The Set of Ninja Weapons is, as its name suggests, a set of ninja weapons—such include two Japanese swords, four differently designed shuriken, and a spiked ring blade. These weapons were given to Master Dog, its last user, as a gift. It currently stands on display within the Hall of Warriors.[1]


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These glinting double-action swords were gifted to the great Master Dog for his role in the rescue of the lovely Lady Lotus Blossom. It was whispered that her father, a traveling blacksmith skilled beyond measure in his artisan craft, wept into the molten metal in gratitude during the forging of these blades.[2]

In Kung Fu Panda

After Po was declared the Dragon Warrior, he was carried to the Hall of Warriors to meet with Master Shifu. Before he did so, he gawked at the historical artifacts on display in the sacred hall. The set of ninja weapons was one of many displays of artifacts Po took a fanatical liking to.



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