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The Rat Boss is a villain exclusive to the Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors video game. He is the leader of the Black Moon Scavenger Clan, of whom is among the villains assembled by Tai Lung. They are seen attacking the Jade Palace's arena and end up defeated.


In Legendary Warriors

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The Rat Boss is ruthless, destructive, loud-mouthed, and arrogant, so he believes highly in his clan and his simple-minded men are dimwits, and doesn't stand for failure. However, in times of fear, he stands his ground because he believes he can't be beat.

Fighting style

The Rat Boss' fighting style is much like his soldiers. He uses his small size to his gain, but stays low to ground, dodging his enemies' attacks and then quickly striking them with his sharp-edged staff. He does this over and over again until his enemy gives in and he can land one final blow to win.


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Black Moon Scavenger Clan

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Tai Lung

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