The Mountain Pass is a narrow route across a tall barrier of mountains, located at the edge of the Valley of Peace at the Cliffs of the Great Awakening.


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... Known to travelers for millennia, the Mountain Pass provides the only access to the Thread of Hope, a thousand mile bridge that spans the great chasm known as the Devil's Mouth. Far too narrow for an invading army, the Mountain Pass is both the beginning and ending of a challenging journey.[1]

In Kung Fu Panda


The Furious Five facing Tai Lung in the pass

When word got out of Tai Lung's escape from prison, the Furious Five set out to stop the leopard and eventually confronted him on the Thread of Hope, a rope bridge that stretched across the mountain pass. After an intense battle on the rickety bridge, which was destroyed in the fight, Tai Lung was seemingly defeated, but used his skill and cunning to reach the other side of the pass and surprise the Five. He proceeded to paralyze them all with his nerve attack, leaving only Crane so he could carry the others back to the Jade Palace.





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