Duke Pingjun is a character from the Nickelodeon television series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. He is the duke of Muchang Township who punished Shengqi by placing him in Chorh-Gom Prison for his "crimes" after being humiliated with the ruining of his moon cake. He appeared in a flashback in the episode "Present Tense".


In Legends of Awesomeness

Duke Pingjun at a party with his wealthy friends

The Duke appears only in a flashback in the episode "Present Tense". A year previous to the events of the episode, the Duke held a Winter Festival party at his residence with his wealthy friends. During the party, he had a large moon cake brought out into the main hall, carried by a group of servants. Unfortunately, one of the servant girls tripped on a raised area of the carpet and fell face first into the cake, ruining it. The furious Duke Pingjun raised his paw to slap her, but Shengqi, his bodyguard and father of the girl, intervened and grabbed the Duke's arm before he could harm her. In the process, the Duke himself fell into the cake. Humiliated in front of his friends, Duke Pingjun turned his wrath on Shengqi, accusing him of assault and placing him in Chorh-Gom Prison.

Shengqi would later break out of prison in order to reunited with his daughter at the Winter Festival, only for the Dragon Warrior to track him down. Luckily Po eventually realized the truth of the injustice that Duke Pingjun had done, and told Constable Hu this when he later attempted to apprehend Shengqi himself. Realizing the truth of Po's words, the constable promised to make sure Shengqi's sentence was overturned. What happened to Duke Pingjun after these events is currently unknown.


From his first appearance, it soon became clear that Duke Pingjun had a heartless and cruel personality, attempting to strike Xiao Niao when she accidentally ruined his cake, and unjustly framing her father when he intervened. The Duke's attempt to slap Xiao Niao implies that he was extremely abusive and defamatory to his servants.


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He wears a red robe and a red hat.





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