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[[File:OxPoJail.jpg|thumb|right|Po trying to get [[Storming Ox]] and [[Master Croc]] (now outside the cage) to leave their cell.]]
[[File:OxPoJail.jpg|thumb|right|Po trying to get [[Storming Ox]] and [[Master Croc]] (now outside the cage) to leave their cell.]]
When they arrived at Gongmen City, they found that the wolves that had raided the Musicians' Village had taken over the city, harassing the citizens. Po then made a plan to sneak in with a [[Dragon Costume|dragon costume]]. He eventually found a sheep, who told him that Master [[Storming Ox]] and [[Croc]] were being kept inside [[Gongmen Jail]]. Upon arriving at the jail, Po and the Five burst the masters' prison cell door open, but they refuse come with them and instead stay in the cell. Po tried to get the two masters out of the cell, but failed. Then Master Storming Ox told Po that they should just give up because kung fu is dead. Po was taken aback by this and finally decides to leave them behind. However, as soon as they turn to depart, Boss Wolf and two of his wolves find them. Although the two wolves were quickly taken down by the Five, Boss Wolf fled and Po tried to catch him, their frantic chase ending up in front of [[Tower of the Sacred Flame|Shen's palace]]. All of Boss Wolf's wolves surround them. Po then told them that they surrender, all according to his plan to be taken to Shen.
When they arrived at Gongmen City, they found that the wolves that had raided the Musicians' Village had taken over [[Gongmen City]], harassing the citizens. Po then made a plan to sneak in with a [[Dragon Costume|dragon costume]]. He eventually found a sheep, who told him that Master [[Storming Ox]] and [[Croc]] were being kept inside [[Gongmen Jail]]. Upon arriving at the jail, Po and the Five burst the masters' prison cell door open, but they refuse come with them and instead stay in the cell. Po tried to get the two masters out of the cell, but failed. Then Master Storming Ox told Po that they should just give up because kung fu is dead. Po was taken aback by this and finally decides to leave them behind. However, as soon as they turn to depart, Boss Wolf and two of his wolves find them. Although the two wolves were quickly taken down by the Five, Boss Wolf fled and Po tried to catch him, their frantic chase ending up in front of [[Tower of the Sacred Flame|Shen's palace]]. All of Boss Wolf's wolves surround them. Po then told them that they surrender, all according to his plan to be taken to Shen.
[[File:Meet shen.jpg|thumb|left|Po and the [[Furious Five|Five]] facing Lord [[Shen]]]]
[[File:Meet shen.jpg|thumb|left|Po and the [[Furious Five|Five]] facing Lord [[Shen]]]]

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I'm not a big, fat panda. I'm THE big, fat panda.
  —Po in rebuke to Tai Lung's insult, Kung Fu Panda  

Master Po Ping (known simply as Po) is the main protagonist of the Kung Fu Panda series. He is the adoptive son of Mr. Ping and one of Master Shifu's students at the Jade Palace. Po is also the prophesied Dragon Warrior, as well as the warrior of black and white (as foretold by the Soothsayer in Kung Fu Panda 2).




Po's father protecting his baby son from the wolves

Po was born in a remote farming village populated entirely by giant pandas (as revealed in Kung Fu Panda 2). There, he grew up happily with his biological mother and father. But one day, the village was invaded by an evil, power-hungry peacock named Shen, who sought to avert a prophecy by eliminating any threat to his rule. As his wolf followers slaughtered the pandas and destroyed the village, Po's mother fled with her son in an attempt to save him, while his father stayed behind to try and fight them off. As the wolves quickly started to close in on her, Po's mother managed to temporarily elude the wolves and found a crate of radishes, which she hid her child in. Mother and son shared one final moment of farewell, and then Po began to cry as he watched his mother catch the attention of the wolves and lead them away from him, sacrificing her life for her son.


Baby Po arriving at the noodle shop

The crate was eventually shipped across China to a village in the Valley of Peace, where the owner of a noodle shop Mr. Ping found the baby panda. Placing the infant in his care and eventually realizing that no one was looking for the panda, Mr. Ping decided to raise him as his son, giving him the name "Xiao[1] Po" (小宝).

A portrait of young Po and a younger Mr. Ping

Since then, Po had been happily raised in the noodle shop, learning all he knew as a noodle maker from his adoptive father Mr. Ping. However, Po wasn't a very good waiter; according to him, he has broken a lot of plates and screwed up a lot of orders.[2] Until the events in the second film, Po never brought up how different he and his father were from each other because despite their physical differences, both father and son share a deep mutual love and respect. This shows mainly in the first film in how Po cannot bear to disappoint his father about his differing ambitions, while Mr. Ping eventually comes to respect his son's decisions enough to neither protest nor interfere after Po was dubbed the Dragon Warrior.

In Kung Fu Panda


Po's dream with the Furious Five

Po had grown up into an adventurous dreamer who hoped to become a Kung Fu legend some day, on par with the Furious Five, whom he idolized. However, he didn't think he could pursue his dream, as he was an out-of-shape panda who worked at a noodle shop, which his enthusiastic, simple father Mr. Ping expected him to some day run in his place. Even though Po showed little interest in continuing this family tradition, he complied, not wanting to let his father down. At heart, Po was a huge fan of Kung Fu, as his room was decorated with posters and action figures of the Furious Five, and he would imagine himself as an unbeatable warrior who would fight alongside them. Po knew, in detail because of this, many things about Kung Fu, from techniques (such as the Wuxi Finger Hold), to various weapons and legends, like the Sword of Heroes and the Battle of Weeping River. Although this knowledge showed Po as somewhat of an mental expert on Kung Fu, it was only in the form of a fan who fantasized he could be part of it, not as someone who had any real experience within Kung Fu.


Po being selected by Master Oogway as the Dragon Warrior

It was seemingly by mistake, then, that he was chosen to become the Dragon Warrior. Po was ecstatic when he heard of a tournament being held to determine which of the Furious Five would be chosen as the Dragon Warrior, something he declared would be the "greatest day in Kung Fu history". He abandoned his task of selling noodles in order to see the tournament, but couldn't make it in time, as the gates closed on him, shutting him out. After many failed, desperate attempts to get inside and watch the event, Po was about to give up and go back to work with his father — when the fireworks that he had strapped to a chair lit up and shot him into the sky, flying over the arena. Po abruptly landed inside the tournament grounds just as Oogway was about to choose who would be the Dragon Warrior, and Po fell in front of the Furious Five — with Oogway's claw pointed directly at him. Inspired by the panda's sudden appearance, Oogway took this as a sign that the universe had brought them all the Dragon Warrior. Everyone else, including Po, was surprised by this.

Po-training hall

Po in the Training Hall

The Valley celebrated, and Po was carried (with difficulty) on a palanquin (which he broke through) to the Jade Palace. Po tried to point out that he was picked by accident to the carriers who dropped him in, but it was within the palace that Po discovered the many legendary Kung Fu artifacts kept there. However, the Furious Five and Shifu, Po's master, thought his being chosen was a mistake. Shifu objected that a "flabby panda" couldn't possibly be the Dragon Warrior, and tried to intimidate Po upon his arrival, insulting his large body weight and threatening Po with potential use of the Wuxi Finger Hold. Shifu promised Po that he would regret ever being chosen, and afterwards set him up in the challenging Training Hall. Po, awed by being in the presence of the Furious Five (who were all observing him), was nervous but eager to try some Kung Fu moves. But being an unwary beginner, he was hurtled, burnt, punched, and thrown through the various obstacles. The Furious Five later joked about his lack of skill and his incompetence, which Po happened to overhear, making him feel inferior and sad.


