The Slaying Slicers are one of the many new traps built in Chorh-Gom Prison when the new security system was built in.


The Slaying Slicers bear a strong resemblance to the Seven-Talon Rings of the Jade Palace's Training Hall, albeit with a dark blue coloring. The blades are deadly sharp, able to reduce a huge beam to sawdust in seconds.


In Kung Fu Panda Issue 1

After Tai Lung's escape, Chorh-Gom Prison was rebuilt with a variety of deadly traps. Po and the Furious Five volunteered to test out the new prison to see if it was more efficient than the original. While the six were being given a tour of the prison by its new warden, two careless guards accidentally set off the prison's fail-safe, trapping Po, the Five, and the warden inside.

The Slaying Slicers were the first of the traps that were set off. Po and the Five spent some time evading the deadly slicers, until Tigress came up with a plan. She catapulted Viper up towards the ceiling, where she curled around the wooden mechanism the slicers swung from. Once the slicers were effectively stopped, Tigress delivered a flying kick which destroyed the mechanism, disabling the trap.

Their triumph was short lived when the Bashing Beam, the second of the traps, came rushing down from the ceiling. While Po and Tigress kept the enormous log from crushing them, the rest of the Five used the slicer's blades to chop up the beam until it was light enough to set down.


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