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Lu-Shi is a character from the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. She appeared in the episode "Bride of Po", where Po came to her rescue after spotting her run in with bandits.


Early years

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In Legends of Awesomeness

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Lu-Shi's personality is very similar to Po's. She enjoys Kung Fu and gets excited when she sees other Kung Fu Masters. She is also shown to be kind and caring towards her family, even going as far to marry someone she doesn't know to save her brother. Like Po she collects action figures.

Fighting style and Abilities

Lu-Shi appears to know Kung Fu but to lesser extent as she has enough skills to defend against attackers.




Lu-Shi loves her brother very much enough to marry someone she doesn't even know to save him. Lu-Shi seems to be a bit rough with him as well given that she punched him a bit hard after he expressed disgust at being Lu-Shi's boyfriend


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As per Junjie's deal she was forced to marry Po despite not knowing anything about him. Seemingly she does possess the same interest as him as she is a fangirl, loves action figure and enjoys kung fu. Po seems to actually like her even though the feeling is (secretly) not mutual enough to marry her. Unfortunately Po has second thoughts and the ruse is soon revealed due to Junjie's impatiences, and she was taken away to watch her brother be killed. Despite being used Po still came to her aid and help save Shao from being killed. After Junjie's defeat Lu-Shi agrees to still be friends with Po


Junjie and Lu-Shi met under unknown circumstances but he held her brother Shao hostage and threatened to kill him if she doesn't heed his demands to marry the dragon warrior. He posed as her presumed father Mu-Shi and accompanied her (likely to prevent her from alerting Po about Junjie's intent). Once the ruse was out Junjie revealed himself and captured Lu-Shi intending to force her to watch her brother perish because of her failure. Fortunately Po managed to save Shao from a fiery death and defeat Junjie.



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