Po talking with Oogway under the peach tree

That night, after making accidental damages in the student barracks, Po had an awkward conversation with Crane (where Po himself revealed that he didn't think he belonged at the Jade Palace). He was then even more disheartened after a rebuke from Tigress, who told him in a stern, straightforward and unfriendly voice that he didn't belong in the Jade Palace, was a disgrace to Kung Fu, and should leave by morning, and then slammed her door in his face. Po, disheartened, retreated to the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom, upset and overeating, stuffing his mouth with peaches he picked from the sacred branches. Upon finding him, Oogway gave Po some kindly advice, telling Po that he should focus on the moment and the present opportunity he had, instead of giving up and doubting himself.

The next morning, Po surprised Shifu and the Furious Five by not only staying, but by arriving first at the training courtyard to practice. Once again, Po was put through a Kung Fu thrashing, beat up by the Furious Five and Shifu long into the day, but Po showed no signs of pain or indignity, as he was so amazed by the skill he witnessed from the warriors, and only welcomed the privilege to spar with the Kung Fu masters. This enthusiasm, optimism and sheer indefatiguable tenacity at such treatment frustrated Shifu, who, even after literally kicking Po out of the palace, was unsuccessful in making him quit.


Po imitating Shifu for the Five during a meal

The Furious Five, with the exception of Tigress, who have became impressed at Po's fortitude, came to warm up to to him even more in the evening. Mantis and Viper tried helping Po feel better with acupuncture, and Mantis assured him about his own small size as a warrior compared to Po's. After inadvertently confirming his suspicions that Shifu was indeed trying to get rid of him, Viper and Mantis explained to Po that the old master was not always so strict, though were reluctant to say what had caused him to change. Having overheard their conversation outside, Tigress entered the room and declared that Tai Lung was the reason. Po then listened as Tigress told him of Shifu's terrible past involving his first student and son, and was rendered speechless. Po later made the Furious Five some noodle soup, which he was praised for, and he made them laugh (except Tigress, who still resented him) when he did an imitation of Shifu — only moments before the master himself appeared. He announced that Tai Lung had broken out of Chorh-Gom Prison, and that it was Po's destiny to defeat him.

Po being stopped by Shifu from leaving the palace

Startled and frightened, Po ran off in a panic, only to be stopped shortly by Shifu, who declared that Po was the Dragon Warrior. Refusing to believe this, Po confronted Shifu that he'd never believed in him and had been trying to make him quit since his first day, while Shifu reminded Po that he had chosen to stay, despite all the harsh treatment and resentment. Po revealed that he had been hurt both inside and outside due to their remarks, but he had stayed because, to him, it was better than living every day just being himself, and wanted so badly to be changed by the famous Kung Fu master. When Po questioned Shifu on just how he planned to make him the Dragon Warrior, capable of defeating the mighty Tai Lung, the red panda admitted he didn't know, and departed.

Disheartened and discouraged, Po again fled to food for comfort, and had nearly ravaged the kitchen in the Jade Palace, breaking cupboards and drawers, even doing a perfect split at one point, when Shifu discovered him the next morning. He stood amazed, seeing that the panda had inadvertently showed a knack/skill for Kung Fu while merely trying to find food in his distressed state. Shifu decided to use this perceived weakness as a teaching tool to motivate and train Po.


Po and Master Shifu playing "keep-away"

Led through the Wu Dan Mountains to the Pool of Sacred Tears, Shifu told Po the origins of Kung Fu. Po agreed to learn from Shifu, astounded and emotional from finally getting a chance to live his dream. And so began his first serious step in Kung Fu training. Po was put through various exercises, from push-ups to ten-mile hikes, to balancing soup bowls, defending his own meals from attack, and a game of keep away, using chopsticks and a dumpling as a reward. Through determination, and with Shifu's teaching, Po's senses grew sharper, he became more confident, and in time, Po had achieved tremendous improvements in body, mind and spirit.


Po being awarded the Dragon Scroll by Shifu

But the Furious Five, led by Tigress, had left to fight Tai Lung on their own. Despite putting up a courageous fight on the Thread of Hope that morning, each of them was overwhelmed by Tai Lung's superior skill. Crane weakly managed to carry his comrades back to the Jade Palace, where Po and Shifu found the rest of the Five all paralyzed, struck by Tai Lung's nerve attack. Seeing his heroes wounded before him, Po was worried about facing Tai Lung himself, but Shifu assured Po that he could beat Tai Lung — with the help of the Dragon Scroll. He retrieved it, giving it to Po and promising him extraordinary powers of sight and sound when he would read it, and feeling "the universe in motion around you". Po opened the scroll, only to find it was nothing but a golden, reflective surface that was completely blank. Confused and disappointed, Po thought this only proved that he really had been picked to be the Dragon Warrior by accident and became discouraged again.


Po realizing the secret of the Dragon Scroll

Shifu told the Furious Five to evacuate the Valley, saying that he would fight Tai Lung himself to buy them all time. They obeyed, Po reluctantly leaving with the others. The Five split up to escort the villagers out, leaving a dispirited and an emotionally disgraced Po to seek out his father. Mr. Ping was glad to see him again, tying an apron around Po and talking to him about future plans for a new noodle shop as they fled with the rest of the Valley. Having come so close and failed at becoming the Kung Fu warrior he'd aspired to be, and being pulled back into his former life as if nothing had happened, Po unhappily lingered for a moment, his hopes crushed and his dream vanished. Mr. Ping tried to assure his son, but guaranteed him that he still had a destiny at the noodle restaurant. Po wasn't encouraged by this, and told his dad that he sometimes couldn't even believe he was his son. Mr. Ping, taken aback, tried to comfort Po by finally telling him the truth: the secret ingredient of the Noodle Shop's secret ingredient soup... was nothing. He explained that he never needed to add anything more to plain, ordinary noodle soup. By simply believing it to be special, it became special on its own. Astounded, Po took out the Dragon Scroll, and found himself looking into his own reflection. Mr. Ping's words of wisdom made the connection, and at last, Po understood the meaning of the Dragon Scroll, the secret to "limitless power".


Po challenging Tai Lung with the Dragon Scroll

He made his way back to the Jade Palace, climbing the stairs (which exhausted him), and arrived just in time to distract Tai Lung and save Shifu, who almost got killed by Tai Lung during their fight. Facing the snow leopard, Po proclaimed that he was the true Dragon Warrior. Tai Lung laughed, making the remark, "You? Him? He's a panda! You're a panda! What are you going to do, big guy?! Sit on me?!". Po told Tai Lung not to tempt him (though he eventually did end up on top of him during the fight), and smugly revealed he had the Dragon Scroll and told Tai Lung to "come and get it" tauntingly, to which he got punched in the face by the leopard, who then took the scroll — but then Po bounced back to strike an equal blow in return. The two fought, and the battle spread down into the Valley, both Po and Tai Lung trying to get the Dragon Scroll as it fell from place to place. Po used his creative cunning to keep the scroll away from Tai Lung, even using noodles and a cart propelled by firework rockets in the battle, as well as the same maneuvers in his game of "keep-away" with Shifu.


