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The Secret Formula for Living Clay is a set of instructions written inside a scroll that tell how to craft clay that will animate terracotta warriors. The scroll was found and used by Fung and his father Bing in the Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness episode "Terror Cotta".


The formula adds additional instructions to regular terracotta crafting. According to Fung, they are as follows:

  1. Mix red clay and black clay
  2. Add ground gan cao root
  3. Add powdered mica
  4. Add 3 drops of blood

Once the terracotta warrior has been completely crafted with this mixture, the instructions then say to speak the incantation: "Chung toh lai shun hoa."[1] The terracotta warrior animates within moments.[2]



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In Legends of Awesomeness

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  • The gan cao plant (traditional and simplified Chinese: 甘草?; pinyin: gān cǎo), also known as Chinese liquorice, is native to Asia and is typically used in traditional Chinese medicine. For the specifics of its medicinal use, see here.
  • The formula's third ingredient, powdered mica, has traditionally been used for decoration in pottery because of the glittering effect it creates in the mixture.[3]



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