The Spirit Urn is a magical urn seen and used in Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny.[2] It was used to trap Jindiao's spirit.


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In The Paws of Destiny

The Spirit Urn was crafted by the potter Bunnidharma at the request of Oogway, who also requested that he deliver it to the Four Constellations. The urn was meant to be used to trap the spirit of the corrupt Dragon Master Jindiao. Unfortunately, Bunnidharma fell asleep after finishing his crafting work, and did not awake in time to get the urn to the Constellations. As a result, the Constellations perished, and Jindiao's spirit was cast from his body but left free to continue his evil scheming.

Filled with shame for his failure, Bunnidharma secreted himself away in a cave, where he used the Spirit Urn as an ordinary container. After a thousand years, the urn was rediscovered after Po was brought to the cave following his own fateful encounter with Jindiao. Bunnidharma admitted his failings, and Po convinced him—after some argument—to try and atone for his past mistakes by helping to stop Jindiao in the present. However, Bunnidharma lacked the knowledge of how to use the Spirit Urn, and so helped Po and his students—the new Four Constellations—to enter the Spirit Realm.

Fearing Jindiao would attempt to stop them, Bunnidharma arranged with Po to hide the Spirit Urn in Po's baggage while he carried a powerless duplicate. Po later produced the real urn in the Temple of the Four Constellations, and the young pandas attempted to imprison Jindiao using the knowledge they had gained from their predecessors. Unfortunately, Jindiao was able to evade them, allowing the true spirit of the vulture body he had inhabited to be imprisoned instead. However, Po and his students—aided by the Panda Guardians and Jade Tusk—subsequently succeeded in using the urn to trap Jindiao's spirit. The urn was then placed into the Wellspring, which transported it to the Inn of the Never Ending Dumpling.


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