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From Kung Fu Panda 2

My son is alive!
Li sensing Po

From Kung Fu Panda 3

Po: “Who are you?
Li: “I'm Li Shan. I'm looking for my son.
Mr. Ping and a crowd of customers gasp.]
Po: “You lost your son?
Li: “Yes. Many years ago.
Po: “I lost my father.
Li: “I'm very sorry.
Po: “Thank you.
[There's a long silence as the crowd looks from one to the other in anticipation.]
Li: “Well... good luck to you.
Po: “You too. I hope you find your son.
Li: “And I hope you find your father.
[The two quietly depart while the crowd sighs in disbelief.]
—Li meeting Po at the noodle shop

From The Paws of Destiny

Li: “It is with sadness that I announce the village has ran out of scallions.
Panda villagers: “ [starts running around crazy] 
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