The Logs of Lamentation are one of the many new traps built in Chorh-Gom Prison upon construction and installation of the new security system.


The Logs of Lamentation are a set of logs hanging from chains. Since Po and the Five used them as stairs, it is not known how they would have been used as a trap.


In Kung Fu Panda Issue 1

After Tai Lung's escape, Chorh-Gom Prison was rebuilt with a variety of deadly traps. Po and the Furious Five volunteered to test out the new prison to see if it was more efficient than the original. While the six were being given a tour of the prison by its new warden, two careless guards accidentally set off the prison's fail-safe, trapping Po, the Five, and the warden inside.

After the six successfully evaded the Slaying Slicers and the Bashing Beam, the two guards told them through an intercom that they had a plan to help them escape: They would set off the Logs of Lamentation and the six would use them as stairs to reach an upper platform. Tossing the warden between them like a hot potato, Po and the Five climbed up the logs and successfully reached the platform.

However, the guards had neglected to tell the six until after they landed on the platform, that stepping on the platform would set off dozens of arrows. Fortunately, Po came up with the idea of snapping one of the chains that helped hold the logs in the air, and kicking it up to serve as a shield for the arrows. Seeing this was effective, the Five followed his example with success.


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