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Rong, also known as General Rong, is a male Crocodile and leader of the Crocodile Army.



In Kung Fu Panda Vol 1

In "Wake Me Up Before You Po-Po!", General Rong and his army use the Mist of Morpheus from the Swamp of Disillusionment in an effort to put the inhabitants of the Valley of Peace to sleep so that they can take over the Jade Palace. They succeed with everyone but Po and the Furious Five, who halt the pumping of the mist into the air and then attack Rong and his army on the march. During his battle with the Dragon Warrior, Rong warns him that a great danger was coming to the valley, but Po is undeterred in his efforts. After Po removes Rong's breathing tube that enables him to resist the effects of the mist, the pair engage in a drowsy battle that Po eventually wins when he is restored to alertness by his growling stomach.


Rong appears to be utterly malevolent and cunning, having devised a means of taking the Valley of Peace with next to no resistance. However, he seems to operate in fear of a threat even greater than that which his army represents.


Rong is a large Crocodile-larger than Fung or Master Croc but not quite on the scale of Lidong-who wields an axe in battle. He is an accomplished fighter, appearing to be roughly a match for Po when they were both on the edge of falling asleep. However, he does not appear to be much of a threat to a fully alert Po.

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