Who dares to wake me?!
  —Queen Crocodile, Kung Fu Panda: The Game  

The Queen Crocodile (or simply known as the Queen) is one of the minor antagonists in Kung Fu Panda: The Game. She is married to the King Crocodile (or the "Crocodile Sergeant", as she calls him).


In Kung Fu Panda: The Game

The Queen Crocodile is the leader of the Imperial Golden Croc Gang, which invaded the Lake of Tears and kidnapped hatchling eggs from the tortoise villages living there. For some reason, she kept the infant son of one of the villagers close by her as she slept (probably as a hostage).

Upon the villager's request, Po sneaked over to the Queen as she was sleeping and rescued the child. But the Queen awoke, blocked Po's path of escaping with her huge tail, and furiously ordered the Crocodile Sergeant to chase the two, along with Crane who carried them to safety. The Crocodile Sergeant ultimately failed in his mission (trying to get the heroes over a waterfall, only to fall way down and die), and the Queen Crocodile wasn't seen again after this. In the meantime, her minions were defeated and forced out of the lake by the Kung Fu warriors.


As a queen, the Queen Crocodile preferred to laze about while her minions did whatever she wanted done. She also appeared to have a fondness for small, cute things as she kept an infant tortoise prisoner and seemed to treat it like a pet.


The Crocodile Sergeant

Though the two were supposedly married (or partners), the Queen Crocodile ordered the Crocodile Sergeant about, just as she did her minions.


Since the two had only encountered each other once very briefly, not much is known about their relationship other than it is extremely antagonistic.

Her henchmen

It is unclear what type of relationship the queen had with her henchman, but they followed all of her orders.


The Queen Crocodile wore a six-horned crown with a large white lily on top.



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