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  • ... that Kung Fu Panda uses a consistent "color language"? Certain colors symbolized certain meanings: Red was a color for power; blue was an evil or negative color; green was the color for knowledge and wisdom; and gold was the color for heroism.
  • ... that Po's full name, Po Ping, translates to "precious peace" in Chinese? It is written as 宝平 in simplified Chinese, 寶平 in traditional Chinese, and "bǎopíng" in pinyin.
  • ... that Mantis originally started out as a villain? Early in story development for Kung Fu Panda, Mantis was a traitor conspiring with Tai Lung from the inside as a member of the Furious Five.
  • ... that the Valley of Peace's landscape was inspired by the Li River Valley and Yellow Mountain regions of China? These are well known today for being large tourist attractions.
  • ... that it actually took 22,388 scrolls to fill up the shelves in the back of the Jade Palace's Hall of Warriors, even though there's only supposed to be 1,000?

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