The kung fu invention is the unofficial name given to a large mechanical machine invented by Taotie in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.


The machine was created from a combination of the various contraptions within the Training Hall, which served as the machine's many functions. The Jade Orb of Infinite Power served as its power source.

The machine features a variety of functions for use in battle, such as the following:

  • Nets — The machine shoots green nets out of slots, once of which notably incapacitated Viper.
  • Flamethrowers — This feature was most likely created from the mechanics of the Field of Fiery Death.
  • Chains — Chains are shot out from the machine for either catching an enemy in mid-air or snaring an enemy and reeling them in.
  • Spiked Rings — The Seven-Talon Rings are shot across the floor like wheels.
  • Bolas — Large bolas are shot out, one of which caught Tigress.
  • Appendages — The top two jaw-like appendages wield enormous weapons from the Training Hall's armory, while the bottom two are used for grabbing and crushing enemies.
  • Arrows — The machine can also shoot a multitude of arrows.
  • Jade Bowl — The Jade Tortoise of Wisdom sits above the driver's head to offer protection. The Jade Orb of Infinite Power, the machine's power source, sits on top.


In Legends of Awesomeness

The kung fu invention appears in the episode "Sticky Situation". After Po sneaked him into the Training Hall in order to repair the damage he had caused, Taotie took all of the objects inside and fused them together into one enormous and formidable machine, using the Jade Orb of Infinite Power as a power source. Once it had been completed, Taotie and Bian Zao drove it outside into the courtyard, where he faced Shifu and the Furious Five in combat. Despite their skill, the Five were incapacitated one by one by the machine's various traps, and Shifu himself was eventually caught.

Taotie attempted to crush Shifu with one of the machine's arms, but Po came to the rescue, using his sticky dumplings to jam the gears within the machine and destroy it completely.



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