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The Seven-Talon Rings are a collection of swinging wooden rings that serve as one of the Training Hall's training mechanisms.


The Seven-Talon Rings speak for themselves; wooden rings with seven talons sticking out of them.



The Seven-Talon Rings are each an abstraction of the great mythical seven-toed demon serpent that guarded the mouth of the Xing Yun Jin Cave (the 'Lucky Golden' cave). This beast savagely attacked anything that neared its nest, spinning and spiraling in a scaled flurry of talons and fangs. Any brave scavengers desiring the vast deposits of gold believed to line the walls of his cave never survived long enough to find out if the legend of the gold was in fact true.

In the Training Hall, to swing on and slip through the center of the Seven-Talon Rings unscathed is an honorable feat and Master Monkey's favorite exercise.[2]

In Kung Fu Panda


Monkey doing his exercises with the Talon Rings

The Rings first appear when the Five are training; Master Monkey swings effortlessly from one to the other and passes through one with inches to spare. They are the only piece of training equipment Po does not fail at, but that is only because he did not go through them.

In Legends of Awesomeness

In Sticky Situation, the Rings are destroyed when Po wrecks the Training Hall and are later fired as lethal throwing discs from Taotie's machine.

In Kung Fu Panda 2

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