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"Mind Over Manners" is the fourth episode from season three of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.



Po is struck by lightning which gives him the power to read minds.[1]


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Po with the Gan Xiang Sapphire being struck by lightning

While attempting to stop Tong Fo from misusing a sapphire for a lightning rod, Po is struck by lightning leaving him unconscious. Upon regaining consciousness, Po finds his in his eyes his friends speaking to them with their mouths closed. He first believes his friends became expert ventriloquists, but Shifu realizes Po gained the power of Nao Yuedu, which can read minds.

Years prior, Tong Fo's grandfather Tong Lo enslaved the Valley of Peace. He had discovered the Gan Xiang sapphire and used Nao Yuedu. He thwarted every attempt on his life wasn't stopped, until the power drove him mad.

Po soon tests his powers on besting Tigress, but then Shifu worries that the Nao Yuedu power might also drive Po mad because to control the power one needs to have focus, discipline and concentration.

At lunch, Po tries to offer to help with Tigress's lunch and wonders why Viper and Mantis aren't wearing any clothes. In the hall, Po hopes to keep Crane's scented fabrics a secret.

With everyone upset at him, Po tries to take shelter in the noodle shop, and in his mind, Mr. Ping worries Po might take his money. Po soon finds himself in other villager's heads and runs away.

(To be continued)

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