Lady Wind Song's fan is a silver, foldable, hand-held war fan used as an airflow implement as well as a weapon. Its only known user was Lady Wind Song. It currently stands on display in the Hall of Warriors.[1]


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The fan appears as a large, silver war fan, with flowery designs (resembling lotus flowers) imprinted upon it.



Lady Wind Song from the City of Blissful Fragrance was a famous beauty who hid her modesty behind a fan whilst singing songs of unrequited love. By day she was elegant and demure. By night she was the Shadow of the Moon, a mysterious warrior righting wrongs and fighting injustice with her silver fan as her only weapon. The fan was made of a mysterious metal and was said to be sharp enough to cut stone.

Lady Wind Song kept the peace in the City of Blissful Fragrance for sixty years. When she died on the night of the full moon the streets of her city were filled with the scent of lotus blossom.[1]



Po using a fan of great similarity to Lady Wind Song's

  • A fan resembling Lady Wind Song's fan is briefly seen in Kung Fu Panda 2 when Po uses it to temporarily disguise himself and fool one of Lord Shen's wolf guards while sneaking through Gongmen City.
  • War fans were actually a fairly popular weapon, especially with female martial artists. Most were made of thin plates of steel, which formed a handy bludgeoning weapon when folded together. Others were known to have edges which were honed to be razor-sharp, especially useful for sneak attacks.



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