[gasp] The Sarcophagus of Su Wu!...
  Po while exploring the new Masters' Council exhibit, Secrets of the Masters  

The Sarcophagus of Su Wu is, as its name suggests, a sarcophagus specifically designed to hold Su Wu, one of the three notorious Wu Sisters.[1] It was featured in Secrets of the Masters where Po saw it and told Tigress and Mantis the story behind it.


The container itself is made of a black metal, and opens with two swinging doors locked with a padlock.[1]


In Secrets of the Masters


Su Wu being released from the sarcophagus

Years ago at the Jinzhou Palace, Wan and Wing Wu escaped their respective prisons and sneaked into the palace where their sister was imprisoned within the sarcophagus. After sneaking past the guards and using a claw to unlock the container, Su Wu and her sisters escaped, but were later recaptured by the young warriors Thundering Rhino, Storming Ox and Croc.

In the present time, when Po, Tigress and Mantis entered the Master's Council exhibit, the sarcophagus was one of the artifacts Po marveled over. Tigress and Mantis' ignorance of the history behind the sarcophagus led Po to tell them the story of how Rhino, Ox and Croc came to be the masters of Gongmen City.


Po locked inside the sarcophagus

When Po finished his story, Shifu arrived and discovered his students. Excusing Tigress and Mantis, Shifu told Po to repair the hole he had made in the ceiling before the exhibit opened in twenty minutes, and left the panda to complete the task. Before Po could even begin, he tripped backwards over the cement bucket and ended up locked in the sarcophagus. After failing to get out, Po decided to take a power nap before the exhibit opened.





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