The second prison warden is the unofficial name given to a member of the Anvil of Heaven who serves as Commander Vachir's successor as warden of Chorh-Gom Prison after Tai Lung's escape. His real name is unknown. His only appearance has been in the story "Po the Inmate" from the comic book Kung Fu Panda Issue 1.



After Tai Lung escaped from prison, the prison was rebuilt, and Commander Vachir was replaced by a new warden who personally designed the prison's brand new security system. The new system was extremely lethal, the danger only being increased when the warden deliberately left out a disable function in the interests of safety.

In Kung Fu Panda Issue 1

The warden made his first appearance in the story "Po the Inmate". When the rebuilding of the prison was complete, Po and the Furious Five were summoned to evaluate the prison's new defenses. Upon arrival, the new warden led the warriors on a tour of the prison, during which it became clear that he was just as overconfident as his predecessor. During the tour, the warden explained that once the stairs are triggered, every additional fail-safe becomes active.

In another area of the prison, two careless guards accidentally activated the security system. Upon hearing the stairs activate, the warden realized that he and the warriors were trapped and panicked. In his panic, he charged the reinforced door, only succeeding in knocking himself out cold, and remained unconscious as Po and the others carried him to safety, even tossing him between each other like a hot potato while climbing the Logs of Lamentation. It is presumed that he made it out along with the others.


Like Vachir, the new warden was very overconfident in his security system. Despite his arrogance and apparent toughness, the new warden had a cowardly side and showed some clumsiness as well, as shown when he flew in a panic and accidentally knocked himself when the fail-safes were activated.


Like his predecessor, the new warden wore little armor and was shirtless. Unlike Vachir, the new warden did not bear a prosthetic horn.


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