Po using the Wuxi Finger Hold on Tai Lung

Unfortunately, despite his ongoing success, Po finally collapsed when Tai Lung met him with a powerful punch, pummeling the panda to the ground. When Tai Lung took the scroll (relishing at finally having his hands on it), he was disappointed and stunned when he discovered it was blank. Po, as he was getting up from being pummeled, told him that it's okay since he didn't get it the first time either. Tai Lung was confused, so Po explained to him that "there is no secret ingredient; it's just you." Infuriated, Tai Lung tossed away the Dragon Scroll and struck Po with a yell, but his deadly nerve attacks only served to tickle Po and make him laugh. Again, the two fought, Po besting and outsmarting Tai Lung again and again, developing his own improvised style in the process. Eventually, Po caught Tai Lung in the Wuxi Finger Hold when the snow leopard tried to claw him with two of his fingers, having presumably figured out the secret to the mysterious technique on his own, and with the word "skadoosh" and the inflexing of his pinky, Po delivered the blow, sending a massive, golden shock wave throughout the Valley of Peace and beyond, presumably killing Tai Lung.

Po and dying Shifu

When the Furious Five and villagers returned, they watched Po emerge from the haze in silence, and became elated, the villagers cheering for his triumph. Mr. Ping raced to his son, overjoyed and proud of his victory as a Kung Fu warrior. Tigress stepped forward and bowed to Po in respect, calling him "Master," and the rest of the Furious Five and the Valley followed suit; in addition, Tigress had smiled at Po for the first time, feeling honored and proud. Po was modestly pleased, but quickly remembered that Shifu was hurt back at the palace.He rushed back and found Shifu, and told him he had defeated Tai Lung. Shifu weakly thanked Po for bringing peace both to the Valley, and to him. After a quiet, meditative moment, Po asked him if he wanted to get something to eat, and he and Shifu enjoyed a meal of dumplings at the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom, overlooking a new day in the Valley of Peace.

In Secrets of the Furious Five


Po and his Kung Fu class

Po was instructed by Shifu to teach a class of new Kung Fu students, made up of rambunctious little rabbit children. Shifu told Po that it may very well be the toughest challenge he's ever faced, and left a dubious Po to teach the class himself. After calming down the excited group, Po told them stories of how each of the Furious Five learned the secrets of Kung Fu. When Shifu returned to check on Po's progress, he first thought that Po had taught the rowdy students that Kung Fu is all about fighting; but after hearing the children point out the lessons of having patience, courage, discipline, compassion, and confidence, Shifu found that Po had taught them well, and allowed him to keep teaching the class.

In Kung Fu Panda Holiday


Wo Hop attacking Po with a wooden spoon

It was the time of the Winter Festival. In the noodle shop, Po was informed by Master Shifu that he was to host the Winter Feast at the Jade Palace. The Furious Five were surprised when Po told them this news, and they offered to help him. However, Po thought he could do it himself, and was excited about the chance to host the formal gathering. But soon enough, he became overwhelmed by the many tasks of preparing for the Feast, and was burdened further by not being able to have his father come to the event. After accidentally rejecting and disgracing a rabbit chef named Wo Hop with the "Hun-Shu Wave of Dismissal", Po decided to intentionally dismiss the other chefs trying out for the Feast by eating the food on the way out the palace arena doors and saying it was awful, and he offered the job to his father, along with the Golden Ladle, in hopes that the two of them can spend the holiday together. However, Mr. Ping refuses, grudgingly telling Po to go to the Feast, as he cannot be away from the restaurant and let his customers down.


Po struggling with a decision of loyalty

Afterwards, in the kitchen, Po was challenged by Wo Hop to a fight to the death in order to restore his honor, and the rabbit chef made several attempts to attack Po with a wooden spoon and end his own life, but the panda prevented him from doing so. After several disasters, including the kitchen being set of fire and the ice dragon statue being beheaded, Po fell into despair, believing that he has disappointed everyone. After a comment from Wo Hop about Kung Fu being unable to solve everything, Po decided to call on the Furious Five and Wo Hop to help him in his preparations for the Feast. With their extra efforts, everything came together just in time. But when Po was finally seated with the other masters at the Jade Palace, the panda found that he could not enjoy the ceremony, as much as he admired the Kung Fu heroes present, and he explained to them his own traditions of having fun with his family and neighbors. He politely excused himself (much to Shifu's dismay), and then ran off to join his father at the noodle shop.


Po, Shifu, the Furious Five, Mr. Ping, and Wo Hop posing for a portrait

At the shop, Mr. Ping apologized to Po for making him feel guilty, and Po helped him cook bowls of holiday-themed noodle soup for the customers. The Furious Five and the other masters later showed up at the restaurant and took part in the festivities. Po also presented the Golden Ladle to Wo Hop (whom had shown up to try and attack Po again), restoring honor to him and his home village. Upon seeing the happy celebration in the noodle shop, Shifu came to appreciate Po's decision, and Po invited him inside, telling him that he was part of his family as well. They joined the others, and Po was able to appease everyone, thanks of his unorthodox, yet sincere actions.

In Kung Fu Panda #1

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In Kung Fu Panda #2

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In Kung Fu Panda #3

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In Kung Fu Panda #4

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In Art of Balance

"The Art of Balance"

Po faces himself

Po facing "himself"

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Po had a dream about him and the Furious Five, but was soon awoken with his head in a bowl of noodle soup. Later on, he visited Shifu at the Jade Palace for his training. He appeared distracted, and was subsequently hit by the dummy he was fighting and claimed that it sucker-punched him. Shifu asked Po why he was distracted, and Po told him about his dream. He said that a "hooded guy" seemed to know each of the moves before he was about to make them, and when his hood came off, it was visible that the hooded thug was himself.

Po then left training for the day, leaving Shifu to ponder a solution. He stumbled upon Kuo, a fan of Po's father and his noodle cooking skills. Kuo told Po that he'd be more than happy to help in the the noodle shop for free. Not looking forward to the very busy day at the shop, Po hired Kuo on the spot, glad for the extra help. When Kuo entered the kitchen, he impressed Mr. Ping with his chopping skills. He then asked how to create "Dragon Warrior's Soft Crunch Noodles", as he can't get the consistency. Mr. Ping replied by saying, "Ah, Kuo, that will remain my secret," to which Kuo stared angrily at Mr. Ping as he walked away.


Po practicing "Hing Kung"

At training the next day, Shifu told Po how Oogway helped him find balance. He told Po that the secret was to not let the weight of the world control you, but to take control of the world. Shifu sid that they'll be learning "Hing Kung", which appeared be a way to balance on fragile objects. Po tried to follow Shifu's example of balance, but failed. He gradually grew better, but still had not obtained perfect balance.


