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The Sacred Scrolls is the name of a collection of ten-thousand scrolls that hold the teachings of various kung fu techniques.[1] They are kept in the Cave of Mysteries underneath the Jade Palace.


In Legends of Awesomeness

In the episode "Fluttering Finger Mindslip", Po was required to study all of the scrolls in chronological order. Disappointed by the unremarkable contents of the first few scrolls (the first one explained how to make tea), Po attempted to skip ahead a few scrolls (coming across one that explained the eye-gouge), but Shifu caught him and made it clear that the scrolls had to be read in the right order. However, when no one was around, Po skipped ahead and came across a scroll that explained the Fluttering Finger Mindslip technique.

Po's constant use of the memory-wiping technique on the Furious Five led to chaos in the Jade Palace, and Po was forced to reveal to Shifu what he had done. Upon closer examination of the scroll, they learned that to reverse the effects of the mindslip, they had to retrieve the Alabaster Pot of Remembrance from the Corridor of Unbelievable Agony. Po was left to do this task, with the scroll to help him get through. However, Po once again got impatient and rushed through the corridor anyway, missing important notes within the scroll that would have helped him get through with little trouble.

Another technique from the scrolls is the Chao Wa Punch Kick, as shown in the episode "Master Ping".



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