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The Shuyong Tree is a mystical, conscious tree seen in the Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness episode "A Stitch in Time". The Shuyong Tree is the bearer of the seeds of Shuyong.


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In the time before time, the Shuyong Tree produced seeds, containing a fraction of time. When a seed is destroyed, the one who destroys it is sent back in time.

In Legends of Awesomeness

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In "A Stitch in Time", during Po and Fenghuang's fight, an entire bag of Shuyong seeds hit the ground, sending them back to the time before time. As time had not begun, Fenghuang could not time travel forward. They then spotted the Shuyong Tree and its fruit near the top. But as they neared the tree, three guardians made of animated armour barred their way and refused access to the tree. When the two kung fu warriors fought their way past it, they made for the fruit, only to be repulsed by a blast of energy. The Shuyong tree speaks, demanding to know who dare tries to steal its fruit. Po explains that he's just trying to undo his mistakes, whilst Fenghuang claims that Po is an evil wizard. The tree then states that only the worthy are deserving of his fruit and the unworthy shall receive oblivion. Po and Fenghuang fight each other but ultimately Po decides to submit on the condition she let Shifu and the parents of the Furious Five meet, hoping to bring them back to life at the cost of his own. Before Fenghuang could deliver the final blow with the twelfth Impossible Move, the Shuyong tree immobilizes her, declaring that Po is worthy from the wisdom he displayed, though he adds that the panda is a bit chatty. It proclaims that while it won't give Po its fruit, it will give him "the mother of all do-overs" as Fenghuang falls into the mists beneath the tree. Po then asks the tree why its seeds were beneath the Jade Palace in the first place. The Shuyong tree explains that its seeds were everywhere but few have the wisdom to see them. The Dragon Warrior then claimed that its statement didn't make sense. After a brief pause, the tree insists that it does and initiates the reset.


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