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The shift stones are mystical, red-colored stones that enables the user to assume the appearance of other creatures. They were first seen in use by Po in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, who used one to infiltrate Chorh-Gom Prison and interrogate Tong Fo.[1]


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In Legends of Awesomeness


Po using the stone as a disguise in "Jailhouse Panda"

Shifu demonstrated the stone's power to Po, as the latter used it. At first, it seemed like nothing happened. But when Po looked into the Moon Pool, he saw himself as a goat, which is what he would appear to be to others. However, Shifu intended for one of the Furious Five to use the stone to infiltrate Chorh-Gom Prison to figure out where Tong Fo hid the Sacred War Hammer of Lei Lang. However, Po decided to use the stone to go in alone to prove himself to Shifu. Shifu discovered the stone's theft and used the other one to disguise himself as a crocodile.

The stone was later used in the episode "Master and the Panda" twice. The first time was when Po attempted to disguise himself as Zeng from Peng, but Shifu later discovered what happened. The second time was when Po was disguised as Tai Lung to try to get Peng to take off the Gong Lu Medallion.



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