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"Master and the Panda" is the ninth episode from season two of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.



When Po's friend Peng returns to the Valley of Peace, everyone is excited... except for Po. What no one else knows is that Peng is actually Tai Lung's nephew. Now Po has to admit to Peng that he skadooshed his uncle.[1]


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After Peng beats up a couple of Croc Bandits he asks to see Po. Po tries everything to avoid Peng but he goes on a short journey with him. Peng ask if it's true that he killed his uncle, and a guilty Po admitted it. Enraged, he mercilessly attacks the panda until he falls off a cliff, Peng vows that their battle isn't finished. Shifu had heard the news and was very worried, but he reminds Po that underneath all that flab beats the heart of a hero. Peng somehow stealthily managed to get inside the Jade Palace with his uncle's sword. Though it looks like Peng was going to kill him, he actually wanted to return the sword, claiming he is quitting kung fu. Shortly after Temutai with the Gong Lu Medallion managed to get in and defeat the Furious Five. Po went to talk to Peng and managed to convince him to come back. Together they managed to defeat Temutai. Peng, who slowly had gotten corrupted, puts on the Medallion and his dark emotions rise. He defeats the Furious Five and goes after Po (in a familiar fashion). Po tries to make him understand before he disappears. Peng wishes for his uncle and surprisingly he appears and makes a powerful entrance. Peng is surprised to see him alive and well and explains his wish made him whole again. Now they can destroy Po, their enemies, and EVERYONE!!! Peng seems reluctant about his command. But Tai Lung commits it, saying when "push comes to shove, we shove harder." He attempts to show him by attempting to hurt an innocent goose, but Peng, having second thoughts prevents him from doing so. Tai Lung in vain knocks him over. Now realizing that Tai Lung is truly evil, Peng attacks him. His uncle fights back, but Peng's powers get the best of him. Peng, now seeing what he's become, willingly ditches the medallion. Tai Lung shapeshifts back into Po, revealing it was a trick to make Peng understand. At the Jade Palace, Po gives him his sword, but Peng smashes it and claims he's quitting yet again. He now knows that since he inherited his uncle's skills, he's also inherited some of his raging, ruthless persona. He leaves the Jade Palace while everyone stares sadly about their friends (this is also a cliff hanger.)

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Legends of Awesomeness Season 2 episodes
No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
27 1 "Kung Fu Day Care" Juan Meza-Leon Doug Langdale April 6, 2012 201
28 2 "Royal Pain" Lane Lueras Gene Grillo September 26, 2012 214
29 3 "The Most Dangerous Po" Michael Mullen Gene Grillo October 13, 2012 203
30 4 "The Po Who Cried Ghost" Michael Mullen Gene Grillo October 27, 2012 207
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35 9 "Master and the Panda" Michael Mullen Gene Grillo November 24, 2012 212
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42 16 "The Midnight Stranger" Juan Meza-Leon Doug Langdale January 20, 2013 206
43 17 "Shoot the Messenger" Lane Lueras Kevin Campbell January 22, 2013 219
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45 19 "Crane on a Wire" Lane Lueras Gene Grillo January 24, 2013 204
46 20 "The Secret Museum of Kung Fu" Michael Mullen Doug Langdale January 25, 2013 224
47 21 "Bride of Po" Michael Mullen Tom Sheppard February 14, 2013 303
48 22 "Five is Enough" Aaron Hammersley Gene Grillo June 17, 2013 301
49 23 "Mama Told Me not to Kung Fu" Lane Lueras Doug Langdale June 18, 2013 222
50 24 "Secret Admirer" Gabe Swarr & Aaron Hammersley Katie Mattila June 19, 2013 216
51 25 "Qilin Time" Juan Meza-Leon Paul Rugg June 20, 2013 210
52 26 "Huge" Aaron Hammersley Gene Grillo June 21, 2013 223
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