The Lee Da Kung Fu Academy is a private school that focuses on teaching students the art of kung fu. Its fame is well known throughout China for being the most prestigious kung fu school, allowing enrollment to only the best fighters. It is noted that students must pass a tryout session through a heavily triggered gauntlet in order to be accepted into the school.[1]


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In Secrets of the Furious Five


Crane working as the school janitor

Po shared with his kung fu class full of rabbit children that twenty years ago, Crane used to work in this private school as a janitor. Crane had always wanted to learn kung fu at the Academy, but thought he was too skinny to do any of the physically rigorous techniques. One night, however, the top student of the class, Mei Ling, had observed the skills which Crane used to tidy up the place every night. Impressed by his speed and accuracy, she convinced Crane to try out for the school.

A week later at the tryouts, the instructor of the school informed everyone that the only thing they had to do to make the school was to bring back a little red flag on the other side of a gauntlet of traps. No one could do it, until it was Crane's turn. The instructor and other students (aside from Mei Ling) laughed to see Crane at the tryouts, and the instructor threw him a broom and told him to clean up, leaving a disappointed Crane to falter in his plans of trying out. But while Crane swept up the teeth from the aftermath of the obstacle course, he accidentally stepped into it, setting off a trap. Though the instructor tried to talk him out of it, Crane realized that he was able to avoid and block the traps with all the practice he had from cleaning up the school. This gave him the confidence he needed to work his way through the course and seize the flag, which he did flawlessly.




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