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  • Thank you so much. I received the bot message, but it appears that it still doesn't work. Would you mind helping me take a look at it? If you're too busy, then it's fine. I really appreciate your help though.

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  • The slider's now up on the main page and it's looking the way it should, but it's currently linking straight to the template pages instead. The click action also seems to have quit working.

    I did make a recent edit to the common.js page, if that's the problem, but only to add back in another JS code that was taken out before we started working on the slider. Nothing else has changed.

    I can also confirm that this was happening before I started making changes to the slider today. I checked back at your edit to the main page that had the slider working before I started, and it was doing the same thing.

    Any ideas?

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    • I've never had an open comment like that break anything, though. And logically it shouldn't, since they'll still be in between the opening and closing tags no matter how they're formatted. It's safe to do it that way in CSS and JS as well, except of course with the use of /* */ instead. Maybe there are some pages that would be exceptions, but from my experience, it's generally safe to do just about anywhere.

      By the way, I formatted it that way so it would decrease as much space as possible, in case line breaks add any unwanted spacing to the page. It also helps to have some extra spacing around the comments so they're easier to find on the page, rather than looking through multiple lines of code for a long dashed line.

      If something does break in the future then I might have a look at it, but honestly I think you're just worrying too much. ;)

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    • /* */ is used for muti-line comment where as // is just for one line.  well, just be careful with the comments for the slider. an open comment for that disables the click action/loading templates - not kidding

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  • Here, I started a new one. The other one was indeed getting a bit long. :P

    yeah that's correct. it works currently for bringing up more portals, that's why i change the second layer image. supposed to indicate futher portals.

    I have tried the following for categories via image links, none work. you need to set up some type of portal template to allow for a link variable.

    • category:CATEGORY
    •  :category:CATEGORY
    • full url
    • {{{category:CATEGORY}}} <- silly attempt out of frustration
    • [[category:CATEGORY]] <- silly attempt out of frustration

    Yeah, if none of those work, it may not be worth the trouble.

    a 2x5 is going to depend on image size, might get really small to fit them all.

    this is probably possible, let me check. will update again

    update: home page now displays a 2x5 matrix, warning that images are smaller with current "film" image used. Images could get significantly smaller depending on size of custom images.

    Hmm, it looks like you're right. I was originally imagining using tall images, but maybe wider images will work better? How about this: maybe instead we could do a 5x2, two columns of five? And as long as we can control the amount of padding and margin each image gets, we could spread them across the entire slider?

    So imagine this table as the slider:

    Films Characters
    Shorts Locations
    TV series Objects
    Videogames Events
    Books Terms

    Would this also be a possible setup? I think I'd rather do this one than the other since there will be more width room for the images.

    BTW: staff claim to have fixed the spoiler alert script, try making a null edit to common.js. by null i mean just publish with no changes made.

    I copied their changes and put it over to our customized one. I noticed he also said to put the import script after the SpoilerAlert object, and I went and did that too. It all seems to be working now! :)

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    • ok, i will go switch the back button location. some will have to stay due to portal size...

      also see the message i left you, important so portals don't glitch randomly

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    • I think layers 1 and 2 are good for now, image size seems fine for the current ones. Can adjust when the others are added.

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  • A couple of things I noticed about your bot edits while doing some of the tag changes myself:

    • Overall it seems to be working well, but the code formatting is a little odd. There seem to be extra breakpoints in it when it should all be in one line. For example, I saw this:
    <div class="gallery-button">
    It should look more like this:
    <div class="gallery-button">[[GALLERY LINK]]</div>
    • Also, I guess I just forgot to mention this: The buttons in the "Quotes" sections are also being considered "gallery buttons" since they're being formatted the exact same way. So in the bot edits, be sure to change the center tags in those as well. :)
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    • does it not work with the style i used? i was doing that to be faster...I can go back though.

      looks like i got to check the quotes then

      Is there a point to having a gallery to an empty section? really feels like a waste.

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    • does it not work with the style i used? i was doing that to be faster...I can go back though.

      Nah, there's no need. And you're right, it does technically work; I'm just a little OCD about it. :P

      Is there a point to having a gallery to an empty section? really feels like a waste.

      An "empty section"? Do you mean empty article?

      It isn't a waste because that's how we organize our images. Almost every article has a gallery on here, which are categories rather than subpages (ex. "[article]/Gallery"). The buttons, regardless of whether or not there's anything on the page, are there to link to those respective galleries. Without them, there's no clear indication on where people can look to find more images on an article's subject.

      We've also been making carefully sure to tag each image with "Images of [article name]", so even if the category doesn't exist, there will still be images in it.

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    • fair enough

      though i am curious why trivia is above the gallery + quote sections

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    • Because I considered it to be "extra information" when I was first reorganizing this wiki, apart from the major pieces of information like History or Biography. I don't really know what other wikis do with trivia information, but I guess that's just what we're all used to doing by now.

      Hopefully there are no objections to that, because that's another ridiculously large project on editing 500+ articles. :P

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  • Wiki2


    Hello Nerfmaster8, and welcome to the Kung Fu Panda Wiki! We're very excited to have you join and participate in our online community. I see you've already made a contribution to the Massacre of the Pandas page, and for that we thank you. :)

    Before getting started on editing other pages, please take the time to look at our site policies. These will tell you exactly how things work around here, as well as what is and isn't allowed on this site. I encourage you to take the time to familiarize yourself with our regulations, as these are currently in effect for all users on this wiki.

    Also, if you're fairly new to wikis, I invite you to check out the wiki tutorial. Hopefully this will be able to walk you through the normal workings of wikis, and also answer any questions you may have. Feel free to test out what you learn in the wiki's sandbox.

    Other than that, you're good to go! I hope you decide to stay; although this wiki isn't entirely new, it needs all the active members it can get. I also hope to get to know you better as time passes and we edit stuff around the community. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave me a message. Thanks and have fun! :)

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