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This article is about the fabled character. For other uses, see Midnight Stranger (disambiguation).

The Midnight Stranger is the name of a fabled personage mentioned in the Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness episode of the same name, "The Midnight Stranger".


In legend

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The Midnight Stranger once appeared in a village that had become infested with criminals, who stole from the citizens of the village and each other with abandon. Clad in armor, the Midnight Stranger proceeded to launch a vigilante campaign against the criminal forces, eventually freeing the village. His task accomplished, the Stranger disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared, never to be heard from again. However, his exploits became the stuff of legend, with his reputation reaching the Valley of Peace.

In Legends of Awesomeness

Po disguised under the name of the Midnight Stranger

After Constable Hu instituted a ban on unauthorized Kung fu during a particularly aggressive crime wave in the Valley of Peace, an indignant Po donned a suit of armor in order to fight crime anonymously. The first person rescued by his efforts believed him to be the Midnight Stranger of legend, leading Po to adopt the identity for himself. However, he was eventually exposed and taken into custody by Hu, but the constable lifted the Kung fu ban after learning that he had unwittingly aided the criminal element in the valley by instituting it.

Fighting style

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The original Midnight Stranger's fighting style is unknown, though it appears to have made use of his bulk and physical strength.


The Midnight Stranger wore a set of Chinese armor including plates on the shoulders and an armored kilt, as well as a helmet that apparently left his face exposed. Po's version of the armor included a mask that concealed most of his face.



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