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GreenCheck.png This page documents an official policy of the Kung Fu Panda Wiki.
All questions or suggestions concerning this policy must be submitted in the forums prior to an admin making changes, which may happen at any time with or without notification.
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Nutshell.png This policy in a nutshell states:
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Administrators of this wiki have the ability to protect and unprotect a page; this means that a certain group of users with a specific level of access to this wiki are prevented from editing or changing an article for a specific amount of time.

If you came here because you clicked on a small lock in the right-hand corner of a page, that means that page has been protected from editing. If you wish to discuss the terms of this action, please use the forums.

Reasons for protection

At the discretion of an administrator, a page may be protected for:

  • Persistent vandalism or spamming
  • Persistent edit warring, in which case the protection shall enforce a "cool down" period; may be upon request (see below).
  • Prevention measures
  • Title protecting (create protection); used mainly for:
    • Spam
    • Prevention of recreating a deleted page
  • Maintaining the integrity of certain pages that run the functions of the wiki, such as:
    • Site templates
    • Site policies
    • The site's logo and favicon
    • Copyright and license pages

Protection levels

  • Rule of thumb: As damage done to the page increases, so will the level of protection. Most protected pages are to the autoconfirmed level; however, in extreme cases, pages may be protected to sysop level.
  • Page protection levels are indicated through a color-coded padlock symbol found on the right-hand corner of a protected page. These vary as such:


  • Color: Silver
  • Function: Prevents page editing or moving
  • Reason: Persistent vandalism or controversy
  • Restricted users: Non-autoconfirmed (new users)
  • Duration: Temporary (see specific times below)

Full protection

  • Color: Gold
  • Function: Prevents page editing or moving
  • Reason: High levels of persistent vandalism, edit warring
  • Restricted users: Non-autoconfirmed (new users), autoconfirmed
  • Duration: Temporary (see specific times below)

Permanent full protection

  • Color: Black
  • Function: Prevents page editing or moving
  • Reason: Maintain wiki functions
  • Restricted users: Non-autoconfirmed (new users), autoconfirmed
  • Duration: Infinite

Create protection

  • Color: Blue
  • Other name: Protected title
  • Function: Prevents page creation under a specific title
  • Reason: Prevent spam, recreation of deleted page
  • Restricted users: Non-autoconfirmed (new users), autoconfirmed
  • Duration: Infinite

Move protection

  • Color: Green (olive)
  • Function: Prevents page move (or page title renaming) without authorization
  • Reason: Page-move vandalism, prevention measure
  • Restricted users: Non-autoconfirmed (new users), autoconfirmed
  • Duration: May vary (see specifics below)

Protection durations

  • Protected pages are generally intended to be protected only for a limited amount of time (with the exception of the permanent, create, and sometimes move protection).
  • Unless otherwise noted,[1] pages will remain protected for these specific times:
Lock Duration
Semi-protection 1 week
Full protection 1 week
Permanent full protection Infinite
Create protection Infinite
Move protection Infinite / 1 week[2]

Requesting protection

  • Any user may request a specific protection on a page to an administrator for major incidents of vandalism or other performances of disorderly conduct.
  • Please supply credible evidence of the circumstances that warrant a need for protection. Administrators are not obliged to protect a page simply by request. Contrary, administrators are highly encouraged to investigate the situation themselves first before protecting a page.

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  1. Due to varying circumstances, times may vary under the discretion of an administrator.
  2. For page-move vandalism.
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