Kuo throwing knives at Po

Po returned to the shop to find Kuo holding Mr. Ping captive, threatening to kill him unless Mr. Ping gave Kuo his recipes. Po tried to reason with the antelope, telling him that he had let his misfortunes imbalance him, and the frustrated Kuo threw a bundle of knives at Po. In this moment, Po found balance and was able to dodge and even hop on the knifes to avoid them. He then kicked Kuo and checked up on his dad. He asked him if he was okay, to which he confirmed and thanked Po for saving him. It was then revealed that Shifu was watching (as well as preventing Kuo from escaping) and he congratulated Po on finding balance.

"One Set of Horns"

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Po appeared at the start of this story and narrated it.

"The Dragon Chef"

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Mr. Ping was sick from the "goose flu", leaving Po to take care of the restaurant all day. Because of the overwhelming amount of customers, he enlisted the help of the Furious Five. They failed to bring customers their food, instead getting it all over them. Soon, Mr. Ping was found to help them. Po and the Five praised him, regarding him as the "Dragon Chef".

"The Touch of Destiny"

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Po appeared near the end of the story to face Tigress. After a brief battle, she tagged him, and he asked the rest of the Five if they wish to play another game of "Elimination Tag".

In Legends of Awesomeness

"Po's dreams of kung fu adventure came true the day that Master Oogway named him the legendary Dragon Warrior. Now a master himself, Po gets to live out his dream everyday at the Jade Palace as he sharpens his kung fu skills with Master Shifu, battles bad guys with the Furious Five and of course, takes a snack break every now and then. With the Furious Five by his side, Po will stop at nothing to keep evil out of the Valley of Peace."[3]

In Kung Fu Panda 2


Po stuffing forty bean buns in his mouth

Some time after defeating Tai Lung, Po took on a dare from the Furious Five (who were all egging him on and staring in awe) in the Training Hall to see how many bean buns he could stuff into his mouth (the end result being forty). He was then summoned to the Dragon Grotto where he witnessed Shifu performing one of Oogway's last teachings. Shifu specified that this was the next step in his training, but before they could proceed with the lesson, Tigress arrived and told Po that the Musicians' Village was under attack by bandits. Po immediately rose to the challenge and left with the Five.


Po facing Boss Wolf in battle

As Po and the Furious Five fought the invading pack of wolves, they managed to save most of the metal the wolves were attempting to steal. The pack had been chased off and the village celebrated their heroes. Suddenly, Po turned to see another wolf still present and prepared to battle him. But before he could do so, he spotted a symbol on the wolf's armor and received a flashback of his mother, which temporarily dazed him long enough to take the wolf's hammer to the face. Realizing that he had seen a vision of his past, Po then went to Mr. Ping and asked him where he came from. After some questioning, Mr. Ping showed him an empty radish crate and explained that that was where he had found him. After Mr. Ping told him the story, Po was dissatisfied with the little information he had gained, and still had a lot of remaining questions.

One day, Shifu received a message that Master Thundering Rhino of Gongmen City died, killed by a powerful weapon that Lord Shen had made, which was capable of stopping Kung Fu. Shifu then told Po and the Five to go to Gongmen City and destroy the weapon, though Po was concerned about how they would be able to "stop something that stops Kung Fu", to which Shifu replied "anything is possible, when you have inner peace." Po and the Furious Five were stopped by Mr. Ping when passing his shop, who gave Po a backpack full of his favorite foods, painted 'snapshots' of their precious moments together and Po's action figures. Fearing for his son, Mr. Ping pleaded with him not to go, but Po still wished to fulfill his duty as the Dragon Warrior. Po and the Five then set off on their big journey.

Po five boat

Po and the Furious Five traveling on a sampan boat to Gongmen City

They spent several days traveling across China, over snowy mountains and through huge deserts. While sleeping on the last leg of their journey, traveling down a river in a small boat, Po had a dream about his parents replacing him with a radish. Po woke up and went outside the boat to try and do the technique Shifu showed him. But droplets of water just kept falling on his head, keeping him from concentrating, eventually causing him to yell in frustration. Po was soon caught by Tigress, who soon started to spar with him. Po saw that Tigress couldn't feel anything whenever he hit her, giving him the wrong idea that she was emotionless. He began to feel envious of her 'show no emotion' ability, considering his current inner turmoil, and inadvertently made Tigress uncomfortable by telling her this.


Po trying to get Storming Ox and Master Croc (now outside the cage) to leave their cell.

When they arrived at Gongmen City, they found that the wolves that had raided the Musicians' Village had taken over Gongmen City, harassing the citizens. Po then made a plan to sneak in with a dragon costume. He eventually found a sheep, who told him that Master Storming Ox and Croc were being kept inside Gongmen Jail. Upon arriving at the jail, Po and the Five burst the masters' prison cell door open, but they refuse come with them and instead stay in the cell. Po tried to get the two masters out of the cell, but failed. Then Master Storming Ox told Po that they should just give up because kung fu is dead. Po was taken aback by this and finally decides to leave them behind. However, as soon as they turn to depart, Boss Wolf and two of his wolves find them. Although the two wolves were quickly taken down by the Five, Boss Wolf fled and Po tried to catch him, their frantic chase ending up in front of Shen's palace. All of Boss Wolf's wolves surround them. Po then told them that they surrender, all according to his plan to be taken to Shen.

Meet shen

Po and the Five facing Lord Shen

As they were taken up to Shen, Po found a small figurine of the weapon, thinking that it was really the weapon, and destroyed it, but his triumph turned to horror when he saw the actual, larger weapon. In the conversation between Po, the Soothsayer, and Shen that followed, Po began to sense that Shen and the Soothsayer knew something that he didn't. Shen then ordered Boss Wolf to fire the cannon at Po and the Five, but when he tried to light the fuse, Mantis (who had never been captured, fooling the guards with one of Po's action figures) was quick to put it out and attacked Boss Wolf. Meanwhile, Viper had successfully picked and unlocked Tigress' cuffs, freeing her and the others. Po then attacked Shen and the Five destroyed the weapon. When Po had the chance to fight Shen, however, he realized that he saw him when he was a baby, knowing that Shen knew about his past. Shen escaped and the masters found that more cannons had been produced. Seeing that they were trapped inside the Palace, their only way out was up. As Po and the Five reached the top of the Palace, they jumped and evaded the fire arrows being shot at them.


Tigress ordering Po to stay behind

They returned to Gongmen Jail, where Masters Storming Ox and Croc were still in the cell. Tigress confronted Po as to why he let Shen escape, and decided to leave him in the jail when he refused to answer. After trying to leave anyway, but being stopped by Tigress in a brief fight, Po finally told her that he saw Shen in his past and he wanted to ask him about what happened while he was there. He voiced his determination to interrogate Shen, staying that "the hardcore can't understand," but is then surprised when Tigress unexpectedly hugged him. She told him that she did understand, but still kept him there, for she didn't want to see her friend die. Po realized that Tigress wasn't as emotionless as he had thought.


Po facing Shen

However, Po still wanted answers about his past, and followed the Five to locate Shen at the cannon foundry. After a long battle, Shen eventually told him that his parents abandoned him and that they didn't love him. Taking advantage of Po's shock, he revealed one of his largest cannons and fired at at the panda. Although he had blocked most of the blow with a wok pan, the force still shot him out of the factory and into a nearby river, unconscious and badly-injured.


