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It only works on mortals, and I am a Spirit Warrior.

A Spirit Warrior is a supernatural individual who has been transported to and returned from the Spirit Realm.[1]


A Spirit Warrior's appearance is different from a mortal's. For example, Kai had luminescent green eyes. They are corporeal and can interact with mortal beings. They themselves are not mortal, however, which is why the Wuxi Finger Hold failed to return Kai to the Spirit Realm because it can only transport a mortal to the Spirit Realm, not a spirit.

Since Po enters and leaves the Spirit Realm while remaining mortal, becoming a Spirit Warrior may require being in the Spirit Realm for an extended period of time. Po leaves the Spirit Realm without any issues, as opposed to Kai who struggled for centuries to escape from the Spirit Realm. Whether this is a discrepancy that slipped by unnoticed or has to do with Po being a mortal is unknown. Also, Po entered the Spirit Realm willingly; Kai was forced to by Po. That may have also played a role. Chi could have also been a major factor as Kai could only escape after absorbing the chi from every other warrior in the Spirit Realm. He mentioned that Po had a powerful chi, but not strong enough to stand against him alone, which turns out to be true once Kai finds the Panda Village.[1]


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"Spirit Warriors" are ethereal beings, and thus are beyond age, illness and most forms of physical harm. However, they are not beyond destruction. They also have highly developed strength, mobility and resilience, far beyond the likes of "mortals". They also had better control over Chi than normal "mortals", aside from Po & several others. They also hold mastery over many styles of kung fu, hence the name Spirit "Warrior".[1]

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