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  • I live in temple
  • I was born on February 12
  • I am female
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  • In case you're wondering why your article keeps disappearing:

    I keep removing it because it's fan-made, which isn't allowed on this wiki. All mainspace articles on here strictly document only in-universe canon information (characters, locations, etc.) and out-of-universe material (movies, TV shows, etc.); anything else is prohibited. You're welcome to create discussions on similar topics in the wiki forums instead, which I recommend doing in this case since you seem to want a community response on your topic.

    I understand you're still new and getting the hang of things around here, so it's likely that you just didn't know. This is just to give you a heads-up and to ask you to please follow wiki guidelines from now on. Thanks.

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    • Your "Yin and yang" article also falls under this category. If you want to discuss topics ABOUT the wiki's contents, use the forums. Otherwise, articles are ONLY for in-universe canon information.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • almost getting it but not there yet it will take me a long time ....

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • Wiki2


    Hi Crmarmon2001,

    Welcome to the Kung Fu Panda Wiki! We're very excited to have you join and participate in our online community. I see you've recently made your first contribution, and for that we thank you. :)

    Before getting started on editing other pages, please take the time to look at our site policies. These will inform you of how things work around here, as well as what is and isn't allowed. I encourage you to take the time to familiarize yourself with these regulations, as these are currently in effect for all users on this wiki.

    Also, if you're fairly new to wikis, I invite you to check out the wiki tutorials. Hopefully these will be able to walk you through the normal workings of wikis, as well as answer any questions you may have. Feel free to test out what you learn in the wiki's sandbox.

    Other than that, you're good to go! I hope you decide to stay; although this wiki isn't new, it can use all the active members it can get. I also hope to get to know you better as time passes and we edit stuff around the community. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave me a message on my wall. Thanks and have fun! :)

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