Po with the Soothsayer

After floating down the river and into a foggy forest, Po was eventually rescued by the Soothsayer, who brought him to a derelict village and healed him. Po looked around at where he was and the Soothsayer told him that this place was where he was born. Po, at first, didn't believe her, but then he started to have visions of Shen and his wolf army attacking pandas. He then let his mind flow, finally achieving inner peace in the process, performing the same water drop technique Shifu had demonstrated, and the story of his past flowed through his mind. He learned that his parents did not abandon him, despite what Shen had said. Through some wise words from the Soothsayer, Po also learned that despite his terrible beginning, he had led a deeply fulfilling life since being adopted by Mr. Ping.

Po returned to Gongmen City, finally knowing who he really was, and saw the Furious Five tied up in chains above Shen's fleet, which was just about to leave the city to begin his conquest of China. Shen noticed the panda and ordered his wolves to fire at him. But Po made it on the boat and attacked the wolves, thus freeing the Five. Later in the battle, Storming Ox and Croc joined in, along with Shifu, who had traveled to the city after sensing Po's near-death-experience. When Po was being fired at, Tigress pushed him away, taking most of the impact of the cannon.


Po facing Lord Shen's fleet in the city harbor

All of the Kung Fu warriors set themselves on pieces of the boat, exhausted and defeated. Angered at the sight of his friends injured before him, Po then swam to a piece of shattered timber and stood before the entire fleet, where Shen fired at him once more. Po, concentrating on inner peace, evaded the cannonfire and performed the astounding act of redirecting them into the river. Shen ordered to fire at him again, but Po kept on evading until he caught one of the cannonballs and fought to keep the power in his hands.He was lifted off the surface and formed the Chinese Yin-Yang sign while turning. Just before releasing the cannonball, he said his signature quote "Skadoosh", and threw the cannonball at Shen, which, colliding with his cannon, destroyed his entire fleet.

Po later found Shen among the remains of his fleet, who then asked the panda how he managed to find peace after all he had done to him. Po told him that he had simply left his past behind, and also urged Shen to do the same. But Shen ignored this and instead started attacking Po in a rage. Po evaded Shen's attacks until Shen had suddenly cut loose his destroyed cannon, which fell on top of him and exploded as Po dived out of range into the water. Po surfaced near the dock and was greeted by Tigress, who then helped him out of the water and complimented his actions as "pretty hardcore". Po then suddenly hugged her just as she had done in the jail, shocking her and the rest of the Five who were watching nearby. Shifu came by moments later and congratulated Po on achieving inner peace at a young age. All of the villagers then cheered for Po as he and his friends watched the fireworks display.


Po reuniting with his father

Po returned home to Mr. Ping, who had missed his son very much. Po then told him that he found the place where he was born, and had also found out how he ended up in the radish basket that Mr. Ping had found him in. He then declared that Mr. Ping was his father, having a newfound respect for the goose that took him in and the two shared a tearful hug before they went into the noodle shop's kitchen to cook.

In Secrets of the Masters

Po went to explore the Masters' Council exhibit with Tigress and Mantis, whom he told there was an "emergency". After crashing through the ceiling, Po started studying the exhibit in awe, and told Tigress and Mantis the story of how Thundering Rhino, Storming Ox, and Croc were brought together.

Later, Shifu arrived and dismissed Tigress and Mantis, and tasked Po with fixing the roof of the exhibit. Before he could start, Po slipped on the floor and fell into the Sarcophagus of Su Wu, which he was trapped in for a presumably long period of time.


Po action figures

Po posing in front of his Furious Five action figures

Po is usually easygoing, and can often be playful and cocky like a big kid. In the first film, he is seen as a huge fan of Kung Fu, but is himself clumsy, portly, and having low self-confidence, only dreaming he could be a great Kung Fu warrior while feeling stuck in his unfulfilling life at his father's noodle shop. But when given the chance, he is all too eager to learn Kung Fu the hard way, enduring physical beatings and insults in hopes of changing who he is and becoming like the Furious Five, who are his idols. But Po comes to learn that "there is no secret ingredient", and finds the inner strength to save the Valley of Peace by using his own skills and ingenuity, and in the end he becomes his own kind of hero. Some of the positive traits Po displays include being extremely cheerful, stubborn, kind, caring, friendly, determined, and quite selfless when it comes to saving friends and others, even confronting his enemies.


Po being motivated with a bowl of dumplings during training

Po usually displays an action-craving attitude along with a natural affinity for humor. He will often try to talk tough, but this boisterous behavior tends to become more comical than threatening, and is perhaps a front for the panda's insecurities. Though at times Po may act immature and clueless, he is able to take things seriously when it is called for, and can learn things quickly with the right motivation. He has also memorized an impressive amount of knowledge about Kung Fu, even being reliable enough to teach a class of it on his own.

Po working with his father at the noodle shop

Though Po tries to balance both sides of his busy life with his father at the noodle shop and his role as the Dragon Warrior, this is at times difficult for him. Always having a deep reverence for Kung Fu and his fellow Kung Fu masters, Po is nevertheless willing to put family ahead of his responsibilities as Dragon Warrior, even if it means passing on prestigious events and disappointing others who count on him. Po has also broken some rules and traditions (as well as still having a habit of breaking physical things), though this is often unintentional.

Po and Shifu back from training

Po and Shifu returning from a day of training

Po has hardly changed since his days before learning Kung Fu, but his unlikely triumph as the Dragon Warrior has changed those around him. Simple, good-natured and pure, Po doesn't seem to hold grudges, even against those who doubt him or treat him with contempt. He is much like the opposite of Tai Lung, in that he shows light-heartedness and humility instead of arrogance and desire for more power. It is these qualities (as well as his great respect for Kung Fu and his loving heart) that mark Po as the Dragon Warrior, able to defeat Tai Lung when no one else could.

Fighting Style


Unexpectedly chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy and study Kung Fu alongside the Furious Five in the original film, Po began training under Master Shifu. But it was soon apparent that the traditional styles of Kung Fu weren't necessarily a good fit for a six-foot-two-inch, 260-pound panda. Shifu discovered that for Po to become the Dragon Warrior, he must embrace Po's inherent panda nature and exploit his physical attributes, including his generous belly and rear end. In the end, Po created his own style that uses his perceived weaknesses as his strengths.[4]

Po uses this improvised style often when he fights. For example, in his fight against Tai Lung in the first film, Po was able to use his bulky physique to block the snow leopard's nerve attacks and send back hard blows. This ultimately, like Shifu explained to him during training, allowed Po to take Tai Lung's strength and use it against him.

Po's bulk has also been shown to make him incredibly resistant to severe physical hits. In the first film, Po fell from incredible heights, stumbled through the Training Hall's courses, took an entire day of rigorous training from the Furious Five and Shifu, and battled Tai Lung; although he sometimes appeared dazed, battered, or weak, Po didn't take on any permanent damage or injuries from any of these events. Another example is during the second film where he took a near-direct hit from one of Shen's largest cannons (using a wok to shield him from some of the blow), was flung a large distance into a nearby river, and still managed to survive. However, he had been knocked unconscious and had to be treated by means of acupuncture, a temporary cast-wrap, and an unknown remedy.

