Shen's Conquest (or The Rise of Shen) was a conflict when Shen wanted to use a cannon to destroy Kung Fu and conquer China in Kung Fu Panda 2.


Shen's Conquest began at a similar time to the Massacre of the Pandas. This raid is not always seen as part of Shen's Conquest because it began before the conflict.

After Shen was banished from Gongmen City and it's throne from killing the Pandas, Shen swore revenge and said that he return and all of China will bow to his feet.



Shen's Conquest ended when Po defeated Shen's Army after the Battle between Po and Shen's Fleet and Po defeated Shen after the Battle between Po and Shen.

What China might be like if Shen Succeeded

If Shen had succeeded by winning the Battle between Kung Fu Masters and Shen's Army, he probably attacking Gongmen City first and then spread his army across China (similar to Shen showing his plan the Soothsayer: burning a map of China) taking probaly 2 weeks to conquer all of China. If the citizens were trying to fight of Shen, they wouldn't stand a chance and also start a Chinese Civil War.

If Shen ruled China after his Conquest, he will be crule and ruthless ruler, he probaly make Gongmen City the capital city, and if there was a rebellion against Shen will easily defeat them. It's unknown if Shen might try to conquer the countries around China or conquer the world.


  • Shen's Conquest started a few days after the invention of fireworks (7th Century/600s), the actuall conquest began 30 years after the invention of fireworks and Boss Wolf mentioned it was the middle of the year, so Shen's Conquest began and ended at June or July, 600s.


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