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The Northern Mountains are a set of mountains located relatively north from the Valley of Peace. It was here that Fenghuang escaped to and lived after fleeing from the Jade Palace.[1]


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In Legends of Awesomeness

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In "Owl Be Back," it illustrates how the former Furious Five member Fenghuang fled to the Northern Mountains and lived there after losing in a fight between her and Oogway years ago.

Po left the Valley of Peace because he thought he would turn evil. Here, he meets Fenghuang after she saves him from falling off a cliff. They have a brief talk, but after Po mentions that Oogway is gone, Fenghuang leaves the Northern Mountains to dethrone Master Shifu and take over the Jade Palace. In order in to stop her, Po used Fenghuang's feathers to make a kite to fly away from the Northern Mountains to the Jade Palace.



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