Lady Wind Song (also known as "Shadow of the Moon") was a credited master of kung fu who was very briefly mentioned.



Lady Wind Song's silver fan as displayed in the Hall of Warriors

There is little known about Lady Wind Song. However, one tale says that she was a well-known beauty in the City of Blissful Fragrance. She sang love songs during the day while she hid behind her silver fan to hide her modesty. By night, she was known as the "Shadow of the Moon". Remaining mysterious to those who received help from her, she protected the city by fighting justly with her silver fan, which was sharp enough to cut through stone. Lady Wind Song continued to do this for sixty years until her death on a full moon night. The scent of lotus blossoms filled the streets of her home city at the time of her death. And thus, her fan now holds a place within the Hall of Warriors.[1]


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