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The Lake of Tears is a large, swamp-like lake that is home to several. It serves as a playable location in Kung Fu Panda: The Game.


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The lake is very large with many assorted islands. Po travels from island to island by hopping on lily pads. This location includes a town plaza, a bridge, a living dormitory section, and more.


In Kung Fu Panda: The Game

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Croc gang

Po battling the croc gang

When the Imperial Golden Croc Gang invaded the Lake of Tears, Shifu gave Po the task of rescuing the tortoise villagers who lived there and expelling the gang from the lake. Crane went with him, and they met with Mama Tortoise, the leader of the village that dwells in the lake. Mama Tortoise told them about the crocs taking over the entire lake, and stealing the tortoise eggs. While Crane took flight to begin the search, Po began searching for the eggs on foot.

Po began with searching the lake surrounding the village for the stolen tortoise eggs, battling croc bandits along the way. After successfully traversing the lilypads and small islands, he reached the village, and rescued several of the terrorized tortoise villagers, who proceeded to aid Po throughout his journey. After finding all the eggs, Po again met with Mama Tortoise, who told him that the Queen of the Croc Gang has captured her grandson and is currently residing in the town plaza. After being transported across the lake by the Mama Tortoise, Po attempted to sneak up on the Queen and retrieve the grandson without waking her. He fails, and is forced to flee with the child while the Queen sends the Crocodile Sergeant after them. Crane manages to rescue Po before he is eaten, and carries the panda and the child down the river with the Croc Sergeant in hot pursuit. They eventually lose the Sergeant over a waterfall and reunite the child with his grandmother.

Some time later, Shifu and Po return to the Lake of Tears. To be continued...



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