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From Kung Fu Panda

Po: “I don't know, Dad. Honestly, sometimes I can't believe I'm actually your son.
Mr. Ping: “ [taken aback] Po, I think it's time I told you something I should've told you a long time ago...
Po: “Okay...
Mr. Ping: “ [pause] The secret ingredient of my Secret Ingredient Soup.
—While evacuating the Valley

To make something special, you just have to believe it's special.
—Mr. Ping

From Kung Fu Panda Holiday

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From Legends of Awesomeness

Mr. Ping: “Po was so cute when he was little. He couldn't say the word tomato. He said, 'Amamamomo'.
Po: “A lot of babies can't say words.
Mr. Ping: “You were ten.
—While talking to the Furious Five, Master Ping

From Kung Fu Panda 2

Po: “I gotta go. I'm the Dragon Warrior, it's kinda my job to save kung fu. And if I don't, what am I?
Mr. Ping: “You're my son! ... Right?
[They both stare at each other without answering.]
Tigress: “Po, it's time.
Po: “ [to Mr. Ping] Uh... goodbye. [He leaves.]
Tigress: “Don't worry, Mr. Ping. He'll be back before you can say 'noodles'.
[Mr. Ping stares sadly after Po as he leaves with the Five]
Mr. Ping: “... Noodles.
—Mr. Ping parting with Po before he leaves the Valley

From Kung Fu Panda 3

What if the pandas don't have the food you like? You can't save the world on an empty stomach. I consider my presence 'mission-critical'!
Mr. Ping to Po