games.

From our description featured on FANDOM:

The Kung Fu Panda Wiki is devoted to the internationally popular and successful Kung Fu Panda franchise. Founded in June 2008, the wiki was based off of the original KUNG FU PANDA, an action/comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation that features an alternate ancient China with anthropomorphic animal heroes. The franchise has since expanded and now consists of three films, two spin-off series, five specials, two theme park attractions, and several books and games. This wiki is dedicated to providing detailed information on the in-universe world of Kung Fu Panda, as well as keeping up-to-date on the franchise's latest news.


Founding and adoption


2010 wiki logo

The Kung Fu Panda Wiki was first founded and created by WikiSorcerer on June 10, 2008, who then soon left the wiki after having made no contributions.

The wiki was then discovered a few months later by Bigmanrob on October 10, 2008, who adopted the wiki and was granted bureaucrat/admin rights. With the aid of a couple other users, Bigmanrob helped to establish most of the wiki's main articles, including the main page, all media articles for Kung Fu Panda, and most of the main characters and locations. This progress continued through June 24, 2009, when Bigmanrob made one final edit to the Kung Fu Panda 2 article before disappearing. The wiki was left in a mostly dormant stage, with only a few passing users making small contributions to the few articles it had.

The wiki was then discovered more than a year later by Spottedstar on July 22, 2010, who contributed to the wiki for a week before adopting it and being granted bureaucrat/admin rights. With the help of some recruited users (both old and new), the wiki was revived with dozens of new articles, images, and videos. In addition, essential wiki tools were created: templates, categories, policies, as well as others. Eventually, the wiki and its community thrived with activity, which spiked with the popularity of Kung Fu Panda 2. The wiki was treated to Wikia's spotlights and news features, as well as some guidance into getting the community more involved through user blogs, wiki polls, affiliates, and social networking accounts.

Wiki Ad - Kung Fu Panda Wiki (2011)

Wiki Ad - Kung Fu Panda Wiki (2011)

2011 wiki commercial featuring the wiki's content and features. Made by User:VaporMist.

Today, the wiki and its community still continue to be actively involved in adding to and improving the wiki's database.


On the wiki

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Our ongoing objective is to maintain an accurate and detailed online database about all various aspects of the Kung Fu Panda universe and a friendly community environment for all users.


  • Collect, update, and properly display information on Kung Fu Panda related subjects
  • Gather an online community of people interested in building a credible and resourceful encyclopedia about everything in the Kung Fu Panda universe


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