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Pious Chan is a monk seen in Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny.[2]


In The Paws of Destiny

Pious Chan is first seen in the episode Blue Dragon Plays with Fire. In the episode he is seen writing in a scroll before attacking Jade Tusk’s minions. After fighting some of them off and blasting the rest with Chi, Jindiao walks in and tells him about the new Four Constellations. Then he tells them about Po training them in Kung fu. After this Chan asks what Jindiao wants from him. Jindiao replies he wants his chi before quickly jumping on him and taking his life and chi.


From his short appearance Oious can be seen as a very serious person.

Fighting style and abilities

Pious Chan is a Kung fu master. He was seen able to swiftly take down Jade Tusk and her water deer. He also has master chi.


Pious Chan is seen wearing a orange robe with a velvet colored belt. He also wears glasses.


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