In fighting alongside the Furious Five, Po has come up with a few techniques of his own. He and Tigress performed a "Double-Double Strike", in which they go tag team style to kick away their opponents. Po also demonstrates a "Feet of Fury" technique, at which he kicks against his opponents, particularly a group of wolves that leaped into the air.

Furthermore, once he achieved inner peace with his horrific memories of his past, Po was able to do martial arts feats his comrades would have considered impossible. Namely, he modifies a water drop catching technique to redirect Shen's cannon fire against his armada with devastating effectiveness.


Po attacking wolves with wok pans

Po has also demonstrated some skill in the use of various weapons. One example in Kung Fu Panda 2 showed him using rudimentary skill in sword combat against Shen's wolves by using metal musical instruments; combined with his recently-acquired acrobatic skills, he held his own and overwhelmed them by use of an apparent technique of spinning on top of his head. Similarly, Po managed to throw a tuning fork at Shen and nail him to the wall without piercing the peacock's neck. This skill may have been obtained from his habitual use of throwing stars.

Throughout Legends of Awesomeness, Po has shown the uncanny ability to perform powerful Kung Fu techniques after seeing them only once or simply reading about them for a minimum of time. This has amazed his friends and foes alike.


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Mr. Ping


Po greeting his father in Kung Fu Panda 2

Po has a close relationship with his adoptive goose father. He tries as much as he can not to disappoint him (e.g. pretending to share his father's interest in noodles and lying about it), though Po does confess his true interests eventually. Near the end of the first film, while he was despairing, he revealed that he sometimes (with good reason) thought it was hard to believe Mr. Ping was his father. Their bond is tested even further in the second film, when Mr. Ping finally tells Po that he adopted him as a cub. An awkwardness grows between them as a result, with Po unable to even answer Mr. Ping when he asks if he was still his son. However, when Po discovers his horrific past and realizes that he had led a happy life with Mr. Ping despite this, he decides that he is indeed Mr. Ping's son and their bond is restored.

Masters of the Jade Palace



Po training with Shifu in Kung Fu Panda

At first, Po and Shifu were not good friends — not friends at all, for that matter. Shifu believed that Po becoming the Dragon Warrior was an accident, and only acknowledged him as "Panda". Shifu later stated in Kung Fu Panda 2 that the day Po was chosen as Dragon Warrior was "the worst day of [his] life," and that it was the most "mind-destroying" moment he had ever experienced. No matter how much Shifu insulted or intimidated him, Po still stuck with his training. When Shifu taught Po Kung Fu using food, they formed a bond, and Shifu began calling Po by his name from then on. Once Po defeated Tai Lung, Shifu found that he was finally at peace. They now stand as good friends.

The Furious Five


Po flying into battle with the Furious Five in Kung Fu Panda 2

Po is the Furious Five's biggest fan. His admiration for them is so great, that his bedroom is covered in posters and he owns an action figure set he had carved himself. He was willing to make several comedic and potentially dangerous attempts to get into the palace arena, just to see the five perform in the Dragon Warrior Tournament. Po was disheartened when the five were disdainful of him apparently being the Dragon Warrior, though was eventually able to win them over with his cooking skills and his tenacity.

In the second film, Po has joined forces with the Furious Five, and now stands as good friends with them. However, he has a tendency to embarrass them from time to time, for example when he destroyed a model of Shen's cannon, mistaking it for the real one, and the five stared at him in shock and embarrassment (Crane even pulled down his hat to hide his shame). All the same, the five deeply care for him, evidenced by their despair when Po was seemingly killed, and their ecstasy when he returned alive.


It was made apparent in the first film (as well as noted by the filmmakers on the film's DVD commentary) that Tigress was Po's favorite out of the Five and thinks she is the most powerful. When Po was eventually chosen as the Dragon Warrior and spent his first night in the Palace's barracks with them, he was most upset when it seemed Tigress showed the most resentment towards him. And although Tigress continued to display this bitter attitude towards Po for the majority of the film, it never seemed to discourage him out of favoring her from the others. It wasn't until the film's end when Tigress finally accepted Po as the Dragon Warrior, and Po seemed to be most appreciative of it.


Po listening to Tigress

In the sequel, Po and Tigress seemed to have developed a closer relationship with each other since the events of the first film. This was first seen when Po stuffed forty bean buns in his mouth, and Tigress encouraged him rather than regarded him with disgust, as she would have in the first film. Furthermore, Po and Tigress have also learned to work in unison with each other in combat, such as when they fought off the wolf bandits in the Musician Village.


Tigress hugging Po

Tigress was noted to also show signs of warmth and loyalty towards Po, going as far as to push him out of firing range of one of Shen's cannons, which almost got her killed as a result. Similarly, when Tigress demonstrated her strict determination by ordering (and eventually fighting) Po to stay behind in the prison after he had allowed Shen to escape, she had shown compassion towards him about the discovery of his parentage, surprising him and the rest of the Five when she hugged him instead of lunging at him. She told Po she did understand his troubles, but wouldn't allow her friend be killed, showing him that she wasn't quite as unfeeling and "hardcore" as Po thought she was.


Po hugging Tigress

Near the end of the movie, after Shen was defeated, Po hugged Tigress after she had complimented his heroic actions as "pretty hardcore". Tigress was shocked and didn't hug back, but participated in watching the fireworks with Po and others with a smile on her face, showing that she wasn't angered by Po's attempt to come emotionally close to her.


Po and Monkey started off pretty much the same way as the rest of the Five towards Po, with Monkey expressing mild disdain at Po's being chosen as Dragon Warrior, but in a more humorous approach. Even so, Monkey was the easiest for Po to bond with as the both of them like to laugh and joke, seen when Monkey laughed the loudest at Po's impersonation of Shifu. Po's perseverance in training moved Monkey to respect Po's determination, and readily accept him as the Dragon Warrior and a fellow Kung Fu master when Tigress was the first to do so.

Seen in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Po and Monkey often laugh and joke with each other, sometimes at the expense of the rest of the Five with friendly teasing. They both also have a bit of a competitive streak with each other, shown in "Scorpion's Sting" when their friendship was strong enough to break Scorpion's control over Monkey, and then allowed them to work together to overcome all other obstacles.


Like Monkey, at first Mantis expressed mild disdain toward Po, though in a more humorous approach. He once joked that whenever Po walked, the very ground shook (he was unaware that at the time, Po was listening in). However, as Mantis gradually warmed up to him along with the others, he rather unsuccessfully tried to treat Po using accupuncture after a painful first day of training. He was also the first to note Po's excellence in cooking.


Of the Five, Viper was the only one who showed a more kind and compassionate disbelief that Po was chosen as Dragon Warrior, as she feared that Po would just wind up getting hurt or killed. Shown in their brief spar (where she beat him in three successive moves), Viper was more friendly, and probably the second to bond with Po after expressing his determination, as well as winning her and the rest (sans Tigress) over with his good cooking and sense of humor.


