Shen's Conquest (or The Rise of Shen) was a conflict when Shen wanted to destroy Kung Fu and conquer China. All events from this conflict took place in Kung Fu Panda 2.


===The Young Lord

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Shen had first conceived his ambitious goals as a young youth living with his noble parents, the Peacocks. He was born into the royal family and was told he would one day inherit the throne from his father and rule over Gongmen City. He later became obsessed with using the powder from fireworks (which his parents had invented) for destructive purposes. He had also befriended a pack of wolves who were, at the time, the royal guards at Gongmen City's palace. Grateful for Shen's friendship with them, the wolves eventually swore their allegiance to the young prince. It was presumably around this time that Shen formulated his plans, envisioning himself of not only one day ruling over Gongmen City, but all of China by use of the flammable firework powder and his new wolf followers.

Massacre of the Pandas

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But when Shen's parents had consulted a soothsayer on their concerns for his dark obsession over the firework powder, he overheard the Soothsayer tell his parents of his prophesied defeat by "a warrior of black and white". Shen secretly overheard this and immediately called upon his wolf followers to annihilate all giant pandas (which he presumed was what the prophecy meant by "black and white"). He returned victorious and confident that any threat to his future rule was eliminated. But Shen's parents were so shocked and horrified by his actions that they banished him from the city and the throne. Shen swore revenge, saying he would return and have all of China bow to his feet.


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Shen left the city with his wolf followers and proceeded to continue in his dark endeavors to dominate China. He spent the next thirty years plotting his revenge and ambitions, having grown his army and built an entire arsenal of his new weapon that utilizes firework powder to destroy and kill. Once he thought he was ready to move forward, he returned to the city and allowed his plans to finally unfold.

Open War

Battle of Artisan Village

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When Shen had run out of metal, Shen ordered his Wolf Warriors to steal metal from furthest villages. When the Wolf Army were approaching the Artisan Village, Tigress informed Po the wolves, so Po and the Furious Five went to the Artisan Village to fight off the wolves.

When the Wolves arrived they all went to steal all the metal they could find, and as they were about to leave, Po and the Five arrived. The Wolf Boss didn't believe a panda had survived the massacre and then he ordered his pack to attack. The Kung Fu Masters won a victory bringing back some of the villagers' metal, until the Wolf Boss ran to attack Po, as Po prepares to fight the fire-eye symbol on the Wolf Boss's shoulder plate makes a vision of his mother when he was a baby. Distracted by the vision the Wolf Boss wacks Po with his hammer and escapes with some of the villages metal and the rest off the edge of the cliff.

Invasion of Gongmen City

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After completing the first cannon, Shen and his army (dragging his cannon) went to his former home. When he was walking to the gates, some Antelope Guards charged at him, Shen killed them with his lance. When Shen confronted the Council of Gongmen City, he asked them to leave, but the councillors said that they would protect Gongmen City. When Shen was glad they were in the way he brought fourth his cannon in a box saying it's a parting gift to them. When Master Storming Ox and Croc attack, Shen easily defeated them with his weapons but couldn't defeat Master Thundering Rhino. He then got out his cannon and murded Thundering Rhino. He forced Storming Ox and Croc to surrender, if they didn't, Shen would turn the cannon on the citezens and kill them. After that Shen left some of his wolves to do whatever they want to around Gongmen City (e.g. Steal their money, make them cook a meal).

Infiltration of Gongmen City

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Battle of the Tower of the Sacred Flame

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Battle of the Fireworks Factory

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First Battle of Gongmen City

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First Battle between Kung Fu Masters and Shen's Army

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Battle between Po and Shen's Fleet

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Battle between Po and Shen

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Shen's conquest for total control of China ended when Po defeated Shen's fleet in the city harbor and eventually Shen himself in the aftermath.

If Shen had turned out as the victor over the Kung Fu Masters trying to stop him, he would have succeeded in his power-hungry endeavors and proceeded to take over China in a similar manner to a spreading fire (just as Shen had shown the Soothsayer when he burned a map of China). Shen's power and rule would grow strong enough at that point that any rebellion would be sufficient enough to stop him and there will be no Kung Fu. Shen would most likely have continued to rule as a cruel and ruthless ruler, also possibly growing a much bigger army of wolves and gorillas and possibly other armies of different species. According to the Soothsayer, Shen would try to conquer the world.


After the Conquest, the remnants of Shen's Army lurked around Gongmen City, but were stopped by Po and the Furious Five.


  • The entirety of Shen's conquest lasted around thirty years and five days — from when Shen first conceived his ambitious goal as a young peacock, to his defeat at the paws of a giant panda.
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