Can I borrow that fake doodie?
Monkey to Po

Let's get this baby out in the wind!
Po in referral to his new kite

Up kitie, kite, kite-- [CRASH!] ULGGGhhH kitie kittie...

Alright, who threw this?
—Po to Qidan warriors

Temutai: “You have bested my minions, Dragon Warrior. But you cannot defeat Temutai, warrior-king of the Qidon!
Po: “I beat you last time.
Temutai: “Yes, but... I had a head cold!
—While rematching in the Jade Palace

Shifu: “How old do you think, say, Tigress is?
Po: “I dunno. 40?
—While discussing the ancient Furious Five

I've been wearing these same pants for three days!
—Po to Shifu

Crane: “He smells evil.
Tigress: “That's not new.
—While discussing Po's potential to turn evil

Po: “You... You must be Fenghuang!
Fenghuang: “Yes, and you must be 300 pounds.
Po: “No. 290, tops.
—While Fenghuang is carrying Po to safety

What's evil like? Is it tingly? Are my eyebrows gonna go all pointy and I'm gonna get some evil laugh that turns into a cough?! [...] What if I end up with a hook and a shaved head?!
—Po to Fenghuang

Fenghuang: “Ah, evil has tempted you and you've come to join me.
Po: “No, I've come top stop you!
Fenghuang: “You want to save them? (points to the Furious Five) The very people who wanted you gone? You think they care?
—Po and Fenghuang before battling in the Jade Palace

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