Mei Mei's hut is the living quarters of Mei Mei, located in Panda Village. It was originally going to be featured in Kung Fu Panda 3, but due to character and story changes, it was cut out of the final version.[1] It is instead featured in the film's art book, as well as the main location in the mini vlog series Pandiva.



Interior concept art by Chris Brock

Mei Mei's hut was designed to be "a very feminine place". Kung Fu Panda 3 art director Max Boas describes it as "full of magenta and very in-your-face girlishness." He notes that the intent for the design was to "[set] the scene for romance", stemming from the film's original story of Mei Mei being betrothed to Po. The hut interior contains several decorative items that reflect Mei Mei's obsessive desire to be married: flowers, candles, a formal wedding gown, as well as more symbolic items like "oranges for good luck, a wooden duck to represent fidelity, and a split gourd for happiness."[1]

The hut featured in Pandiva is a much more subtle version of the original design, with no magenta-colored room accents and only a few decorative and luxury items such as furniture, plants, pottery, and flower paintings.


In Pandiva

Mei Mei uses her hut as the main location of her vlog series, where she discusses her thoughts and opinions on various lifestyle topics.





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