The spinning-blade staff is the unofficial name given to a bladed staff invented and wielded by Taotie in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.


At first glance the staff resembles a shinai, but it apparently holds a special mechanism linked to the retractable spinning blades that allows them to rotate like a propeller. They can spin so fast that it has the ability to lift the wielder and one other for several minutes into the air. Unfortunately, it seems to require regular lubrication in order to function normally.


In Legends of Awesomeness

In "Sticky Situation", the staff made its first appearance when Taotie threatened Po after the panda came to visit his house. At first, Po was unperturbed by the seemingly simple staff, but backed down when Taotie activated the blades. At the end of the episode when Taotie failed in his attempt to take over the palace, he and Bian Zao attempted to escape by flying into the air with the staff. Unfortunately they didn't get far as Bian Zao had neglected the lubricate the staff. The staff stopped working and the two warthogs fell to the ground just outside the palace wall.

The staff returned in "The Maltese Mantis", when he captured a paralyzed Mantis Taotie attempted to escape with the staff from the Festival of Figurines, only to be brought back to the ground by Po and Shifu.



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