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The rat bandits are a criminal band of two-hundred rats. They were featured as the main villains in "One Set of Horns" from the book Art of Balance.


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In Art of Balance

In "One Set of Horns", Po tells the story of how Master Storming Ox battled the rat bandits in the rice fields of the Wing Cho Province. Master Ox had been trying to save crops after a storm flooded the field, when a group of rat bandits attacked him during his lunch break. He fought back using his strength and skill, but the bandits grew in number, and then formed a huge army, latching arms so as not to sink into the mire. This tactic impressed Master Ox, and he welcomed the challenge, fighting both the two-hundred bandits and the rice fields drowning him.

Before becoming overwhelmed, he unleashed a great display of his brawn and forced the rats away with his powerful horns. He continued to fight off the bandits, and then revealed his own cunning by using the length of his horns and his speed as leverage to keep from sinking. He charged, sending the rats flying off into the skies.

Fighting style and abilities

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