Like the rest of the Five, Crane showed disdain and disbelief that Po was chosen as Dragon Warrior, sarcastically and dramatically proclaiming, "He is so mighty - the Dragon Warrior fell out of the sky in a ball of fire!" Additionally, he had no problem mocking Po behind his back but was more awkward when speaking to him directly, as shown in their conversation later that night.

Still, Crane mellowed out towards Po, who had eventually won them over with his cooking and sense of humor. When Shifu ordered them all to evacuate the Valley, Crane led Po out of the palace, understanding his loyalty to their master. Shown in the second film, Crane had come to work with Po very well, usually helping Po land safely from high altitudes or help him with aerial maneuvers and techniques.



Oogway talking with Po in Kung Fu Panda

Oogway was the main reason that Po became the Dragon Warrior in the first film. He was the one that was first inspired and told the world of Po's destined calling, much to everyone's disbelief.

Po always looked up to Oogway whenever he shared words of wisdom with him. When Oogway had found Po sitting under the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom one night, Oogway sensed the panda's pain and asked why he was upset. Po explained his position with Shifu, the Furious Five, and his previous life at the noodle shop with his father, to which the old tortoise kindly gave some good advice about concentrating on the present instead of the past or the future. This comforted Po and encouraged him to keep trying to achieve his dreams and fulfill his destined calling as the Dragon Warrior.

Po respected Oogway as a legendary and admirable master. After being approached by Shifu and told of how he was to stop Tai Lung, Po thought Oogway would be able to instead since he had done so already. But then when Shifu also shared of Oogway's recent passing, Po immediately became distraught and frightened. He even attempted to run away before being stopped by Shifu.

Masters of Gongmen City

Storming Ox


Po trying to get Storming Ox to leave his cell in Kung Fu Panda 2

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Po with Storming Ox and Croc in Gongmen Jail in Kung Fu Panda 2

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Tai Lung

Po about to use the Wuxi Finger Hold on Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda

Po already knew some things about Tai Lung (specifically the leopard's mastery of all one thousand scrolls of Kung Fu and his eventual incarceration), but he had never actually met him. But when Shifu told Po one night that Tai Lung was returning to the Valley of Peace and he was the only one who could stop him, Po instantly became baffled and fear-stricken. Similarly, when Tai Lung had escaped prison, his only thought was to battle the Dragon Warrior and claim the Dragon Scroll, which he thought was rightfully his. Each were quite anxious to meet the other.

When they finally met, Tai Lung was taken aback at the unexpected chosen warrior that he never dreamt of being a panda. As they fought each other, their determination and rivalry were constantly tested when they tried to outdo each other. Even after Tai Lung had victoriously retrieved the scroll and had Po explain the truth about its blank, reflective surface, he was so angry that he continued to fight him. As Po gained the upper end, he finally performed the Wuxi Finger Hold that defeated the leopard once and for all.

Lord Shen

Meet shen

Po talking with Shen in Kung Fu Panda 2

The relationship between Shen and Po remained a hidden secret for the majority of both of their lives until the events of the second film. Only hearing of the peacock's name days before confronting him in Gongmen City, Po was unaware of what Shen had done to his family and birth village thirty years prior. Before finding out the truth, he had treated Shen like any other ruthless villain; then afterwards, it became very personal to him.

Po bravely stood up to the peacock emperor before his fleet could leave the city and spread destruction across the country. And after defeating him and his army, Po boldly confronted Shen and tried to talk him into letting go of his past and start living for today. When Shen refused to do so, Po stayed on the defensive as Shen started attacking him, which eventually led to the peacock's own death.

Boss Wolf

Ever since Boss Wolf whacked Po in the face with a hammer during their encounter at the Artisan Village, Po took an intense dislike to the villain and attempted to pay him back when they met again in Gongmen City. Boss Wolf taunted and insulted the panda at every opportunity, but unlike Shen, did not underestimate him, having witnessed his Kung Fu skill first hand.

It was later revealed that Boss Wolf and Po had met before: when Shen and his army attacked a panda village years ago, Boss Wolf had attacked Po when he was an infant, but Po's father intervened and struck him in the face with a farming tool before he could harm the child. This incident cost Boss Wolf his left eye. While Po was eventually able to remember this encounter, Boss Wolf most likely never knew that Po was the same panda he had tried to murder as a baby, due to his death at the hands of Shen.


When Po ended up in Qinchu's palace during his investigation into the theft of hundreds of packages, Qinchu immediately saw him as an unwelcome outsider and had him tossed down Mount Penglai. When Po recovered from the fall and learned of Qinchu's plans to isolate the city using the key hidden in the delivery system, he returned to the palace and confronted the fox. Qinchu was unimpressed, and taunted the panda before they began their battle. Qinchu was ultimately defeated.


As the son of Mr. Ping, Kuo probably hated him as much as he hated the goose. However, Kuo was able to successfully convince Po to hire him for Mr. Ping's noodle shop. Po at first thought Kuo was just another fan of the Dragon Warrior, and even yanked out some of his fur to give to the antelope as a souvenir, though Kuo quickly stated his intention. Po saw the antelope as an extra pair of helping hands, and was unaware of Kuo's ulterior motives until he returned to find his father being held hostage. Po attempted to reason with Kuo, but ultimately was forced to beat him to protect his father.



Po getting ready to fight Scorpion in the episode "Scorpion's Sting"

Po was considered an enemy by Scorpion, but she also saw him as an adorable panda and wanted his head for her collection of skulls.


When Po first met Temutai in "The Princess and the Po", the warrior king didn't believe he was the Dragon Warrior. But when he was challenged to a fight and lost, Temutai admitted defeat and allowed Po and his friends to go free.


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Bian Zao

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Master Chao

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Bad Po

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The Mongolian Fist Demon

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The Soothsayer


Po and the Soothsayer in Kung Fu Panda 2

Po's relationship with the Soothsayer started out as a bit unexpected and non-existent, as Po had never seen her before. Po had thought she was sided with Shen, which made the Soothsayer realize that he didn't know what had happened in his past.

They were soon caught up in matters that delayed their relationship to develop any further, but after Po was blasted from the Fireworks Factory and knocked unconscious in the river, she took him in and nursed him back to heath. Po, at first, thought she was still working for Shen and tried to escape, but then she told him that she only wanted to help him. Po then asked why she saved him, and she replied that he needed to fulfill his destiny. She aided Po in recovering the long-lost memories of his past and helped him see his true calling of the warrior he was born to be. This left Po more sure and more aware of himself than he ever was.

Po most likely never held a grudge towards the Soothsayer for making the prophecy that led to his village's destruction.


Once Po asked him to train at the Jade Palace, he acted boastful and treated him as if he would never learn everything. Nevertheless, Peng still treated him with respect.



Song kisses Po on the cheek before leaving

Song seems to be in love with Po. However, Po seems to only see her as a friend and was surpised when she kissed him on the cheek before she left with the Ladies of the Shade after she turned on the former leader Su.


Po the panda kung fu panda jack black

Po in his regular clothes

Po wears a simple pair of Burlap pants with a striped red-and-gold colored strap. These appear to have been patched up multiple times and occasionally sag down Po's waist.


