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Panda Style is a kung fu fighting style that is used notably by Po throughout the Kung Fu Panda franchise.


Panda Style is the newest of all the twelve kung fu styles. It was invented by Master Po himself. Students of the Panda Style rarely attack first. They make their opponents tired with a strong 'Belly' defense, then they attack with surprise moves that appear to almost be an accident. Masters of Panda Style joke and tease their opponents while they fight.[1]


Panda style first appeared in the final battle of Kung Fu Panda. During a battle between Po and Tai Lung, Tai Lung had enough of Po and punched his body. Because of this, Po unexpectedly redirected the power of the blow through his own fists. Amazed at his strength, he finally invented his own style, using it to defeat Tai Lung once and for all.



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