Get the wolves ready... we're loading the ships now... NOW! Now, now, now, now!
  Shen to Boss Wolf, Kung Fu Panda 2  

Shen's fleet was an armada of sea-faring ships owned by Lord Shen, which he used to transport his army (mainly his wolf warriors) and cannons to Gongmen City's harbor to begin his conquest for China.[1]


The fleet's boats consisted of Chinese junks, which were most often used for commerce via river transport. The designs reflected these iconic boats, with only a few varying to some degree. Also featured with the boat's designs were flame details, use of ominous black and red colors, and Shen's fiery "peacock-eye" emblem, all in keeping with the film's flame motif.[2]



Having been based off of commercial Chinese junk boats,[2] it is presumed the majority of these ships were constructed before or around the time of the Peacocks' rule over Gongmen City. At that time, however, they were most likely being used to transport goods and other commercial items for the city by use of the landscape's rivers. It is also presumed these boats remained in the city's harbor even after Shen's exile and the Kung Fu Council's stewardship over the city.

In Kung Fu Panda 2


Po (in Legendary Warrior disguise) facing the fleet

Under direct order by Lord Shen, Boss Wolf gathered the wolves, prepared the fleet by boarding the ships with the warriors and cannons, and set sailed to Gongmen Harbor.

The fleet also took the place in the battle that resulted when the warriors used the front boats the block the harbor entrance and trap the entire fleet within the canal hoping to destroy it then. However, an enraged Shen fired his cannon from his flagship, obliterating a number of boats and injuring the masters. The dozen or so ships that remained sailed into the harbor and confronted the Dragon Warrior for the last time.

Po destroyed the fleet when Shen's wolves were trying to kill Po with the cannons, but kept throwing the ships' cannonfire back, turning the cannonballs against Shen's own ship. Shen's flagship was the last to be hit by cannonfire, and its remains were the location of Po and Shen's final confrontation.





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