Po's formal Winter Feast outfit

In Kung Fu Panda Holiday, Po's casual winter clothes consist of a red snow hat with yellow-dotted black stripes and a yellow scarf. At the Jade Palace's formal Winter Feast dinner, each guest was assigned a formal outfit with selective colors. As the host and the Dragon Warrior, Po wore his same pants, but with a tall dark hat on his head and a large cape around his neck.

At one point in Kung Fu Panda 2, the Soothsayer wrapped bandages around Po's arm and over his chest to help him recover from the injuries he received from Shen's cannon, even though he discarded them after he had healed. He also wore a small straw hat for a short time when he went to confront Shen's fleet in Gongmen City. He planned to use the hat to rescue the captured Furious Five, but this failed when the hat simply floated to the ground after he threw it.



  • In The Art of Kung Fu Panda, it is mentioned that Po's full name, Po Ping (simplified Chinese: 宝平; traditional Chinese: 寶平; pinyin: bǎopíng), translates to "precious peace" in Chinese.[5]
  • In the first film, when Po mentions how all of the Furious Five possess a unique and useful quality and he does not, he points out that he has no claws (in reference to Tigress) but in reality, Giant pandas have very sharp hooked claws that help them climb and use for defense purposes.[source?]
  • According to the filmmakers' commentary on the Kung Fu Panda DVD, Po's favorite Furious Five member is Tigress, despite the fact that she showed considerable disrespect and disgust at him throughout most of the first film.
  • In an interview with "Po" for Scholastic News Online, Po shares how Crane told him the Giant panda is called a "large bear-cat" in China. This actually comes from the literal translation for "giant panda" in Chinese (traditional and simplified Chinese: 大熊貓; pinyin: dà xióng māo).[6]
  • Po has a special "fighting fist" control that he only uses when he's engaging in Kung Fu.[7]
  • According to the episode "In With the Old" from Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Po never went to school as a cub. However, during the credits of Kung Fu Panda 2, young Po is seen in a schoolhouse.
  • Po is technically the "leader" of the Furious Five, but not a member of the quintet. According to Jack Black, he is "still finding his way" through his insecurities and clumsiness, so the group doesn't become the "Furious Six", but rather "The Furious Five and the Dragon Warrior" — with Tigress as the "real" leader.[8]
  • In the opening sequences of the first movie (during Po's dream), he rapidly kicked his enemies in mid-air. This move was used for real by Po during the first fight scene in Kung Fu Panda 2, calling the move "Feet of Fury".
  • In Kung Fu Panda 2, when Po supposedly fit forty bean buns in his mouth, it was commented by the filmmakers on the DVD commentary that there were actually only nine.

In development

  • The Art of Kung Fu Panda specifies that Po was once not a fan of Kung Fu, and was "rather hateable and stupid and dead-end". However, through changes, Jack Black's performance helped to define the character's personality as more a sympathetic kind, instead bringing an insecure character troubled by self-loathing which he manages to overcome.[5]
  • In development of the character, Po went through a variety of origins. Among these were living in a panda village with his mother, working in a chime factory, and being an indentured servant to Mr. Ping.[source?]
  • The weirdest animation control was for Po's uvula.[7]
  • Po's cheeks were rebuilt during the first film to allow him to stuff his mouth with more food.[7]

In popular culture


Po and the Furious Five parodied in MAD

  • Baseball player Pablo Sandoval of the San Francisco Giants is nicknamed "Kung Fu Panda."
  • As a tribute to the star of the films, a newborn giant panda cub in Zoo Atlanta — the only one born in the U.S. in 2010 — was named Po. Jack Black was present for the naming of the newborn cub.[9]
  • A spoof character of Po, known simply as "Kung Fu Panda", appeared in the 2008 parody film Disaster Movie and was played by Yoshio Iizuka.[10]
  • Spoof versions of Po have appeared in the Cartoon Network TV series MAD. His first was in the episode "Are You Karate Kidding Me?", where he and Shifu fought Dre Parker.[11] Po also made a later brief appearance in the episode "TwiSchool Musical/Avenger Time", where MAD News reports "an enormous panda beating a pirate" in the 2011 summer blockbusters.[12] His latest appearance was in "Kung Fu Blander," where he needed to defeat Shen and the Angry Birds.[13] Po was voiced in all episodes by Brian T. Delaney, who had also voiced Mantis in the first Kung Fu Panda video game.
  • Po made short appearances at the 2011 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards on April 2nd, 2011, in which he interrupted the show and eventually annoyed the host, his voice actor Jack Black. This was done as a tribute to one of the show's sponsors, Kung Fu Panda 2.



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—Po, Kung Fu Panda

Enough talk. Let's fight! SHA-SHA BOOEY!
—Po as the Legendary Warrior, Kung Fu Panda

There is no charge for awesomeness... or attractiveness.
—Po as the Legendary Warrior, Kung Fu Panda

—Po, Kung Fu Panda

Get ready to feel the thundah!
—Po, Kung Fu Panda

Po: “ [After being asked why he didn't quit his training] Yeah, I stayed. I stayed because every time you threw a brick at my head or said I smelled, it hurt. But it could never hurt more than it did every day of my life just being me. I stayed because I thought if anyone could change me, could make me... NOT me, it was you! The greatest Kung Fu teacher in all of China!
Shifu: “But I can change you! I can turn you into the Dragon Warrior! And I will!
Po: “Come on. Tai Lung is on his way here right now! And even if it takes him a hundred years to get here, how are you going to change THIS into the Dragon Warrior?! Huh?
—On Po being the Dragon Warrior, Kung Fu Panda

Tai Lung: “ [After Po tells him that he is the Dragon Warrior) You? [to Shifu] Him?! He's a panda! [to Po] You're a panda! What are you going to do, big guy? Sit on me?! [chuckles] 
Po: “Don't tempt me. [laughs] Now... I'm gonna use this. [takes out the Dragon Scroll] Ha ha! You want it? Come and get it.
—Before Po and Tai Lung's fight, Kung Fu Panda

Tai Lung: “ [gasps] The Wuxi Finger Hold!
Po: “Oh you know this hold?
Tai Lung: “You're bluffing. You're bluffing! Shifu didn't teach you that!
Po: “Nope. I figured it out. Skadoosh.
—Before Po defeats Tai Lung with the Wuxi Finger Hold, Kung Fu Panda
Kicking butt is just a small part of Kung Fu. It's awesome, but it's small.
—Po to his Kung Fu class, Secrets of the Furious Five

I wish I could stay and be a good host, but I think I need to leave and... be a good son.
—Po to the Kung Fu masters at the Winter Feast, Kung Fu Panda Holiday

Friends love the sneezy trick!
—Po to Monkey, Scorpion's Sting

Cat-like reflexes!
—Po, Scorpion's Sting

My fist hungers for justice! [stomach belches] That was my... fist.
—Po, Kung Fu Panda 2

Tigress: “Po, we need to get to that tower without being spotted by those wolves.
Po: “Got it. Stealth mode...
—While planning to sneak into Gongmen City, Kung Fu Panda 2

Ah, my old enemy... [Looks up to a long staircase.] Stairs!
—Po, Kung Fu Panda 2

I am Po... and I'm gonna need a hat.
—Po, Kung Fu Panda 2


  1. Used as an adjective that means "little" (traditional and simplified Chinese: 小; pinyin: xiǎo)
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